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^pyeubig .
SAFt'KON W ALUKN Indciicndent,
same nute, daily at halfp 2.
SAFFRON VVALr)EN..O/a! CowA, daily
aft at 2, (Su ex) Bnll, AUis^ate ; through
Epping, Harlow, Bishops, Stortford,
Stanstt-ad and Newport.
SAFFRON VVALDKN.. daily, mom
10, and aft at 3, George, aud Blue Boar,
Holborn..see Haverhill.
ST. Al,BANS, Hertsil..^rcomwo'/i«o'>,
athfp2,(Su ex), Ram Inn, Smithfield,
calls at Old Belt, Holborn, Green Man
and Still, and B -own's Warehouse, 2t8
Oxford -st ; tliro'Edgewavo, Eliitree and
I'oreli ra Wood.
•ST. ALBAN'S-.S,-// Defence, daily, aftai
lil'p 2,(.Su e,x)K,ose Inn,Sin thtield,c:ill!
at Mo(i;e's, Green Man and Still, Boar
aud Castle, and Brown's Warehouse,
2)8 Oxford-sti thro' Edgeware.Klstree
Uadlett and Co!ui-y st..see Northam]!-
tnn, Leicester. Coventry, Leis^hton,
i'ord. Luton, Wuoburn, WelUngboro &
ST. ALBAN'S, thro Elstree, Edgeware,
Hadley, Barnet, Whetstone , daily, half
past 2 aftn (Su ex) Ram lun.Sniithfield
ST. ALBANS, through Barnett, Mimms,
Colney aud Rid^e, daily, 5 altn Golden
Lion, St. John-st.
ST. ASAPH, Flintshire218.. see Holyhead
ST. CLEARS,Carniarthen227..seeGlou
ST. IVES, Hunts 60.. P')s< Conr//, daily,
aft at 2, Swan with Two Necl.s, Lad
lane. .see Stami'ordaud Wisbeach.
ST. IVES, tliro' Royston and Cambridge,
Mon. Wed. andFrid. 2 aftn. Swan with
Two Necks, Lad-lane.
ST. MARY CRAY, Kent 13..see Or
ST. NE<)TS,HnntinKdon5'3..seeOundle,
Boston, Carlisle and Melton Mowhrav.
ST.STAUGHTON, Hunt «iO.. see Oundle
SALISBURY, Wilts 81..I).iily, mora at
7, Angel, St. Cicment's, calls af Glou-
cester Coffee House, Hatchett's, New
White Horse Cellar, and Rlnc.lc Bear,
Piccadilly ; thro' Staines, Egham, Bag
shot, Sandhurst, Overton, Basingstoke
and Andover, to Salisbury, & proceeds
to Honiton, Axniinstcr, i'^xeter, Ply
mouth and Plymouth Doek
SALISBURY. OW Snhtburi/iaWY aft at hi
p.'J, iSat ex)Bell and Crown, Holbor.i;
through Bagshot, Blackwater, Hartley
Row, Basingstoke, Whitchurch and An
dover, and on M. W. andF, to Rins-
wood, Wimborn and Poole.
SALISBURV.. daily, at 5, Golden Cross
Charin^-cross, aud CrossKeys,VVood-st
SALISBURY. .daily, aft at 3, Belle Sau-
vag", Ludgate-hiil.
SALISBURY. ./'oi^ Conch, daily, ev. at J
p 6, B-ll and Crown, Holborn. .SeeEx-
eter, Weymouth, Plymouth and Barn-
SALT HILL, Bucks 21. .See i\Iarlowand
SAN OGATE, Kent 70..Tu. Th. aud Sat.
nmrn at halfp S,during the season. Blos-
soms; Inn, Lawrence-lar.e..Sce Folk-
SAN DHURST,Kent ■TO..SeeBasingstoke
SAN DON, Stafford-shire 136. .See Liver
pool and Manchester.
SANDWICH, Kent 68. .See Canterbury,
Ramsgate, Deal and Dover.
SARRATT, Herts 20.. See Chesham.
SARUM.,See Exeter and Falmouth.
Bishops Stortford, Haverhill, SafiTrou
AValdenand Cambridge
SAWSTON, Cambridge 43. .See Cam-
SAXMUNDHAM, S-ulTolk 89.. See Yar-
SCARBORO, York 214. .See York.
SCOLE INN, Norfolk 92.. See Yarmouth
and Norwich.
SRAFORD, Sussex f)O..See Lewes.
SELLINGE, Kent 61. .See Folkstone.
SEVEN OAKS, Kent2-3..f/»!7crf Friends,
aftn at halfp 2, Bolt-in-Tun, Fleet st,
calls at Nag's Head, and Half Moon,
Boro ; thro' Bromley, Famboro' & Ri-
SEVtiN OAKS. .mom at 9, & aft at 4,
Golden Cross, Charing-oross, an iCross
Keys, Wood-6t..See Tunbridge Wells
and Hastings.
SHACKLEWELL, Middlesex 2. .Hourly
F ouer Pot, Bishopsgate-st.
SHAL KLEWELL.-at half p 12, and half
p 7, Swan. Skiuner-st.
SHaFTSBURV, Dorset 100. .See Ply-
mouth nud Exeter.
SHEERNESS, Kent 48. .See Bromptun
and Dover.
SHEFFIELD, York 1-56.. A ft athalfp4.
Angel. St Martin's-le-grand, calls al
Peacock, Islington ; thio' Barnet, St.
Allmn, Dunstable, Wooburn, Newport
Ni>rtham[jlon, Market Harborough, Lei-
cester, Loiighboro, Nottingham, Wan.s-
lielil and Chesterfield
SHEFFIELD. .Nottingham Post Coach,
nioru at 6, Three Cups, Aldersgate-st ;
thro' Garnet, St. Albans, Norlhampton
and Leicester.
SHEFFIELD. .Pm/ Coach, morn at 7,
ThreeCiips, Aldersgate-st ; ihro'B.aruet
Biggleswade, Stilton, Grantham, New
ark and Doncaster.
SHEFFIELD &Rotherhara. ftiickinirham,
diily, 2 aftn Saracen'Vi Head, Snow
Hill.. See Leeds and York.
SHEFFIELD, Express, and Rockingham,
daily, aftn Saracen's Head, Snow Hill
SHEFFORD, Beds 41. .See Bedford and
SHENFIELD, Essex 18..See Billerica
SHEPPERTON, Middlesex 17.. .See
SHEPTON ^-.TALLETT, Somerset 116..
See Bath and Bristol.
SHERBORNE, Dorset 116.. See Exeter
and Barnstaple.
SHERLEYWICK, Stafford 133.. See Li-
SHKRIIINGTON, Wilts 92..See Wei
SHiiELDS, Northumber'and 278. ...See
York, Edinburgh aud Newcistle.
SHiFFN AIj, Salop 14 3..SeeShrewsbury
Holyhead and Birmingham.
SHIPSTONE, Worcester 83.. See Bir-
SHORNE, Kent24..S eBrompton.
Salop UJ3..TAif Ojortisn, daily, morn at
half p 6, Bull & Mouth,St. Martin's-le-
grand, calls at Griffin's aud Moore's,
Green Man and Still, Boar and Castle,
and Brosvn's Warehouse,2480xford-st ;
thro' Birmingham, Wolverhampfon,
Sliiffual, Watling-street, Shrewsbury,
Oswestry, Chirk, Lbingollen. Corwen,
Cerig-dridian, Rhydlandfair, Capel Ce
rig, B ingor, Gwindir to Holyhead.
Coach, dai v, morn at 5, Belle Sauvage,
Ludgate hill.
SnKEWSBURY..fAm9«, daily, aft at 3,
Bull aud Mouth, Bull and Mouth-st ;
through Oxford, Birmingham and Wol-
ver hampton
SHREWSBURY, Shiffnall, Wellington
and Wolverhampton, daily, .5 afternoon
Castle and F.ilcon, Aldersgate-st
Oxford, Birmingham, VVolverhamptnn
and Shiffnal, d.iily, 3 aftn, George and
Blue Boar, Holborn.
SHREWSBURY. ./'o.?<Co(rcA, daily, .aftn
Saracen's Head,SnowhilI..SeeHoiybead
and Birmingham.
SHREWTON, Wilts 83.. See Barnstaple
SHRUB-^ HILL. See Chobham
SIDMOUTH, Devon 158.. See Barnstaple
SILSOE, Bedford 40.. See Bedford.
SITTINGBOURNE, Kent 40..D^iily, aft
at J p 3, White Bear, Piccadilly, calls
at Cross Keys, Gracechurch-st ; thro
Rochester, Rainham and Key Street .
See Ramsgate, Margate, Favershara,
Dover, Deal and Canterbury.
SKIPTON, York 219..See Manchester
SLEAFORD, Lincoln 111. .See Hull.
SLINFOLD, Sussex 38. .Morn at 7, Ship,
Charing-cross; thro'VVisbro Green and
SLOUGH, Bucks 20.. See Wantage, Far-
rington, Newbury, Reading, Gloneeater,
Oxford, Marlow imd Windsor.
SMEE ra, Kent 58. .See Folkstone.
SN AltESBROOK, Kssex 7..morn at 10,
hft at 3, 4, 5, ev 7, 8 aud 9, Su morn at
9, 10, 11, and 1 ev. 8& 9, GreenDragon,
SOUTHaLL, Midd.9..See Burnham and
SOUTHAM, Warwick 82. .See Birming-
ham and War>vick.
SOUTHAMPTON, Hants 77. .Union,
ev morn at bnar bef 8, Saracen's Head,
Snow bill, calls at New White Horse
Cellar, and White Bear, Piccadilly ;thro
Blackwater, Bisingstoke, Winchester
and Leamington.
SOUTHAVIPl'ON .Southampton Night
Conch, aft at 5,(Su ex)Bell and Crown,
Holborn, calls at New White Horse
Cellar, andGloucesterHotel, Piccadilly ;
thro' Farnham, Alton, Aliesford and
•SOUTHAMPTON. .f/rt/on, atip7mom
Sivan with Two Neck-s, Lad-lane, calls
at New White Horse Cellar and Glou- -
cester Cojl'ee House, Piccadilly ; thro'
Hounslow, Staines, Bagshot, Basing-
stoke, Popham-lane,Winchester,Clirist-
church andLymington.
SOUTHAM PTON ..■SelfDefence,morn at
i p 6, (Su ex) Belle Sauvage, Ludgate-
hill, calls at Old White Horse Cellar,&
White Bear, Piccadilly; thro' Bagshot,
Trimly, Farnham, Alton, Alresfordand
SO UTH AM PTON . . i7mo«daily, JpTmorn,
Lyndhurst, Winchester, Basingstoke,
Hurtford Bridge, Blackwater&Bagshot,
Saracen's Head, Snowhill.
SOUTHAMPTON, thro' Staines, Hart-
ford Bridge, Basingstoke & Winchester,
daily, half p 7 morn, Swan with Two
Necks, Lad-lane.
SOUTH AMPTOTi ..Independent, morn at
7, Bull, Aldgate, Spread Eagle, Grace
church-st, and Piccadilly, Spotted Dog,
Strand, & Black Bear, Piccadilly, thro'
Hounslow, Egham, Bagshot, Blackvya-
ter. Hartley Row, Hook, Basingstoke,
Popham Lane, Stratton Park and Win-
chester; this coach communicates with
the Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Wight,
Havre de Grace and St. Maine Packets ;
also with the branch Coaches for Ly-
mington and Lyndhurst.
SOUTHAMPTON. .Te^^^r'z/jA, morn at
7, Golden Cross, Charing-cross, and
Cross Keys, VVood-st, calls at the
Spotted Dog, Strand .See Poole.
SOUTHEND, Essex 42.. Dispatch, daily,
aftn at I, and Telegraph, at 3, Bull, Aid-
gate; thro' Billericay, Wickford, Ray
leigh, Rochford, Leigh, Hadleigh and
SOUTHEND. ..<^rcommo(/n/ion, daily, \
bef 3, (Sun ex.) Blue Boar, Aldgate.
SOUTHF.RBY, Norfolk 78.. See Lynn.
SOUTHGATE, Bliddlesex 9. .Daily, aftn
at halfp 3,FourSwan3,Bishopsgate-s*^
See Palmer's-green.
SOUTH LAMBETH, Surry 2. .Hourly,
from 9 morn lill 9 night, Pewter Plat-
ter, Graccchurch-st.
SOUTH LAMBETH. .daily, at J p 1, &
a quarter past 4, Ship, Charing-cross ;
through Vauxhall.
SOUTH LAMBETH. .daily, morn at a
quarter past U, ev J past8,SilverCross,
Charing-cross. ..See Wandsworth and
SOUTH WOLD Snffolkl05..SeeYarmouth
SPALDING, Lincoln 97. .See Boston,
SPARKFORD, Somerset lI8..SeeExeter
SPEENHAMLAND, Berks 56. .See Bath.
SPILSBY, Lincoln 133. .See Boston.
SPITFLE INN, Linco'u 144.. See Hull.
STAFFORD, Stafford 133..See Holyhead
and Birmingham.
STAIN ES,Middlesexl5..SeeBasing.stok»
Englefield Green, Reading, Oakinghara
and Cobham.
STAMFORD, Lincoln 89.. Mom at 8
Bell and Ctown, Holborn; thro' Ware,
Wadesmill, Puckeridge, Buntingford,
Rovston, Arrington, Caxtou, Kirbys
Hutt, Godmanchester, Huntingdon,
Stilton, Kates Cabin,Peterboro,Waud8-
ford and .St. Ives.
STAMFORD. ..VeflT Totcgrofh^ daily at 7,

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