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BOGNOR, daily, ^ b 7, Belle Sauvage,
BOLfON, Lancaster 1 97.. See Kendal and
BOOKHAM, Surry 20.. See Leatherliead,
Cliiohe.'ter and Godalinine;.
BOREHAM, Essex Sa-.S'^ee Coggeshall
and Colchester.
BOREHAM WOOD..See St. Albans
BOROUGHBRIDGE, York 206. .See Car
lisle and York.
BOSTON.Lincoln 1 I6..*r(„7,aaily,Iialf p
7,Sun v b 7, Saracen's Head, Snowhill ;
thro' Huntingdon, Stilton, Peferboro,
Spalding, Hull, Grimsby, Loutii and
BOSTON.. Boston and Louth Auxiliary
, Mail, half p .'> ev daily. Bell and Crown.
Holborn, palls at Saracen's Head, Snow-
hill, and Cherry Tree, Kingsland-road.
through Ware, V/ndes Mill', Pukeriilgo,
Bniitingford, Arrington, Hnntinadon,
Stilton, Peterboro, Deeping, SpaFdiiKr.
Boston, Spilsby, Lontli and Grimsby.
BOSTON, Pa-severance, even 6, Three
Cups, Aldersgate-st, and King's Arm
Holborn-bridge ; thro' Barnett,'"Baldock^
Biggleswade," Eaton, Huntingdon, Stil'
ton," Market Deeping, Peterborough and
BOSTON, IS^ew Coach, ddly, ev .5, Bell
and Crown, Holborn.
BOTTESDALE, Suffolk 86. .See Norwich
and Yaruioutb.
EOUGHTON, Kent 30.. See Dover and
BOURNBRIDGE, Cambridge 49.. See
BOW, Middlesex 3.. Daily and hourly,
Black Boy and Camel, and Cock, Lea-
denhall-st, and Saracen's Head, Aldi?ate.
BOWERS, E«sex 39.. Daily, Blue Boar,
, Aldgate; through Barking, Dagenham,
Rainham, Wennington. Aveiy, Horn-
don-on-the-Hill, Stifford', Baker Street,
Ovsett, Stanford-le-hope, Purfleef, Gray.'
[' WestThurrock, Tilbury East andWest,
and Tilbury Fort.
• BOWES, York 250.. See Carlisle.
BOWN, See Hull.
BOX, Wilts 99.. See Bath.
BOXMOOR, Herts 23.. See Aylesbury.
BOZEAT,Northampton 61. .See Welling-
borough .
BRABOTJRN..See Folkstone.
BRABOURN LEES.. See Folkstone.
BRACKLEY, Northampton 63.. See Bir-
mingham, Kidderminster and Banbury
BRACKNELL, Berks 28.. See Reading
and Oakinaham.
ERADFIELD, SuflFollc 6.').. See Bury
BRADFORD, York 196. .SeeHarrowgate
BRADFORD, Wilts 103. .See Bath am
BRAINTREE, Essex 40.. Aft » (So ex
Three Nuns, Aldgate: thro' Halstead,
t Bockney, Chelmsford, Felsted and Wal
i tham..See Norwich, Halstead, Bury,
Sudbury and Yarmouth.
BRAMPTON, 64.. See Pvrelton Mowbray.
BRANBR/DGE..See Maidstone.
BRANDON, Suffolk 78.. See Fakenham.
BRASTED. .See Ea.st Grin.stead.
BRAUGHING..See Cambridge.
BRAY, Berks 27. .See Marlow.
BRECON, Brecon 171.. See Carmaither
and Gloucester.
BRENCHLEY, Kent 39..73rar«nm, | p
2, Tu Th and Sa, George Inn, Borough,
calls at King's Arms ; through Mere-
worth, Wateringbury, Hatfield Green,
and East Peckham. .See Maidslone.
BRENTFORD, Middlesex 7.. Daily, a1
10, II, and !2, Crown, and Goose and
Gridiron, St Paul's Church-vard.
BRENTFORD, .Daily, aft 3,"Su morn J p
10, Red Lion, and Spotted Dog, Strand
..See Twickenham, Isleworth, Marlow
and Walton.
BRENTFORD.. Daily, mom II, and aft
I p 3, Kinus and Keys, Fleet-street.
BRENTWOOD, E.ssex 17.. See Black-
more, Coggeshall, Clielmsford, Colches-
ter, Billericayand Soulhend.
BRICKHILL, Bucks 14.. See Daventrv.
Plymouth, Balh, Bristol, Barnstaple
and Taunton.
BRIDGENORTH, see Holyhead & Liver-
BRIDPORT, Dorset, IS.-;.. See Exeter,
Plymouth and Falmouth.
BRI'GG, Lincoln 1.56. .See HulL
BKIGHTON.Sussex M. .7Vf«7,,da)ly,ev 8,
Blossoms Inn, Lawrenoe-Iane, calls al
Hafchetts, White Horse Cellar, Picca-
BRIGHTON.. TAe Blue, morning nine,
Blossoms Inn, Lawrence-lane ; Four
Swans, Bishopsgate-strcet ; George Inn,
Borough ; George and Blue Boar, Hol-
born ; callsatNo.il, Gracechurob-st
& New Vv'hite Horse Cellar, Piccadilly
thro' Croydon, Mcrsthaiu, Reigale,
Crawley, Cuckfield, and palcham.
BRItJHTON, Union, man haifp 10, Bull,
Holborn, calls at Green Man and Still
Oxford-st, and Old White Horse Cellar,
Piccadilly; thro' Sutton, Reigatc.Craw
ley, Haiidcross, Cuckfield, Stone Pound,
Pvi'ombe, Patcham, and Preston.
RHiGHTON, mom 9, and aft. 2, Bolt-in-
Tun, Fleet-st, calls at Hat chett's, Pic-
cadilly ; thrii' Sutton, Reigate, Craw-
lev, and Cuckfield.
BRIGHTON, Newman's Patent Safety
Coaches, fioi^a/ George, daily, morn hf p 7,
Dart, daily, morn bf p 8, and Royal Sus-
sex, daily, nitn 2, Bull, Leadenhall-st,
Ship, Charing cross, and Dyson's Black
Bear, Piccadilly ; thro' Sutton,Banstcad,
Reigate, Crawley, and Hixtead.
BRIGHTON, rr«e" Bhic,mom half p S,and
i t)ef n, Bo.-.r& Castle, Oxford st, call,
at the New While Hoi.se Cellar, and
Griffin's Green Man & Still, Oxford st
thro' Croydon, Merstharn, Horley,Ciaw
ley, Cuckfield, and Balcouibe.
BRIGHTON, Jlerf, Safety Coach, daily,
i p 8(Su ex), Old Bell, and Bull, Hoi
born, & Brown's Gloucester Warehouse,
248 Oxford st; Half Moon, Gracechurch
st; thro' Sutton, Reigate, Crawley, and
Cuckfield ; Passengers, &c. booked to
Paris and Dieppe.
BRIGHTON, morn at 8, 10, and 12, aftu
at. 2, Golden Cross, Charing cro.5s, and
Cross Keys, Wood street.
BRfGHTON, Sovereign, Safe Coach, daily,
morn 7, Dart, daily, J bef 3, and Cornel,
Mathews Patent, moin | bef 10, Spread
Eagle, Gracechurch -st, & Spre.ad Eagle,
Piccadilly; thro' Crojdon, Merstham,
Reigate, Crawley, Hand Cross, & Hick-
BRIGHTON, Social Clarence, morn at S,
Cross Keys, Wood st, and half \i 8, Bull
and f^lower Pot, BIshop.sgate st ; thro'
Dorking, Horsham, and Enticld.
BRIGHTON, Recent Blue, uion, at 9, 11,
and aft. at I, f'liip Craving Cross ; (hro'
Croydon, Godstone, and Lewes.
BRR/HTON, daiU, morn 9, Gluncesler
Coffi'p-house, Pic'cadillv.
BRIGHTON, Tu, Th,Sa, .it 12, Belle
Snuvage, Ludeate hill.
BRIGHTON, daily ev 8, George, Boro'.
BRIGHTON, d.iily, morn 8 and half p 10,
Gi'orge, and Bine Boar, Holboin.
BRIGHTON, Rowl Eagle, daily ll, Bios
soi;i's Inn, Lawrence iane,
BRIGHTON, (Post Coach) daily, moni
10, (!-'und ex) Aneel Inn, St. CiemenC
Strand, thro' Cuckfirld.
BRIGHTON, ISocAff, daiJy,niorn half n 9,
and Fly, daily, aft 2, (Sn ex) White
Bear, Piccadillv, by the New Road.
BRIGHTON, fLiKht'Coarh) daily, morn
8,and aft half p I , (Su ex) White Horse,
Fetter lane, anil Angel, St- Clomcnt's
Strand ; by the New Road, (hto' Rich
mnnrt, Kingston, and Horsham.
BRIGHTON, Regent, daily,, fj bef in and
i bef 12, morn, Cross Ke\s, Wood i
BRIGHTON, daily, morn 9, and \ p 1 aft.
Blossom's Inn, Lawrence lane.
BRIGHTON, JSc'i/"^ George, daily, morn
11, Blossom's Inn, Lawrence lane.
BRIGHTON, Times, daily, morn i bef 8,
and aft J bef 2, Cross- Keys, Wood st.
BRIGHTON, Royal George, daily, I p 8
and half p 10, Boar & Castle, Oxford st.
BRIGHTON, Courier, daily, aft half p 2,
Old Bell and Bull, Holborn.
BRIGHTON, daily, morn i p 8, & half p
10, aft half pS, Swan with two Necks,
BRIGHTON, daily,morn half p 7 & I0,aft
2, Ship, Charing cross ; thro' Rlitcham,
Sutton, Reigate, .-iiid Hickstead.
BRIGHTON, Comet, Summer, daily, 9
morn ; Winter, Tu, Tli, and Sat, mora
9, Angel,. Islington.
BRIGHTON, Ci/Aeo/TorA, dally, morn
half p 8, Blossom's Inn, Lawrence-lane.
BBIGHTWELL,Berks 47. ,SeeWantage.
BRINSCOMB PARK.. See Gloucester.
BRISTOL, Somerset 120.. 7>;«i/, half p 7
ev. Swan with Two Necks, Lad lane ;
thro* IWarlboro', Calne, Chippenham,
Bath, to Bristol, from whence it pro-
ceeds to Black Rock, Newport, Cardiff,
Cow br.dge.Neatb, Swansea, Car mar I hen,
Narbetlj, Haverfoidnest, and Milford-
haven. .See Bath and Plymouth.
BRISTOL.. iJcgenf, afternoon half past
3, Swan with Two Necks, Lad lane ;
calls at Gloucesler CoU'ee house, Picca-
dilly ; through Maidfubead, Reading,
Thcale, Thatcham, Ni'«bury, Kungei-
foid, Marlborough, Calne, Chippenham,
and Ea(h ; joined at Bristol by Coaches
for Miltordhaven and all parts of South
BRISTOL, aft \ p 2, Angel, St. Clements,
and While Horse, Fetter lane ; calls at
New White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly;
thro' Slough, Maidenhead, Reatljng,
Speenhamland, Newbury, Marlborough,
Chippenham, Calne, Derry Hill, and
Bath, to Bn.'^tol, & proceeds to Taunton,
Colluinpton, Wells, Bridgewater, Car-
diff, Devizes, Lambourn, Malmsbury,
Shepton Mallett, Thorubury, Frome,
Bradford, Swindon, and Wellin.gton.
BRISTOL, Express, ev b, Gerard's Hall,
Basing lane. Spread Eagle, Gracechurch
st, Biill, Aldgate, Black & While Bears,
& Spread Eagle, Piccadilly, at J bef 6,
thro' Maidenhead, Reading, Thatcham,
Newbury, Himgerford, Froxfield, Marl-
bro', BeckhamptoiijCainr, Chippenham,
BRISTOL, The Regulator, every ev .■;,
Golden Cross, Charing cross, and Cross
Keys, Wood st ; through Melksham .ind
BRISTOL, RojWB/ms, aft!, (Su ex) Sa-
racen's Head, Snowhill, calls at New
While Horse Cellar and White Bear,
Piccadilly; thro' Readine, Thatcham,
Newbury, Chippenham, Marlboro, and
Bath. ■
BRISTOL, daily, aft 1, Saracen's Head,
Snowhill; through Balh, Chippenham,
Calne, Marlboro, Newbury,* Reading.
BRISTOL, Regulator, daily, morn .'., Bull
Inn, Aldgate, Spread Eagle .Gracechurch
st. Black Bear, and Spread Eaele Office,
Piccadill3'; thro' Reading, Newbury,
HungerfortI, Marlboro, Calne, and Chip-
BRISTOL, (Post Coach) daily, morn i p
6, Angel Inn, St. Clement's, Strnml ;
thro' Readini;, Marlbro', Calne, &. Chip-
BRISTOL, daily, aft 3, from .same Inn,
and .-aiiie route.
BRISTOL, Roj«.' Blue, J- p l,White Bear,
Piccadillv ; (hro' Chippenham & Calne.
BRISTOL,' (Light Coach) daily, aft J p i.
White Horse, Fetter lane,
BRISTOL, Bath, Devizes, & Marlboro'.
Daily quar. befo 6, Bolt in Tun,Fleet-.«t.
BRIXTON, Surry 4.. mom .J p 10 .-ird aft
I, 4 and 8, Cross Keys, Gracechiircb st.
thro^ Stockwell and' Vauxhall, South
BRIXTON, dail3', at I p 10, Ship, Cha-
ring cross ; thro' Vauxhall, South Lam-
beth, and Stockwell.
BRIXTON, daily at 10, I, 4, & 8, Kings
and Key-», Fleet-st ; calls at Ship, Char-
ing-cross ; thro' Vauxhall, South Lam-
beth and Stockwell.
BRIXTON, daily at ) 1, 4, and 8, 8 Broad-
st. Bloomsbury.
BRIXTON . .Hourly from in morn to 8 ev.
Half Moon and Pewter Platter, Grace-
BRIXTON.. Daily | bef 7 and 8 even.
Tobil's Dog, St. Paul's Church-yd. morn
I I, aft. at 4, ev 8, Boar and Castle, Ox-
ford-st ; morning ^ past II, evening | p
8, Silver Cross, Charing cross.. See

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