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BRIXTON.. Hourly, 11 Gracechurch-st
BRIXTON HILL..!?eeStreatham.
BRIXTON HILL.. Daily afl 4, ev f b .',,
r and 9, Cross Keys, Grat'erluirch-htreot
BROADSTAIRS Kent 75. .Scb Ramsgate
and Dover.
BROADWATER, Sussex .')6..See Wor
BROADWAY, Worcester 93.. See Wor-
BROCKDISH, See Yftvmouth.
liUOMLEY, Kent lO. .morn at 9, J ]> 9 &
aft I p 3, & J p S, Ship, Chariiig-CTOss ;
calls at Half Aioan, Borough. .See Seven
BROJIFTOM, Middlesex I.... Hourly,
Crou-n, ami Gonse and Gridiron, St.
Paul's. Church-vard.
BROMPTON, Kent 3\.. iraUr/oo, at 9
4 b 12 morn and f b 5 aft, Blossoms
, Inn, Lawrence-lane, calls at No. II, it
Spreail Eagle, Gracechnrch-st, & George
Inn, Boro ; thro' Chatham, Rochester,
Stroud, Sheerness, Shorne, Gravesend,
North-fleet, Dartfoid, Crayford ai^l
BROMPTON, Ndson, aft 4, Spread Eagie,
Gracechiuch-st ; thro' Dartlord, Grav
end, Stroud, Rochester and Chatham.
BROMPTON, fVaterloo at 2, Hero 10, &
Nelson at"). Cross Keys, Gracechurcl
bt ; thro' Dartford, Gravesend, Roche
ter and Chatham.. See Gravesend.
BROMPTON, Chatham, Rochester,
Gravesend, Stroud, Sitlingbourne an '
Ospringe, daily i p 7 Saracens Head,
BROMPTON, Chatham, Rochester and
Gravesend, daily 2 & ^, aft. Cross Keys,
BRO.MSGROVE, Worcester 116.. See
BROOK STREET, Essex lG..See Bil-
BROUGfl, Westmorland 261. .See Car-
lisle and YorU.
BROUGHTON, See Leeds, Leicester and
BROXBOURN, Herts IS. .Pee Hertford,
Vi^are, Cambridge and Walion.
BRTTNSTON, see'^Birmingham.
BRUSSELS, see Calais.
BRUTON, Frome, Warminsier, Hey-
tesbury, and Aniesbury, tues. Ihnrs.
sat. morn 9, Castle & Falcon,; AUiers-
BtrCKDEV, Huntingdon 60.. See Carlisle
and Yorlc, Melton Mowbray and Hun-
BUCKINGHAM, Bucks.')?.. See Birming-
ham, Banbury and Kidderminster
BUCKINGHAM..O/a' Union, <!aily,morn,
I p 7, King's Arms, Snow-hill, through
Winsiow, Aylesbury, Wcudover, Mis-
senden, Chalfont and Uxbridge.
BUCK LAND, fee Cambridge
BUNGAY, Suffolk 106.. See Yarmouth.
BUNTINGFORD, Herts -10. .See Stam
ford, Boston and Cambridge.
driily 2, Swati two Neolcs, Lad-lane.
BURFORD, Oxon 76.. See Gloucester,
Worcester, Cheltenham and Hereford
BURNHAM, lissexiH.. Telegraph coach.
Tu Th & Sa morn at U, Bull, Aldgale ;
thro' Iiigateston, Cheiinsford, Baddow,
Danbury, Waldon and Soulliminster.
Holboin, calls at Griffins and Moor'.'
Green Man and Still, Hoar and Castle,
and Brown's warehou.'se 2-Hi Oxford-st :
thro' Southall, Hayes, Hillingdon, Iver,
Langley Bioom, Stoke Pogis, and Farn
ham Koyal.
BURTON, V/esf morlandJfil . .SeeKendal
BURTON-ON-TRENT, Stafford, ]2.t..
See Liverpool and Manchester.
BURY ST. EDMONDS, Suflblk 71.,
An^el, morn 9, Sun ex, Grten Dragon,
Biiilinp.sgate-st ; thro' Bra<lfield, Long
Melford, Sudbury, Castle Hedingham,
Sibble, Hedingham, Gostield, Braintree
& Chelmsford.
Th & Sa morn 8, Golden Cross, Charing
cross, & Cross Keys, Wood-st, calls at
Flower Pot, Bishopsgate-st..See Nor-
wich and Yarmouth.
BURY, Cornipa^/w, daily, morn 8 Golden
Cross, Charing-cross, & Atlas Office, 8
BURY ST. EDMONDS, thro' Braintree,
Beccles, Brackdisii, Bungay, Bottesdale,
Catlield, Cromer, Crostwiok, Colne
Earls and Colti.-hall, daily ^ p !>, morn,
Bine Boar, Aldersgaie.
BUSHEY, Herts, \a See Rickmans-
â– worth, Amersham,Ilemel Hempstead &
BUSHEY I'ARK, Middlesex, ri..See
BUTSBURY, see BiilericnY.
BUXTON, Derby l.')9..See Manchester.
Cj^RMARTHE'N, Carmarthenshire 2m
Royal Regulator, every morn i before 6,
sleeps at Gloucester, and pioceeds next
morn at 6, Bolt-in-Tnn, Fleettsl, calls at
Hatohelt's, Piccadilly, and Brown's
Warehouse, etS Oxford-st ; thro' Ro.«s,
Monmouth," Abergavenny, Crickhowel,
T.recon, Llandoverv, LlandiUo, Haver-
fordwest, Milford'haven, & Pembroke.
..See Gloucester and Bristol.
C/BRMARTHEN, daily, aft a, Angel-St.
Martin's-le-grand ; thro' Mon month and
C/ERMARTHEN, Tu Th and Su morn,
i b 6, Bull and Mouth, Bull and Mouth-
C/fiMARTHEN, Sew Coach, Tu. Th. &
Su, at ^ bef 6, George, and Blue Boar,
Holborn ; through Oxford, Worcester.
' Hereford,Breoon,Llandi)verv,o.-Llandillo
C'ERMARTHE.N,Oia»!B?'tiw,' daily, noon,
Angel, St. Clements, Strand ; thro' Ox-
ford, Cheltenham and Gloucester.
VEN, thro' Gloucester, Monmouth,
Abergavenny, Brecon and Llandovery,
Mon.'^ Wed."& Fri. .J p 7 ovg. Bull and
Mouth, Bnlland Mouth-st.
CALAIS & DIEPPE.. Daily Diligences
to Paris & all parts of France, to Ghent,
Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Aix-lc
ChapoUe, Cologne, and all parts of Hol-
land, Flanders', Prussia, and Germany,
by Calais and Oslend, connected with
the Coaches from Golden Cross, Char-
ing-cross, and Cross Keys, Wood-st, call
at'No. 1 i Gracechurch-street.
CALNE, Wilts S8..See Bath and Bristol,
CAMBERWELL,Surry S..Mornat 10, I,
& 4 aft, & J p 8, Goose and Gridiron, St.
Paul's Church-yard.
CAMBERWELL, Surry, daily, hourly.
Poulterers, corner of Fleet-market.
(JAMBERWELL, 4 times a day, Silver
Cross, Charing-cross.
CAMBERWELL, morn 11 and !'<;, | p 1,
3, 4, 8 & 9, Green Jragon, Fleet-street.
CAMBERWELL, daily, 12, 3 and 8
Kings and Keys, Fleet-street.
CAMBERWELL, hourly, from morn 9 to
evening 9, Half Moon, No. 1 1 & Pewter
Platter", (jracechurch-st ; through Wal-
worth.. See Norwood, Sydenham and
CAMBERWELL, daily at 1 1, 12, |p2,4,T,
8, Ship, Charing-cross.
CAMBERWELL, daily 10, 11, 12, 2, 4, i
p ."i &S, Poulterer's, corner of Fleet-mkt
CAMBERWELL, daily & hourly, George
and Gate, Gracechurch-street.
CAMBRIDGE, Cambridgeshire 56.. Aux-
iliary Mail, ev6. Golden Cross, Charing-
cross, & Cross Keys, Wood-st; calls at
Flower Pot, Bishoirsgate-st^ and Cam-
bridge and Atlas ofbce, 8 Piccadilly.
CAMBRIDGE, New Royal Patent Mail,
thro' Ware, Buntingford. Buckland and
Royston, daily, J 'p 7, Sun. J bef 7,
Saracens Head, Snow-hill.
CAMBRIDGE, Times, daily, (Su ex) 3,
George and Blue Boar, Holborn; calls'
at Green Dragon, Bishop.sgate-st ; thro'
Woodfold, Harlow, Sawbrulseworth,
HockeriU, Chesterford, Ickellon and
Duxford, to the Earfe Inn, Cambridge
CAMBRIDGE, Fly, inorn, 10 George and
Blue Boar, Holborn ; cdls at Green Dra-
gon, Bishopsgate-st ; thro' Woodford,
I.oughton, Epping, Harlow, Sapstead,
HockeriU, Stanstead, Quendon, New-
port, Littlebuiy, Chesterford, Sawston
<ind Thetford.
CAMBRIDGE, Telegraph Coach, morn 9
(Su ex,) White Horse, Fetter-lane, calls
at Peacock, Islington ; through Ware,
AVadcs Mill, CoUyers End, Puckeridge,
Braughlog, Hare Street, Barkwny, Bar-
ley, Foulmere and Newton.
CAMBRIDGE, Union Coach, daily, morn
at 9, (Su ex.) White Horse, Fetter-
lane, calls at Cross Keys, Wood-st, and
Four Swans, Bishopsgate-st ; through
Hoddesdon, Ware, Wades Mill, Old
Hall Green, Puckeridge, Buntingford,
Buckland, Rojstoue, Melbourne and
CAMBRIDGE, Union, thro' Royston and
Buntiii.gford, daily, s & 9 morn, (Su ex)
Cross keys. Wood-street.
CAMBRIDGE, Sa/tiy Coach, aftn at J
bef 3, (Su ex,) Bull, Aldgale, and Boar
and Castle, Oxford-st; tlrro' Royston,
Buntingford and Ware.
CAWBIUDGE, Tally-ho, daily, aft at 2,
(Su ex,) Bull, Holborn, and Swan with
Two Necks, Lad-lane; calls at Flower
Pot * Vine, Bishopsgate-st, and Old
While Horse Cellar ; thro' Broxbourn,
Hoddesdon, Hertford, Halebury, Wat-
ton, Ware, Wades Mill, Puckeridge,
Bmitingfoid, and Koyston..See Faken-
hain, Wisbeach and Lynn.
CAMBRIDGE, Lord Nelson, Mon. Wed.
and Fr. morn, at J p e. While Horse,
Fetter-la, and Angel Inn, St. Clements.
CAMBRIDGE, Post Coach, Tu, Th. and
Sa. morn at 6, White Horse, Fetter-lane,
& Angel Inn, St. Clements. .Ditto,Mon.
Wed. & Friday aftern. at 5, from same
CA.MBRIDGE, daily, even at J p 6, Bull,
CAMDEN TOWN, Middlesex 1.. daily
} before 12, J before 3, and i before 8,
Magpie and Slunrp, Newgate-street.
CAMDEN TOWN, hourly. Nag's Head,
Covent-garden, Blue Posts, Toftenham-
court-road, and Bine Posts, Holborn.
CANTERBURY, Kent 55.. Union, inora
at 7 and 1 1 and cv. at 6, Blossoms Inn,
La«rence-Iane, and White Bear, Picca-
dilly, calls at No. 11, Gracechurch-st;
through Gravesend, Rochester,Chatham,
Sittingbonrn, Faversham, Ospringe,
Green-sf, Boughton, Margate, Ramsgate,
Deal, Wingham and Sandwich.
SITTINGBOURNE, Tally-ho, daily,
aftn, Jp 2,(Su ex,)CrossKevs,Wood-st.
CANTERBURY, Union Safe Coach,dai\y,
morn at ^ p 7, ev 6, Old Bell & Bull,
Holhorn ; Ihro' Gravesend, Chatham,
Rochester, Siltingbourne, and Favers-
ham, from Ti'hence it proceeds to Mar-
gate, Ramsgate, and Deal.
CANTERBURY, Royal Patent Safety, aud
Mercurv, morn at 7 & 8, Spread Eagle,
Gracechurch-st ; thro' Gravesend, Ro-
chester, Chatham, Siltingbourne, and
CANTERBURY, morn 7, ev 5, Moore's
Green Man and Still, Oxford-st; thro'
Rochester, Chatham, Siltingbourne, &
CANTERBURY, daily, aft | p 2, Swan
2 Necks, Lad-lane; thro' Chatham, Ro-
chester, and Brompton.
CANTERBLTRY, daily, morn and even.
White Horse, Fetter-lane, and Angel,
St. Clements, Strand.
CANTERBURY, dailv at | p 7, Silver
Cross, Charing-cross. .See Dover, Deal,
Ospringe, Margate, Ramsgate & Paris. ^
CAPEL,'Suiry 29. .See Worthing.
CAPEL CERIG, Carnarvon 229.... See
Shrewsbury and Holvhead.
CARDIFF, Glamorgan 160.. See Bath,
Bristol and Swansea.
CARLISLE, (and GLASGOW), Cumber-
land SOA..Mait r| p 7 ev, and Su :5 p 7,
Bull and Mouth, St. Martin's-le-grand ;
thro' Hatfield, Welwyn, Stevenage,
Baldock, Biegleswatle, St. Neots, Buck-
den, Alconbiirv, Stilton, Gates Cabin,
Wansford, Stamfurd, Greetham, Col-
terswovth, Grantham, Newark, OUer-
ton, Worksop, TickhiU, Doncaster,
Ferrybridge, Aberford, Wetherby, Bow-
brrdge. Learning-lane, Catterick Bridge,
Gretabridge, Bowes, Brough, Appleby,
and Penrith.
CARLISLE, Mail, daily, even 4 p 7, Su
at 7, Swan '-with 2 Necks, Lad-lane;
thio' Chorley, Preston, and Garstang.

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