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Dog, Strand ; thny Slough, Maidenhead
Reading, Speenhamland, Newbury.
Marlboto',Chippenham ifeCalne, to Ball);
and proceeds to Bri.ilol, Taunton, Col-
liimpton, Wells, Bridgevvater, CavdiH,
Devizes, Lainbourn, Malmsbury, .-hep-
Ion Mallett, Thornbiiry, Krome, Brad-
ford, Swindon, and Wellington.
BATH and BRISTOL, .daily, at l, George
and Blue Boar, Holborn ;thro' Reading,
Newbury, and Chippenham, lo the Tal-
bot Inn, Bristol.
BATH and BRISTOL, .daily, I aftern.
Saracen's Head, Snow-hill ; thro' Chip-
penham, Calne, Marlborough, Newbury,
and Reading.
BATH and BRUTOh.. Regidator, daily,
half past 4 aftern. Golden Cross, Cliar-
ing-cross, and Cross Keys, Wood-street;
Ibrough Devizes and Mellcsham.
BATH. .daily, 6 morning, Golden Cross,
Charing-cross, and Atlas Office, 8 Pic-
cad ill v.
BATH and EXETER... Vaj?, daily, J p.
7 ev. Sun. ", Swan with Tvyo Necks,
BATH and BRISTOL. .iJegHfe/ or, daily,
5 morning. Bull, Aldgate, Black Bear,
Piccadilly, Spread Eagle, Graccchurch-
street, and Gerdrd'.s Hall, Basing-lane.
BATH — Accommodation, M W & F morn
9, Angel, St. Clement's ; thro' Maiden
head, Reading, Newbury, Speenham-
land, Hungerford, Marlboro^, Devizes,
and Mellcsham.
BATH and BRISTOL.. Piciwfofo, mon
ibef. 6, and aftn. * p. 4, Bolt in Tun,
Fleet-st, calls at Golden Cross, Charing-
cross, and Hatchett's, Piccadilly ; thro
Newbnry, Hungerford, Marlboro, De-
vizes, and Melksham.
BATH . .York House Day Coach, morn at
i p. 6 daily, Belle Sauvage,Ludgate-hill,
calls at Gloucester Coffee-house, Picca-
dilly ; (hrough Maidenhead, Reading,
Thatcham, .\ewbnry, Fin nger ford, Frox-
field, Marlboro, Beckhampton, Calne,
Chippenham, and Box.
BATH, daily, j p. 2, White Hoise.Felter-
lane, and Angel, St. Clement's, Strand ;
thro' Newbury, Marlboro, Calne, and
Chippenham.. See Bristol, Plymouth,
and Exeter.
BATTERSEA, Surry 3.. daily | p. 1],
i p. 3 and 8, Su. i p. 1 1 , and j b 9 even
Red Lion, Strand.
BATTERSEA, daily, i p 1 1 , i p 4, and 8,
from No. 11, Gracechurch-st.
BATTERSEA, daily, morn J p 10, Kings
and Keys, Fleet-street.
BATTERSEA, at li, 4, and J p 8, Black
Horse, Coventry-street.
BATTLE, Suseex .■j6..See Hastings.
BAWTRY, York l.'i3..See Leeds i York
BAYSWATER, Middle.sex )i..at half p
10, half p i, and half p 7, Crown, St.
Paul's Church-yard.
BEACONSFIELD, Bucks 23. .See Wood-
stock, Birmingham, Oxford, Wycombe,
Worcester, Thame, High Wycombe,
and Cheltenham.
BKCCLES, Sutfolk 109. .See Yarmouth.
BECKEMHAM, Kent 8.. daily aft 4, Sil-
ver Cross, Charing-cross.. See West
BECKENHAM, daily, aft 4, Kjngs and
Keys, Fleet-st. and Ship, Charftig-cross.
BECKHAMPTON, Wilts 81.. See Balh.
BEDDINGTON, Surry 9. .See Carshalton
BEDFORD, Beds .W.. Pilot Post Coach,
Tu Th and Sa j bef 9, Three Cups, Al-
dersgate-st ; through St. Albans, Iiuton,
Harden, Silsoe, and Anipthill.
HEDFOKD.. Telefiraph, daily, 8 morn &
i bef 3 afternoon, George and Blue Boar,
Holborn ; through Hitchin and Shefford.
BEDFORD and HITCHIN, daily i bef 3
aftn, Cross Keys, and White Hart, St
BEDFORD, Roya! Telegraph, dMly, morn
9, George and Blue Boar, Holborn, thro'
HatSeld, Welwyn, Codicote, Hitchin
and Shefford.. See Kettering.
BEDWORTH, Warwick 97.. See Man-
chester and Birmingham.
BELL BAR, Herts 16.. See Kettering.
Hitchin, and BeJford. [cester
3ENNENDEN, Kent 48.. See Maidstone,
BENSON, Oxon i6..£ee Oxford, Bir-
mingham, Holyhead, Fnrringdon and
BERV\'ICK, Scotland 337. .See York andj
BEVERLEY, York 183.. See York.
BEXHILL, Sussex Ci. .See Hastings.
BEX LEV, Kent 11.. See Darllord.
BICESTER, Oxon .^■I..B£su/ator, Tn Th
and Sa haif p 7, King's Arms, Snowhill,
calls at Gritnn's and Moore's, Green Man
and Still, Boar and Castle, and Brown's
Warehouse, 248 Oxford-st ; thro' Stan-
more, Walford, King's Langley, Two
Waters, Boxmoor, Berkhampstead,
Tring, Aston, Clinton, Aylesbury, VVad-
desdon, Hamgreen, Grendon, Under-
wood, Blackthorn, Deddingtoii, Uous-
ham, Middlclou Woolon, Buckingham,
and Banbury. [staple.
BIDDEFORD, Devon 201.. See Barn-
BIDDENDEN, Kent .V2.. See Maidstone
and Tenterden.
BIGGLESWADE, Bedford 4ti. .See York,
Boston, Carlisle, Hull, Leeds, Oundle,
Huntingdon, Sheffield, and Stamford.
BILLERICAY, Essex 23.. Hero, daily,
half p f> and 7 morning, aft ^ b 3,(Su ex)
Blue Boar, Aldgate ; through Romford;
Hare Struet, Brooks Street, Warley
Barracks, Great and Little Warley,
Brentwood, Heron Gate, Shenflcld, Stut-
ton, Thorndon Stock, Downham, Dune-
ton, Butsbnry, and East and WestHan-
BILLERICAY..i)/owVor,aft J b 3(Sa ex)
Bull, Aldgate ; through Brentwood and
Romford. .See Southend.
BILLINGHURST, Sussex 43. .See Arun-
del and Bognnr.
BrLSOM..See Yopton.
BINFI ELD.. See Reading.
BIRCH WOOD.. See Maidstone.
BIRMINGHAM, Warwick \10.. lUail,
daily,ev half p 7, Su } b 7, King's Arm
Snoivhill, and Swan with Two Necks,
Lad-lane; thro' Warwick, Leamington,
Southam, Banbury, Buckinghaui, Ayles-
bury, Trins, Berkhemustead, itc.
BIRMINGHA.M. . Post ro«oA,daily,ev hall
p 6, Three Cups, Aldersgate-s( ; through
Coventry, Dunchurch, Daventry, Tow
cester and Stoney Stratford.
BIRMI N'GHAM . '.Oxonian Express, daily,
morn half p 6, Bull and Mouth, througl
High Wycombe, Oxford, and Stratford
B I R M I NGH A M . . C7»!on , dail y , af I 3 , f rom
the same place, and by the same route
BIRMINGHAM. .fonnVr, daily, morn 6,
George and Blue Boar, Holborn, Swai
with Two Necks, Lad-lane, calls at
King's Arms, Oxford-st; thro' Oxford
Woodstock, Enstone, Long Compton,
Sfialfordon Avon, and Henley in Arden.
BIRMINGHAM. .Pnio«, aft'J bef.'). Cas-
tle and Fall-on, Aldersgate-st, calls at
Peacock, Islington; through St. Albans,
Redburn, Dunstable, ftlarket Street,
Hocklifte,Fenny Stratford, Stoney SIrat
ford, Towcester, Weedon, Daventry
Brunstone, Willoughby, Dunchurch
Coventry, Stonehridge, to Birmingham
fc proceeds to Shrewsbury, Wellington,
Shiffnall, Wolverhampton, Hinckley,
Nuneaton, Bedworlh, Alherstone, Liver
pool, Warrington, ICnutsford, Newca.*;
tie, razeley,'i'amworth,KiildtT]ninster
Dudley, Walsall, and Stone.
BIRMINGH AM.. ^uroru, morn ^ p .■), iS
O.'d Post Coach, aft at 7, Bull & Mouth,
St Jlartin's le grand, calls at Cannon
Coach Office, Charing cross, it Griffin's
Green Man and Still, Boar and Castle,
and Brown's Warehouse, 24 8 Oxford st,
thro' Uxbridge, Ceaconsfield, High Wy-
combe, West Wycombe, Stokenchnrch,
Tetsworth, Wheatley, Oxford, Wood,
stock, Enstone, Chapel House, Long
Compton, Shepston, "Talton Mill , Strat-
ford on Avon, Henley in Arden, and
Hockley House.
BIRMINGHAM . .Prince of Wales, aft 3,
j George and Blue Boar, Holborn, calls at
White Bear, New White Horse Cellar,
and Gloucester Coffee House, Piccadilly ;
thro' Maidenhead, Henley on Thames,
I Nettlebed, Benson, Dorchester, Oxford,
Wooditock, Enstone, ChaiJel House.
Long Compton. Shepston, Stratford
upon Avon, Henlej' In Arden, and Shir-
ley Street.
BIRMINGH AM.. Bn//oon, aft|p 4,Swan
with two Necks, Lad lane, calls at the
Peacock, Islington ; thro' Dunstable,
Fenns Stratford, Towcester, Daventry,
Duiichnrrh, Coventry, Meriden, and
Stone Bridge ; joined at Birmingham by
a Coach that proceeds immediately to
Dudley, Stourbridge, &c.
BIRMINGHAM, Warwick, Leamington,
and Coventry. . Tally Ho, daily, \ bef 7
morn. Three Cups, Aldersgale street-
BIRMlNGHAM.. ^ocerogn, thro' Lea-
mington, Warwick, Banbury, Oxford,
and Henley, daily,. ^ morn, Bull, Aldgate.
BIRMINGHAM, Stourbridge, Kidder-
minster, andDudlev.., daily, ^ bef 6,
Castle and Falcon, Aldersgate .street.
BIRMINGHAM, thro' Henley on Thames,
Oxford, Banbury, Leamington, & War-
wick, daily, .5 morn, George and Blue
Boar, Holborn.
press, aft 3, Shracen's Head, Snowhill,
calls at New White Horse Cellar, and
White Bear, and Green Man »nd Still,
Oxford street ; thro' Leamington, War-
wick, Birmingham, Walsal, Newcas-
tle, Conglefon, Lichfield, Stafford, Stone,
Knutsford, and Warrington.
BIRMINGHAM.. Croira Prince, morn at,
half p .5,BclleSauvage,Ludgate hill,calls
at Golden Lion, St John-st ; thro' Fenny
Stratford, Stoney Stratford, Tovrcester,
Weedon, Daventry, Staverton,Southam,
Leamington Spa, Warwick, KnowIe,
and Solehnll.
BIRMINGHAM, Shrewsbury, and Holy-
head. .Light Coach, daily, morn 6, Gold-
en Cross, (Charing-cross, & Cross Keys,
Wood-.st; thro' Coventry.. See Holy-
head, Shrewsbury, and Manchester.
BIRMINGHAM.. ifoi/a/ Express, daily, ,
i b 3 aftern, Saracen's Head, Snow-hill ;
throueh Warwick, Leamington, South-
am, Weedon, Daventry, Stoney Strat-
ford and Towcester.
Ho, daily, morn | b 7, Golden Cross,
Charing-cross, and Cross Keys,Wood-8t
BIRMINGHAM, Worcester, Shrewsbury,
and Holyhead, daily | b 6 mom. Old
Bell and'Bnll, Holborn.
BI.-^HOPSGATE. .See Cobham.
BISHOP STORTFORD, Herts 30. .Tele-
graj;A,aft at 3 (Su ex). Bull, Aldgate, &
Boar and Castle, Oxford-st ; thro' Ep-
ping, Harlow, & Sawbridgeworth..See
Haverill, Cambridge, and Norwich.
BLACKHEATH, Kent .-). .hourly. No. 11
BLACKHEATH. .daily, at half p 10,half
p 11, lialf p 12, half p 4, half p 8, and
half p 9, Ship, Charing-cross.
BLACKHEATH.. half p" 10 and 8, King
and Keys, Fleet -street.
BLACKMORE, Essex.. aft} bef 3, (Su
ex) Bull, Aldgate ; thro* IJrentwood &
BLACKNESS. .SeeOakingham &Reading-
BLACKROCK..See Bristol.
BLACK WALL, Midx. 3. .hourly. Black
Boy and Camel, Leadenhail-.st, & Bull,
Aldgate, and Blue Boar, Holborn.
BLACKWATER, Hants 30. .See Sonth-
ampton, Salisbury, Exeter, Basingstoke,
and Weymouth.
BLANDFORD, Dor.set 103.. See Wey-
mouth, Falmouth, Exeter, & Plymouth
BLENDON, Kent i2..See Dartford.
BLENHEIM. Oxon 64.. See Oxford.
9 morn, George and Blue Boar, Holborn,
through Uxbridge and Tetsworth.
BLETSOE, Bedford .^6.. See Kettering.
BOCKING, Essex 41.. See Braintree and
Norwich. [Falmouth
BODMIN, Cornwall 23.5. .See Exeter and
BOGNOR, Sussex 66.. Comet, Bell and
Crown, morn | p 6, calls at Ship, Char.
ing-cross, and George and Gate, Grace-
church-st ; through Clapham, Tooting,
Cheam, Merton, Ewell, Ep.som, Lea-
therhead, Dorking, Ockley,Billinghurst,
Pulboro', Hampton (Little), find Arun-
del. .See Arundel.

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