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Consult. Med. Officers, Dr Alex. Pecldie,F.E.C.P.,
l^hysician; Dr Joseph Bell, F.R.C.S., surgeon;
Dr John Smith, LL.D., F.R.C.S., surgeon-
Dcan—Wm. Guy, F.lf.C.S., L.D.S., 11 Wemyss
Place. [
Dental Surgeons — (Monday) J. G. Munro, L.D.S. ; i
(Tuesday) G. W. Watson, L.D.S. ; (Wednesday)!
J. S. Durward, L.D.S. ; (Thursday) J. S. [
Amoore, L.D.S. ; (Friday) Fred. Page, L.D.S. ; j
(Satvirday) David Monroe, L.D.S. i
Assistant Dental Surr/cons, H. B. Ezard, L.D.S., •
D. R. Campbell, ' L.D.S., R. N. Hannah,
L.D.S., T. Gregory, L.D.S., Robert Lindsay,
L.D.S., Sewell Simmons, L.D.S., J. M. Mason,
L.D.S., J. A. Young, .L.D.S., F. J. Turnbull,
L.D.S., L.R.C.P. &S.E., D. B. Wilson, L.D.S.,
Hume Purdie, L.D.S., J. Malcolm, L.D.S.,
H. H. Chapman, L.D.S.
Ancrsthetists — (Monday) Dr R. J. Johnston ;
(Tuesday) Dr J. Boyd Jamieson ; (Wednesday)
Dr F. M. Willcox ; "(Thursday) Dr G. Matheson
Cullen ; (Friday) Dr James -Jamieson, Dr T. D.
Luke ; (Saturday) Dr D. A. Farquharson.
Tutorial Dental Surgeon, J. H. Gibbs, L.D.S.,
L.R.C.P. &S.E.
Prosthetic Tutorial Dental Siirgeon, J. Douglas
Logan, L.D.S.
Treasurer, Thomas Wallace, F.F.A., 64 Princes st.
Secretary, G. M. Stuart, W.S., 56 Frederick street.
Assistant Secretary, Miss MacPhail, ?>1 Chambers
Mechanician, W. J. Cave.
Janitor, Edward Brown.
Royal Dispensary and Vaccine Institution.
21 West Richmond Street.
President, The Duke of Buccleuch and Queens-
Vice-Presidents, The Lord Justice-General, the
Lord Justice-Clerk, the Lord Advocate, the
Earl of Wemyss, the Earl of Rosebery, Sir John
Cowan, Bart., of Beeslack.
Managers Ex-officiis, The Right Hon. Lord Provost,
the President of the Royal College of Physicians,
the President of the Royal College of Surgeons.
Ordinary Managers, James Thin, Professor
Kenned}', A. W. Usher, Rev. W. M. Brown,
Rev. James Stirling, Patrick Blair, W. S. . Sir
Alexander Christison, Bart., Dr G. W. Balfour,
Sir H. D. Littlejohn, J. M. Macandrew, C.A.,
T. G. Dickson, C.A., H. G. Kilpatrick, Dr R.
Peel Ritchie, Sir J. A. Russell, William
Skinner, W.S., Dr W. G. Black, John Burn,
Rev. W. Grant, Edvpard Bruce, D. Macritohie,
C.A., David Deuchars, James R. Young, Rev.
Alex. Williamson, D. D. , George Harrison.
Secretary, R. C. Gray, S.S. C.
Treasurers, Messrs Macpherson & Norfor, C.A.
Visiting Committee, Dr R. P. Ritchie (convener),
Mr Young, Mr Macandrew, Mr Kilpatrick, and
Mr Bruce ; Medical Secretary, Secretary, and
Treasurers, ex officiis.
Consulting Physician, Dr George Balfour.
Consulting Surgeon, Sir H. D. Littlejohn.
Medical Officers, Dr William Husband, F.R.C.S.,
Dr D. Wallace, F.R.C.S., Dr Stiles, F.R.C.S.,
Dr Haultain, F.R.C.P., Dr Peter Youns,
F.R.C.P., Dr R. H. Blaikie, F.R.C.S., Dr
Hutchison, R.F.C.S., Dr W^ G. A. Robertson,
F.R.C.P., Dr James G. Cattanach, F.R.C.P.E.,
Dr Black, F.R.C.P.
Acti7ig Physicians Accoucheur, Dr James Andrew,
Dr P. Young, Dr Dunlop, and Dr Haultain.
Diseases of Women, Dr P. Young and Dr Haultain.
Diseases of Ear and Throat, Dr Blaikie.
Diseases of Children, Dr. Dunlop.
Mental Diseases, Sir John Batty Tuke, M.P.
Vaccination, Dr W. Husband.
Secretary to Medical Officers, Dr Andrew.
Apothecary and Lecturer, Mr W. Duncan.
Truss and Bandage Makers, J. Gardner & Son.
Officer, John Heggie.
Collector, Henry Greig.
New Town Dispensary.
17 Thistle Street.
President, The Marquis of Bute.
Vice-Presidents, The Earl of Stair, the Lord
Justice-General, the Lord Justice-Clerk.
Managers, G. Gourlay (chairman), the Lord
Provost, John Henry, W. J. Davidson, G.
Monro Thomson, W.S., Chas. P. Finlay, W.S.,
Dr Hunter, Dr K. M. Douglas, C. S. Rankine
Simson, AY.S., Dr Blair Cunynghame, Lieut.-
Col. Mure-Steel, George Brown, William
Younger; and C. C. Nisbet, W.S., and Dr
Cad ell ex officiis.
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, C. C. Nisbet, W.S.,
11 Alva street.
Secretary to Medical Officers, Dr Cadell, 22 Ainslie
Auditor, Thomas G. Dickson, C.A.
Ordinary Medical Officers, Dr Jas. Cameron, Dr
Drummond, Dr A.' B. Giles, Dr N. Park Watt,
Dr A. G. Caldwell, Dr John Eason, and Dr H.
O. Nicholson.
Consulting Physician (Vacant).
Consulting Surgeon, Dr Joseph Bell.
Consulting Physician Accoucheur, Dr Underbill.
Acting Physician Accoucheurs, Dr Thyne and Di
Assistant Accoucheur, Dr Angus Macdonald.
Vaccination, Dr Cadell.
Surgical Department, A. A. Scot Skirving, M.B.,
F.R. C.S.Ed.
For Diseases of the Ear and Throat, Dr J. A. H.
. Duncan.
For Diseases of the Eye, Dr Alex. Macdonald.
For Mental Disease, Dr Batty Tuke, jun.
For Diseases of Women, Dr Brewis.
For Diseases of Children, Dr J. Crauford Dunlop.
Dental Department, Mr Page.
Apothecary, A. G. Bruce.
House Officer and Collectm', J. J. Mackenzie.
Edintourgh Polyclinic Institution.
13 Lauristox Place.
Free, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 4
o'clock, for Rheumatism, Heart and Nervous
Honorary Physician, Dr Hugh Jamieson
Provident Dispensary.
Marshall Street.
Patronesses, The Duchess of Buccleuch, Mrs
Trayner, Miss Mackenzie.
Patron (Vacant).
President, Principal Sir William Muir, K. C.S.I.
Vice-President, The Rev. James MacGregor, D.D.

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