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Leith Hospital.
Hospital, Mill Lane, head of Sheeiff Brae.
Patron, Sir John Cowan of Beeslack, Bart.
President, Eev. Dr Mitchell.
Vice-Presidents, W. J. Ford, Esq., and James
Directors, Provost Mackie, Councillor Kelly,
Treasurer Graham- Yooll, Alexander Miles,
M.D., H. C. Langwill, F.B.C.P.E., Rev.
Thomas Crerar, Eev. E. F. Hoerule, J. W.
Thomson, Robert Smith, T. W. Tod, John Cran,
Robert Somerville, William Bei-tram, William
Ford, George Simpson, Robert Thorburn,
George V. Mann.
Medical and Surgical Officers — Consulting Physi-
cians, G. W. Balfour," M.D., F.R.C.P.E., and
.1. Henderson, M.D,, F.R.C.S.E.
Consulting Surgeon, P. Heron Watson, M.D.,
F P C '"i F
Phvsicians, Wm. Elder, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., and
H. G. LangwiU, M.B., F.R.C.P.E.
Surgeons, William Stewart, M.D., F.R.C.S.E.,
and Alex. Miles, M.D., F.R.C.S.E.
Gomulting P/u/sician for JJiseases peculiar to
Women, D. Berry Hart, M.D., F.R.C.P.E.
Ordinary Physicians for Diseases pec%diar to
Women, N.'t. Brewis, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., and
J. Haig Ferguson, M.D., F.R.C.P.E.
Ophthalmic Surgeon, William G. Sym, M.D.,
Pathologist, Theodore Shennan, M.D., F.R.C.S.E.
Medical Officers for Dispensary Department, Jas.
S. Fowler. M.B., F.R.C.P.E., and A. A. Scot
Skirving, M.B., F.R.C.S.E.
Secretary, George V. Mann, 33 Bernard street.
Treasurer, Robert Thorburn, 28 Bernard street.
Chaplain, William Walker.
Lady Supierintendent, Miss Paterson.
Royal Maternity and Simpson Memorial
79 Laubiston Place.
[Telephone, No. 837).
Under the immediate patronage of
Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen.
President, The Right Hon. Lord Provost.
Vice-Presidents, The Principal of the University,
the President of the Royal College of Physicians,
the President of the Royal College of Surgeons,
the Master of the Merchant Company.
Extraordinary Directors, William F. Burnley,
Lord Balfour of Burleigh, the Earl of Home,
the Earl of Rosebery, Claud H. Hamilton,
John TurnbuU Smith, C.A., LL.D.
Directors, The Lord Provost, the Dean of Guild,
Bailie Pollard, Coirncillor R. A. Douglas,
Councillor Innes. ex officio ; James Thin, Sir
.John Sibbald, M.D., Wm. Skinner, W.S.,
Surgeon-Lieut. -Colonel James Avnott, M.D.,
William John Menzies, W.S., Sir tT. Batty Tuke,
M.D., M.P., Alex. Gray, James A. Robertson-
Durham, C.A., J. R. Middleton, Wm. 0.
M'Ewen, W.S., Dr J. Halliday Croom,
Brigade Surgeon-Lieut. -Col. H. Purves, M.D.
Secretary and Treasurer, Andrew Scott, C.A., 2
York buildings.
Consulting Physician, Dr J. Halliday Croom.
Consulting Surgeon, Professor Annandale.
Ordinary Obstetric Physicians, Professor Simpson,
Dr C!" E. Underbill, Dr David Berry Hart.
Dr A. H. Freeland Barbour.
Assistant Physicians. Dr R. Milne Murray, Dr
F. W. N. Haultain.
Apothecaries, Messrs J. F. Macfarlan & Co.
Matron, Miss Edward.
Victoria Hospital for Consumption and
Diseases of the Chest.
Hospital— Ceaigleith.
OuT-DooK Department— 26 Lauriston Place.
President, Sir Alexander Christison, Bart.
Vice-President, Sir George Wanrender, Bart.
Trustees, Charles Cook. W.S., <;harles J. Guthrie,
advocate, James Mylne, W.S., R. E. Simpson,
Honorary Phvsicians, R. W. Philip. SLA., M.L.,
F.R.C.>., G. Lovell Gtilland, M.A., M.D.,
Honorary Surgeon, D. Wallace, M.B., F.R. C.S.
Lady Superintendent, Miss Guy.
Honorary Secretaries, Messrs Wallace & Guthrie,
W.S., i North Charlotte street.
Treasurer, G. H. Carphin, C.A., 51 Queen street.
Out-Door Department Officer, James A. Pearson.
Lying-in Institution.
4 Charles Street (Bristo Street).
Committee of Management, Mrs George Allan, Mrs
Wemyss Anderson, Mrs J. C. Bow, Mrs
Fleming, Mrs Giffen, Miss Inglis, Miss Jopp, Mrs
Mathison, Sisters of Mercy, Mrs Stuart, Mrs
Thatcher, Mrs C. H. Thatcher, Mrs Thomson.
Miss Thatcher, Mrs Dunlop, Deaconess of the
Church of Scotland.
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs Thatcher,
Physician, Dr Thatcher.
Royal Edinburgh Asylum for the Insane.
[Telephone, West House, MS. 1 ; Craig House,
MS. 37.)
Physician Superintendent, T. S. Clouston, M.D.,
Assistant Physicians, Charles 0. Easterbrook,
M.A., M.B., CM,, J. M. Rutherford, M.B.,
CM., G. Douglas M'Rae, M.B., CM., W. M.
Ogilvie, M.B., CM.
Chaplain, Rev. Thomas Downie.
Steward, .James C Gray.
Matrons, Miss Peter, Craig House ; Miss Milne,
Western Division; Miss Mary Peter, South
Craig ; and Miss Spence, Old Craig House.
The Incorporated Edinburgh Dental Hospital
and School.
31 Chambers Street.
Board of Directors, The Right Hon. Lord Pro-
vost Mitchell Thomson, Bailie Kinloch Ander-
son, Dr James Andrew, P.R.C.P.E., Mr A. G.
Miller, F.R.C.S., *Malcolm M'Gresor. L.D.S.,
AValter Campbell, L.D.S., Dundee, Dr P. Hume
Maclaren, F.R. C.S. , *Thomas Wallace, F F.A.,
R. K. Inches, *Dr James .Jamieson, F. R.CS.,
John Rutherford, W. S., James Gardner, Sir
Andrew M'Donald, Dr John Smith, LL.D.,
F.R.C.S., Sir Henry D. Littlejohn, LL.D.,
F.R.C.S., *Dr D. F. Lowe, M.A., LL.D.,
F.RS.E., Dr R. W. Philip, F.R.C.P., David
Cuthbert, S.S.C, James Mackintosh, and *Wm.
Guy, F.R.C.S., L R.C.P., L.D S., Dean;
*G. W.Watson, L.D.S., *J. S.Durward, L.D.S.,
*J. S. Amoore, L.D.S., J. G. Munro, L.D.S.,
David Monroe, L.D.S., Fred. Page, L.D.S.
Members of the Dental Staff, Directors ex officiis.
Those marked with an asterisk form the Admini-
strative Committee.

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