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Young, jVI.D-, F.R.C.P.E., Miss Anderson,
Deacuness, Mrs Charteria, Miss K. H. Davidson,
Deaconess, Miss Grieve, Miss Maxwell, Deaconess.
Deaconess Superintendent, Miss Ella Piriie.
Hon. Treasurer, T. J. Wilson, S.S.C. ,18 Queen st.
Secretary, Geoige M'Alx^ine, 22 Queen street.
Consulting Physicians, Dr Claud Muirhead and
Dr G. A. Gibson.
Consulting Surgeon, Professor Annandale.
Physician in Ordinary, Dr Francis D. Boyd.
Surgeon in Ordinary,- Dr Alexis Thomson.
Assistant Physician, Dr J. G. Cattanach.
Assistant Surgeon, Dr Robert Purves.
Extra Physician for Diseases of Women, Dr F. W.
N. Haultain.
Extra Surgeon for Diseases of the Eye, Dr George
Extra Surgeon for Diseases of the Ear and Throa.t,
Dr A. Logan Turner.
Hoii'SePhysicianandSurgeon,Dr J.Boyi Jamieson.
Chalmers Hospital for Sick and Hurt.
Lauriston Place.
Treasurer of the Trust, J. Balfour Paul, advocate.
Directors, The Dean of Faculty, the Vice-Dean,
Messrs Vary Campbell, Mackenzie, IM'Nair,
Fleming, Maconochie, and Macfarlane, advocates.
Secretary, J. Wilson Brodie, C.A., 2.5a St Andrew
Acting Physician, Claud Muirhead, M.D.,
F.R. C.P.Ed.
Acting Surgeon, Patrick Heron Watson, M.D.,
House Surgeon, J. R. Hall Walker, M.B., CM.
Matron, Miss Mary D. Stephenson (Charing Cross
Hospital, London).
Male and Female Private Wards, Board (£1, Is
minimum), ,5s per diem.
Male and Female Public t-Forffe, Free
No infectious or chronic diseases treated.
Ladies'' Committee, Mrs Bayley, Mrs Beatson Bell,
Lady Dawson Brodie, Mrs Buchanan, Lady
Christison, Mrs Henry Cook, Mrs George
Dalziel, Mrs Don, Mrs Colin Dunlop, Mrs
Robertscn-Durham, Mrs Ellis, Mrs George
Gillespie, Miss Horn, Mrs George Auldjo
Jamieson, Mrs Henry Johnston, Lady Logan,
Mrs Mackay, Mrs Philip Maclagan, Mrs Turn-
bull, Mrs D. B. Wauchope (hon. secretary).
Treasurer, W. H. Cook, C.A., 42 North Castle st.
Auditors, Messrs Macpherson & Norfor, C.A.
Honorary Secretaries, Messrs Henry & Scott, W.S.,
20 St Andrew square.
Consulting Physicians, Dr George W. Balfour,
Dr R. Peel Ritchie, Dr James Carmichael.
Consulting Surgeons, Professor Annandale and Dr.
Joseph Bell.
Consulting O^Jhthalmic Surgeon, Dr. Argyll
Consulting Dental Surgeon, Dr John Smith.
Ordinary Physicians, Dr John Play fair, Dr Burn-
Murdoch, Dr G. H. Melville Dunlop.
Surgeon, Dr Harold J. Stiles.
Extra Physicians, Dr John Thomson, Dr A. 8.
Cumming, Dr James Craufurd Dunlop.
Assistant Surgeon, Dr .John W. Dowden.
Pathologist, Dr Theodore Shennan.
Medical Electrician, Dr Harry Rainy.
Amesthetist, Dr D. M. M'Allum.
Registrar, Dr John W. Simpson
Resident Physicians, Dr G. L. Chiene, Dr T. C.
Mackenzie, and Dr A. Gilmour.
Matron, Miss Mary Piggott.
Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Children.
9 SciENXES Road, and Out-Patient Depart-
ment, Sylvan Place.
The Dispensary is open for advice at the Hospital,
daily (Sunday excepted) from 11 A.M. to 12 noon.
Children may be Vaccinated on Wednesday a't
10.30 a.m.
Patronesses, Her Majesty the Queen, The Duchess
of Buccleuch, The Duchess of Roxburghe, The
Marchioness of Brea'lalbane, The Countess of
Patrons, The Duke of Buccleuch, The Marquis
of Breadalbane, The Earl of Rosebery.
President, His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch, K.T.
Vice-President, The Right Hon. Lord Polwarth.
Chairman Director. *Arthur Alison, Esq.
Chairman Committee of Management, *'C. J. G.
Paterson, Esq.
Directors, The Rev. Archibald Fleming, M.A.,
George Barclay, Major-Genei-al Patrick C.
Dalmahoy, *Pliilip R. D. Maclagan, *Arthur
Alison, John Boyd, *K. J. Blair Cunynghame,
*B. Hall Blyth, Right Hon. Sir Charles J.
Pearson, ''C. W. Berry, John Jordan, M. Mont-
gomerie Bell, John Smart, R. A. Lockhart,
*Colonel W. Lorimer Bathgate, George Kerr,
*George M. Low, *Thoraas S. Esson, Robert
Wt-ir, James Robertson, Robert Usher, John
Pitman, George Hunter, M.D.
Those marked thus * are Members of the Com-
1 littee of Manae-ement.
Longmore Hospital for Incurables.
Salisbury Place.
Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen.
' President,
! Vice-Presidents, Sir Wm. Muir, K.C.S.I., D.C.L.,
LL.D., Sir Thomas D. Gibson Carmichael, Bart.,
M.P., Sir Robert Dundas of Arniston, Bart.,
George Auldjo Jamieson, C.A.
Committee of Management. 3 os&]ih. Bell, F. R. C. S. E. ,
Charles Bruce, J. 0. Affleck, M.D., F.R.C.P.,
James A. Wenley, George Brown, R. J. Blair
Cunynghame, M.D.,»F.R.C.S.E., David M.
Westland, C.E., Mrs Fellowes, The Hon. Lord
Stormonth Darling, Right Hon. Mitchell Thom-
son, Lord Provost, Henry Cook, W.S., A. D. M.
Black, W.S., Mrs Hope Johnstone, Sir John
Cheyne, Q.C.
Lady Visitors, Mrs Fellowes, Mrs Hope Johnstone,
Mrs Thomas Nelson, Miss C. B. Butter, Miss
Barclay, Mrs Esson, Mis Stanley Callander, Mrs
Ernest Davidson, and Mrs Malcolm M'Neill.
Physician, J. O. Affleck, M.D., F.R.C.P.
Surgeon, Joseph Bell, M.D., F.R. C.S.Ed.
Assistant Medical Officers, R. A. Lundie, M.D.,
F.R.C.S.Ed., R. H. Blaikie, M.D., F.R.C.S.Ed.
Pathologist, Alex. Bruce, BLD., F.R C.P.Ed.
Matron, Miss Beveridge.
Secretary and Treasurer, Walter Macgregor,
F.S. A. A,, 32 York place.
Leith Public Health Hospital.
East Pilton.
For the treatment of infectious diseases under
the Public Health Act.
Managers, Leith Town Council.
Medical Superintendent, Dr W. Leslie Mackenzie.
Resident Physician, Dr A. D. Yule.
Matron, Miss B. L. Irons.

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