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Committee, Dr Andrew Smart (chairman), Rev. Dr
Teape, Rev. John Campbell, Rev. Dr Alison,
Mr James Wallace, Mr Robert Beatson, AV.S. ,
Mr Alex. Gray, Rev. Dr John M'Ewan, Rev.
John Glasse, D.D., Rev. W. Whyte Smith, Mr
David A. Scott, S.S.C, Mr John Nicholson,
Mr J. B. Sutherland, S.S.C, Mr Miirdoch
Ross, Mr James M'Intosh, S.S.C.
Qonsulting Physician, Andrew Smart, M.D.,
Consulting Surgeons, Joseph Bell, M.D., F.R.C.S.,
C. W. Cathcart, M.B., CM., F.R.C.S.
Diseases of Women (Tuesday and Friday at 4.30
P.M.), Mrs Chalmers "Watson, M.D.
Diseases of the Ei/e, Ear, and Throat, D. Chalmers
Watson, M.B.', M.R.C.P.E.
Acting Staff', George Thyne, M.B., CM., Francis
D. Boyd, M.D., F.R.CP.E., J. S. Fowler,
M.B., F.R.CP.E.
Practical Midwifery and Out-Patient Department,
Dr R. J. Johnston.
General Superintendent, Dr R. J. Johnston.
Hon. Treasurer, Murdoch Ross, National Bank,
Nicolson Street.
Hon. Secretary, R. Beatson, W.S., 35 Queen
Hon. Auditor, T. Dymock, C.A., Frederick Street.
Law Aaents, Messrs Hamilton, Kinnear, & Beat-
son, W.S.
Instrument Makers, Messrs A. Young & Son.
Janitor, Thos. Johnstone.
Cowgate Dispensary.
39 Cowgate.
(Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society.)
President (Vacant).
Vice-Presidents, Sir Wm. Muir, K.CS.I., D.C.L.,
LL.D., A. Halliday Douglas, M.D., Prof. A. R.
Simpson, M.D., A. G. Miller, F.R.CS.E.
Directors, The Board of the above Society.
Treasurer, P. A. Young, M.D., 25 Manor place.
Secretary and Superintendent, E. Sargood Fry,
M.B., CM., 56 George square.
Assistant Secretary and Treasurer, R. C Bell,
W.S., 13 Hill street.
Consulting Physician, Dr Byrom Bramwell.
Consulting Physician ( Obstetric), Dr Underhill.
Consulting Surgeon, Dr Cathcart.
Medical Officers, Dr G. Keppie Paterson, Dr
D. G. Davidson, Dr Simla Paterson, Dr G.
Dickson, Dr Simpson, and Dr A. AVatt.
Surgical Cases, Dr E. J. Peill.
Diseases of Women, Dr A. H. F. Barbour.
Vaccination, Dr Buist.
Resident, Dr E. J. Peill.
Dispenser, Mr Sinclair.
Mair (chairman), Mrs Hugh Rose, Mrs Shiells,
Mrs Sibbald, Mrs Somerville, Miss Constance
Hon. Treasurer, Miss E. C Wright, 4 Glen gyle
Hon. Secretary, Mrs Wilson, 16 Buccleuch place.
Hon. Auditor, William Greenhill, C.A., 6 George
Consulting Staff, Dr G. W. Balfour, F.R. C.P.Ed.,
Dr C W. Cathcart, F.R.CS.Ed., Dr Sophia
Jex-Blake, M.&L.M., K.Q.C.P.I., Mrs Mears,
L.K.Q.C.P.I., DrR. Peel Ritchie, F.R. C.P.Ed.,
Dr Heron Watson, F.R.CS.Ed.
Attending Medical Officers, Dr Isabel Venters,
Dr Jessie MacGregor.
Resident Medical Officer, Dr Harriet Maclaren,
Edintourgli Hospital and Dispensary for
Women and Children.
Open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9.30 to 10.30
A.M., under the charge of the attending Assistant
Medical Officer ; and on Mondays and Thursdays
at the same hour, under charge of the Assistant
Medical Officer.
President, The Marchioness of Bute.
Vice-Presidents, The Countess of Mora.y, the Lady
Reay, the Lady Victoria Campbell, The Lady
Helen Munro Ferguson, Mrs Arthur, Mrs Burn-
Murdoch, Miss Du Pre, Mrs W. Robson, Mrs
Alexander Russel, Mrs Urmston.
Executive Committee, Mrs Beilby, Miss C H.
Eliott-Lockhart, Miss Houldsworth, Miss S. E. S.
Western Dispensary.
Chalmers Institute, Ponton Street.
Open daily from 3.45 to 4.45 p.m.
General Committee, Mrs Black, INIiss Thomson,
MissM. Douglas, Mr S. Henderson, Mr William
Brown, Dr Pringle, Mr E. Mather, Mr William
Manuel, Rev. G. D. Low, M.A., Mr J. S.
Ferrier, Mrs Robert Simson, Mrs Shaw Mac-
laren, Miss Bannatyne, Mrs Gulland, Mr
Hamilton Maxwell, Mr Herbert B. Finlay.
Secretary of Committee, James Simson, 51 Manor
Secretary to Medical Board, Dr J. Murdoch Brown,
9 Walker street.
Acting Treasurer, James Simson, 51 Manor place.
Consulting Physicians, Dr A. Peddie and Dr
Murdoch Brown.
Consulting Surgeon, Dr Joseph Bell.
Consulting Physician for Diseases of Women, Dr
Halliday Croom.
Physicians, Dr Fleming, Dr Stevens, and Dr John
Diseases of the Ear and Throat, Dr T. J. Thomson.
Midwifery and Diseases of Women, Dr J. AV.
Vaccination Officer, Dr J. B. Buist.
Surgeon (Vacant).
Diseases of Eye, Dr Fred Reid Mackay.
Assistant to Specialists, Dr Farquharson.
Dispenser, Mr Gairn.
Aiiditor, Mr J. Forbes Moncrieff, CA.
Edinburgh Homceopathic Dispensary.
173 Dalry Road.
Open Mondays and Fridays at 7 P. M.
Chairman of Committee, J. M. Bell, W.S. , East
Morningside house,
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Horatius Stuart,
S.S.C, 134 George street.
Consulting Physicians, Wm. Bryce, M.D. and
John A. Howden, L.R.CS.E.
Acting Physicians, W. T. P. Wolston, M.D., and
J. M. Rendall, L.R.CS.E.
Eye, Ear, and Throat Infirmary.
6 Cambridge Street, Lothian Road.
Open at one o'clock daily for Out-door Patients
for Eye Diseases; Mondays, Thursdays, and
Saturdays at Twelve Noon, and Tuesdays
and Fridays at 4 p.m. for Out-door Ear, Nose,
and Throat Patients. Those whose Diseases
require Operations, or more than ordinary care,
are accommodated in the House.
President, Sir John Cowan, Bart., of Beeslack.

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