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Crosbie, Miss, 9 West Mayfield
Cross, Rev. Archibald, 19 IVlercliiston park
Cross, A. L., 21 Miirrayfield avenue
Cross, Charles, 174 Montgomery street
Cross, James, 37 Brunswick road
Cross, J., 320 Leith walk, Leith
Cross Post Office, 225 High street
Cross, Dr. Robert, 69 Merchiston crescent
Cross, Robert {J. <fe /. Cunningham), 13 Moray
Cross, W. H., 13 Warrender Park crescent
Crossan, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 29
Broughton street
Crouch, W., & Son, manufacturing jewellers and
goldsmiths, 44 Princes street ; house, 34
Mayfield terrace
Crouch, David H. (C. & Son), 34 Mayfield ter.
Crouch, H. B., 7 Scotland street
Crouch, Miss, 25 Gilmour road
Croudace, Mrs. J. S., 84 Marchmont road
Croucher, Robert L., gardener, 24 Bruntsfield
Crow & Reid, dairjmien, 10 Melville place
Crow, Geo. Scott, watchmaker and ieweller,
143 Rose street
Crow, Peter, 7 Ashley terrace
Crow, Philip, bootmaker, 26 Marchmont ores.
Crow, Thomas, builder and house carpenter, 42 j
Gorgie road ; house, 13 Ardmillan terrace
Crow, Wm. Patrick, solicitor, 38 York place ;
house, 1 Eyre place
Crow, Mrs David, 16 Roseneath place
Crow, Mrs Robert, 19 Panmure place
Crow, Mrs, 47 Comely Bank avenue
Crowden, S. Graham, 120 Marchmont road
Crowe, David, bootmaker, 43 Bristo street ;
house, 41
Crowe, Jas., joiner, "Willow bank, Murrayfield
Crowe, J. D. , teacher, ,3 Meadow place
Crowle, Thomas S., 64 Comiston road
Crown Hotel, 2 West Register street
Crown Office, 9 Parliament square
Crown Receiver's Office, 29 and 31 H.M.
New Register House
Crown, Robert W., 5 Roxburgh terrace
Croy, David, draper, 31 Marshall street
Crudelius & Co. , wool merchants, 7 and 8 Citadel
Cruelty to Animals, Scottish Society for Pre-
vention of, 88 George st. ; Archibald Langwill,
C.A., secretary and treasurer ; Teh 2194.
Cruickshank & Fairweather, engineers and
patent agents, 63 George street ; represented
by James M'Cankie, F.S.S.
hosiers, shirt- makers, clothiers, hatters, and
ladies', gentlemen's, and children's outfitters,
baby linen warehouse, 57 and 61 George st.
Cruickshank, Son, & Co., assessors of fire losses,
and valuators, 73 George street ; TelegrajA,
' Cruickshank ' ; Telephone, 296 ; and 7 Ward
road, Dundee
Cruickshank, Alexander, 19 N.-W. Circus place
Cruickshank, A. M., law clerk, 8 Brunton ter.
Cruickshank, George, watchmaker, 3 E. Register
street ; house, 14 Dalmeny street
Croickshank, George, acting manager, Empire
Theatre ; house, 22 Albert street
Cruickshank, George, 25 Upper Grove place
Cruickshank, George, artist, 26 Frederick st.
CRUICKSHANK, JAMES, builder, 34 Tor-
phichen street ; speciality — oven-building ;
Telegraph, 'Ovens'; Telephone, 877. if^See
Adv. index
Cruickshank, Jas., writer, 82 Comely Bank ave.
Cruickshank, James G., 4 Randolph place ;
house, 102 Comiston road
Cruickshank, J. M 'Donald, builder, 61 Ashley
Cruickshank, Jn. (C. Son, li-'Co.), 27 Merchiston
Cruickshank, John, teacher, Lothian Road
public school ; house, 182 Bruntsfield place
Cruickshank, W. G., 12 Montague street
Cruickshank, Wm., engraver, lithographer, sta-
tioner, and printer, 2 1 Elder street ; house, 1 3
Lee crescent, Portobello
Cruickshank, William, 26 Oxford street
Cruickshank, Mrs E., 13 N. W. Circus place
Cruickshank, Mrs G. Macaulay, 25 Warrender
Park terrace
Cruickshank, Mrs, 6 South Oxford street
Cruickshank, ]\Irs, 5 Leslie place
Cruickshank, Miss, 16 Glengyle terrace
Cruickshank, Marion, tobacconist, 20 Albert st.
Cruickshanks, G., & Son, upholsterers, cabinet-
makers, and licensed appraisers, 78, 88, and
90 Leith walk ; Telephone, 4172
Cruickshanks, David, 10 Rochester terrace
Cruickshanks, George {Geo. C. & Son), 7 Crown
Cruickshanks, James {G. C. tfc Son), 22 Leith
walk, Leith
Cruickshank, Robert W., 47 James street
Cruickshanks, Mrs, 78 Bonaly road
Cruickshanks, Mrs, 19 Livingstone place
Cruikshank, Alex., builder, Bonaly place ;
house, 78 Bonaly road
Cruikshank, P., joiner, 55 Ashley terrace
Cruikshank, W. S., joiner and builder. Lower
Gilmore place ; house, 5 Westhall gardens
Cruikshauks, Geo., builder, 4 Mertoun place
Cruse & Fils Freres, wine shippers, Bordeaux,;
agents, Robertson & Baxter Limited, 90
Constitution street ; Telephone, 488
cabinetmakers, upholsterers, carpet ware-
housemen and bedding manufacturers, 25
and 29 Lothian road
Cruttenden, James, 9 Merchiston crescent
Cruttenden, John, 1 Roseburn gardens
Cruttenden, Mrs George, 3 Admiral terrace
Cubic, John, com. traveller, 64 Marchmont cres.
Cubic, John, 5 Salisbury street
I Cubic, W. G., tobacconist, 17 Chapel street ;
house, 5 Salisbury street
Cubitt, E. B., 33 James street, Pilrig
[ Cud more, Thomas, 10 Union street, Leith
j Culbert, Thomas, 3 Myrtle terrace
Culbertson, Robert, 5 Sutherland street
I Cullen, Andrew {G.P.O.), 59e London street
CuUen, G. Matheson, M.D., B.Sc, 48 Lauriston
Cullen, John K. {Millar, C, & Co.), 4 So. Oxford
Cullen, Martin, grocer and spirit mercht., 207
Cowgate ; house, 48 Lauriston place
Cullen, Mungo, 13 Beechwood terrace
Cullen, Thomas, 48 Findhorn place

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