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Crichton, Mrs, teacher of dancing, 3 Oxford
Crichton, Mrs, sick nurse, 128 Ferry road
Crichton, Mrs, 144 Duke street, Leith
Crichton, Misses, 23 Archibald place
Crichton, Miss Margaret, 13 Nelson street
Crichton, Miss, 20 Marchmont road
Crichton, Miss, art needle work, 130 George
street ; house, 23 Archibald place
Crighton & Thomson, wine and spirit merchants,
and family grocers, 77 South Clerk street
Crightou, Alexander Martin, master in the mer-
cantile marine, 8 St. Ronan's terrace
Crighton, Archibald, 19 Lindsay road, Leith
Crighton, James (C. cfc Thomson), 14 Cobden
Cripples' Home, 2 Mansionhouse road; Miss
Sutor, matron
' Critical Review,' Williams & JSTorgate, 20
Frederick street
Croal, Austin J. H., 16 London street
Croal, George, 17 London street
Croal, James P., 7 Myrtle bank, York road
Croal, Mrs John, 67 Cumberland street
Croal, Thomas A., 16 London street
Croal, W. M., newspaper reporter, 'Scotsman'
Office ; house, 96 13runtsfield place
Croal, Mrs Beatrice, boarding ho., 73 George st.
CROALL & CRO ALL (incorporated with J. &
W. Oroall), coachmakers to Her Majesty the
Queen, York lane ; Telephone, 1223
Croall & Sons, coachmakers, 126 George street
proprietors, postmasters, and funeral under-
takers, New Royal Caledonian Bazaar, Middle-
field, Leith walk ; 23 and 24 Greenside place
(Telephone, 15) ; Duncan Street Bazaar,
Newington (Telephone, 897) ; Royal Horse
Bazaar, Castle terrace (Telephone, 18) ;
Caledonian (Telephone, 2278), Waverley
(Telephone, 1030), and Haymarket railway
stations ; 26 Nicolson street ; 15 Dairy road ; 1
Barclay place ; 9 Beaufort road. Grange ;
26 Raeburn place ; and 1 Summer place,
Inverleith row ; 245 Great Junction street
and 52 Charlotte street, Leith (Telephone,
480). Agents for receiving orders — Walter
Wright, 290 Morningside road ; J. Aitken,
63 Morningside road ; Alex. Muir, 139 Dun-
dee street. ijcSee Adv. index
Registered ofiice. The Royal Horse Bazaar,
Castle terrace
Croall, John, & Sous Ltd., job and post masters.
Royal Horse Bazaar, Castle terrace
Croall, John, & Sons Ltd., coachbuilders,
Croall, John, & Sons Ltd., Her Majesty's Horse
Repository for Scotland, Nottingham place
Croall, J. Mackie (C. d: C), 25 London street
Croall, John, 21 Broughton street
Croall, John E. {Joh7i. Croall <fc So7is Limited),
Castle ter. ; house, 4 Cluny avenue
Croall, Peter (C. <£,• C), 25 London street
Croall, W. J., C.A., 2 St Andrew square ; house,
18 St Alban's road
Croall, William, 16 Abercromby place
Croall, Miss, 28 Bell iilace
Croau, James, horse dealer, 6 Keir street
Croan L.. fishmonger, 15 Grassmarket
Croan, Thos., fishmonger, 77 West Port, and 18
St Stephen st. ; house, 6 Lauriston gardens
Crockatt, Mrs, 32 Coltbridge terrace
Crocket, Andrew, drysalter and fancy goods,
190 Canongate
Crocket, David, grocer, wine and spirit merchant,
52 West Bowling-green street; house, 12
Dudley gardens
Crocket, William, headmaster, Lothian road
public school ; house, 10 Gillespie crescent
Crockett, Thomas, missionary, 14 Viewforth
Crofters Commission Oflice, 6 Parliament sq.
Crogan, Richard {H.M.G.), 86 Cornhill terrace
Crole, Dav., land valuer, St Helens, West Coates
Crole, Gerard Lake, advocate, 1 Royal circiis
CroU, Alexander {Robertson <b C), 215
Bruntsfield place
CroU, David A., com. trav., 60 Marchmont cres.
Cromar, Alexander, 6 St Catherine's place
Cromarty, Alex., shipmaster, 51 Siimmerside pi.
Cromarty, Robert, 9 Brunton terrace
Cromb, David G., clerk, 10 Comely Bank place
Cromb, Mrs C, 10 Dean terrace
Crombie, John, & Co., chemical and esparto
merchants, 7 Mayfield gardens
Crombie, Alex., gardener, 28 Millar crescent
Crombie, Alexander, dairy, 140 Dairy road
Crombie, Alexander, W.S., 22 Clarendon cres.
Crombie, Alexander, 24 Bellevue crescent
Crombie, George {Somerville ds C), 137 Lothian
Crombie, George, 34 Leven street
Crombie, Henry J. C, teacher of music, 5
Torphichen street
Crombie, John, 1 Malta Gi'een place
Crombie, John, sub-inspector of schools, 18
Braid crescent
Ctombie, Peter, factory manager, 24 Moat place
Crombie, Robert {Mercer tfc C. ), 6 Cobden cres.
Crombie, Robert, 5 Waddell place, Leith
Crombie Thomas J., fancy draper, 85 Lothian
road ; house, 6 Cobden crescent
Crombie, William {Mercer & C), Dunearne,
West Savile road
Crombie, Mrs Thomas, 82 Bruntsfield place
Crook, Richard, 114 Craiglea drive
Crooke, Rev. Milward, M.A. {senior military
chaplain retired list), 41 Morningside park
Crooke, Wm., photographer, 103 Princes street
Crooks, Andrew, 3 Hamilton crescent
Crooks, John, horse shoer and general black-
smith, 46 Balcarres street ; house, 43
Crookshank, Misses, 6 Moston terrace
Groom & Arthur, engineers, ship repairers, and
boilermakers, Victoria dock, Leith
Groom, J. H., M.D., F.R.C.P.E., 25 Charlotte
Groom, James Murray, engineer, Victoria Dock,
Leith ; house, 3 Inverleith avenue
Crosbie, David, grocer, wine and spirit mer-
chant, 196 Dairy road
Crosbie, F. M., teacher of music. 16 Eoyston
Crosbie, John, 68 Cumberland street
Crosbie, John, 11 Queen's crescent
Crosbie, William, 1 Laurel terrace
Crosbie, Mrs A., laimdry, 30 and 33 Angle Park
terrace ; house, 31
Crosbie, Miss, 178 Morrison street

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