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CuUen, William, 31 Woodbine terrace
CuUen, William J., advocate, 10 Darnaway st.
CuUen, William J. {G.P.O.), 7 Howard street
Cullen, Mrs Christina, 13 Parkside terrace
CuUen, Mrs, 30 Warrender Park terrace
Cullen, Miss H. D., 49 Mardale crescent
Cullen, Miss, 15 Greenhill gardens
Cullen, Miss, All Saints lodge, Panmure place
Culley, Charles, R.N., 13 Park road, Trinity
Culpin, Miss, nurse, medical, surgical, and mid-
wifery, 24 Shandvvick place
Gumming & DufF, S.S.C.,- 50 George street;
Telegraph, ' Cumming ' ; Telephone, 2477
Cumming & Son, portmanteau, brush, basket,
fancy goods warehouse, and show-case makers,
2 Cockburn street; works, 81 High street
Cumming, Alex., 7 Upper Grove place
Cumming, Alexander, 183 Dalkeith road
Cumminor, Allan, confectioner, 2 Orwell terrace
Cumming, A. S., M.D., F.R.C.P.E., 18 Ainslie
Cumming, A. W., newsagent, stationer, and
hairdresser, 34 Bridge street
Cumming, Dav. {M'Lagan <fc Go. ), 12 Trinity rd.
Cumming, Gregor, 276 Morrison street
CUMMING, JAMES, glass merchant and marble
cutter, 43 and 44 Chambers street ; house, 36
Buccleuch place. ^i^See Adv. index
Cumming, James, 9 Bi'aid road
Cumming, James, joiner, 87 Brunswick street
Cumming, J., M.R.C.P.,F.R.C.S.E., 20 Gilmore
Cumming, John, 54 Dundee street
Cumming, John, 4 Taylor place
Cumming, Robert, manager, Scottish County,
etc.. Insurance Co., 52 Hanover street; house,
99 Craiglea drive, Morningside
Cumming, Robert, 25 India street
Cumming, Robt, S.S.C, N.P. (C. ^ Duff), 15
Lonsdale terrace
Cumming, Robert, 46 Brunswick street
Cumming, Thomas, 3 Polwarth gardens
Cumming, Thomas (C. & Son), Vaila, Morton-
hall road
Cumming, Thomas A., 32 Elm row
Cumming, W., 2 Gibson terrace
Cumming, W., restaurant, 16 Canongate
Cumming, W. D., hairdresser, 22 St Mary
street ; house, 61 South Back of Canongate
Cumming, W. 0., solicitor, 25 India street
Cumming, W. Skeoch, artist, 28 Queen street
Cumming, William, 26 Bonaly road
Cumming, William, 137 Morrison street
Cumming, William {messenger, National Bank
Limited), 24 Quality street
Cumming, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 3 Trafalgar street
Cumming, Mrs, 20 Dean terrace
Cumming, Mrs, 8 Summerhall square
Cumming, Mrs, York Lodge, 16 York road
Cumming, Misses, 25 Cumberland street
Cumming, Miss C. B.,confectnr.,36 Frederick st.
Cumming, Miss, 30 St Bernard's crescent
Cumming, Miss, York Lodge, 16 York road
Cumming, Miss, 23 East Claremont street
Cumming, Miss, 67 Gilmore place
Cummings, Robert, grocer, 8 Kew terrace
CUMMIN6S, WILLIAM, packing-case and
paper-box maker, 9 Murano place ; Telephone,
56 ; house, 42 Pilrig st. ^i^See Adv. index
Cunard Steamship Co. Ltd., Exchange buildings,
37 Constitution street ; Telegraph, ' Burns,
Leith ' ; Telephone, 575
Cundall, Jas. Tudor {science master, Edinburgh
Academy), 1 Dean Park crescent
Cundell, John Ross {agent, British Linen Co.
Bank, Leith), 9 Belgrave place
Cundell, Miss, 19 Pitt street
Cundill, Andrew, blacksmith, 51 N.-W. Rose
Street lane ; house, 116 South Rose Street la.
CUNNINGHAM & CO., hat and cap manu-
facturers, hosiers and shirt makers, 13 Hanover
street. '^Be.e Adv. index
Cunningham & Co., joiners' and bakers' utensil
makers, 22 Greenside place ; house, 164
Montgomery street
CUNNINGHAM, A., & CO. {successors to J.
Russel), plate-glass agents, glass merchants,
glaziers, and embossers, 18 Leith st. and 60
Home st. ; Telephone, 1308. ^JcSee Adv. index
Cunningham, Eraser, & Co., nurserymen and
florists. Comely Bank nursery and 45 Queens-
ferry street
Cunningham & Lawson, solicitors, 15 Hanover
Cunningham, James, & Sons, wood merchants.
Central saw mills, and steam joinery works,
33 Bath street and 10 James place ; estab-
lished 1850 ; packing-case makers for all
trades, malt and grain scoop and go-barrow
manufacturers ; speciality — back-boards cut
for picture frames, and cloth winding papered
boards, etc. ; Telephone, 4127
Cunningham, J. & J., Ltd., manufacturers of
sulphuric acid, artificial manures, and oil
cakes, 44 Bernard street; sulphuric acid and
manure works, 53 to 65 Salamander street;
oil-cake presses and stores. Bowling-green st. ;
Telegraph, 'Cunningham, Leith'; 'Telephone,
Cunningham, Albert, wine and spirit broker, 10
Bernard street ; house, Bath house. Trinity
Cunningham, Alexander, water officer, 22 Ivy
Cunningham, Alexander, 20 Orwell jjlace
Cunningham, Alexander, 14 Eyre crescent
Cunningham, Alex. , market gardener, Bonning-
tonhaugh, Bennington
Cunningham, Alexander, 153 Ferry road
Cunningham, Alex., coal merchant, 138 Lothian
road, 37 Dundas street, and 3 and 4 Port
Hamilton ; house, 12 Gardner's crescent
Cunningham, Alexander, 19 Beaverhall terrace
Cunningham, A. , 1 5 South College street
Cunningham, A. B. (/. C. <fc Sons), 5 Prospect
Bank road
Cunningham, Andrew {A. C. d: Co.), Craigend,
Ferry road
Cunningham, Andrew, 127 Dalkeith road
Cunningham, Andrew^ clerk, 12 Bonnington ter.
Cunningham, Charles, commercial traveller, 18
Sbandon place
Cunningham, Charles, coal merchant, 10 Port
Hopetoun ; house, 21 Brougham place
Cunningham, Charles, 23 Royal crescent
Cunningham, David, draper, 13 Crighton place;
house, 31 James street, Pilrig
Cunningham, David, 146 Dundee street
Cunningham, D. G., 54 Gilmore place

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