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Head Offices, 67 West Nile Street, Glasgow ;
Robert Walker, Organizing Agent ;
Hon. secretary, James Stevenson.
Edinburgh District office, 122 George St., Edinburgh.
Office-bearers — President, Robt. Mowat, Esq. , Glas-
gow ; vice-presidents, Daniel Mowat, James Allan,
\.ndw. Laird, and John Service, Glasgow ; William
Ilexander, Kirkintilloch ; J. M'Phie, Dumbarton ;
m. Richmond, Kilmarnock; Alexander Walker, and
l^ohn Seivwright, Aberdeen, and A. Peden, Edmburgh ;
.nditors, T. Alexander, Kirkintilloch, James David-
en, Glasgow, and George Brown, Edinburgh; and a
loard of management appointed from different dis-
ricts. Solicitors, Messrs. James Stevenson & M'Kin-
lay, 67 West Regent Street, Glasgow.
The objects of the Association are to inform the
jublio by lectures, literature, &c., in regard to the
U njurious eflfects of Co-operative and Civil Service
' Stores on the trade of the country, and to establish
•ranch Associations throughout Scotland; to bring
lefore the Legislature the unjust burden traders have
bear in comparison with these Stores in reference
.0 income tax ; to protect the interests of its members
inder the parliamentary acts affecting traders, and,
n connection therewith, to provide free legal advice
members, and legal services on special terms fixed
)y the board of management ; against harassing in-
erference and undue restrictions by government and
>ther inspectors ; against unequal taxation, local and
mperial ; and to procure direct representation of
raders on local boards, municipal councils, and in
24 George Square.
Chairman, Patrick S. Dunn, Esq. ; directors, H. J.
Watson, Esq., James Lilburn, Esq., R. J. Dunlop-,
Esq., Wm. Law, Esq., John Hardie, Esq., J. D.
Clink, Esq., A. P. Lyle, Esq., George Milne, Esq.,,
Andrew Weir, Esq. ; secretary, Neilson Baird, Esq.
Established 1859.
A. C. Henderson, chairman ; Provost Browne-,
deputy- chairman; Sir J&mes Bell, Bart., Leo.
Gow, Geo. Smith, Nath. Dunlop, Geo. TurnbulJ,
J. B, Murray, John Innes, James Lilburn, G. M..
Kerr,C. W. Cayzer,M.P., Robt. Clark, Jas. D. Bonnar,
directors; J. Muirhead, 30 Gordon Street, secretary.
Office, 26 Renfield street.
President, ex-Provost Wilson, 38 W. George st. ^
vice-presidents, Alexander Cross, M.P., 19 Hope
St. ; William Campbell, 3 Alfred Terrace, Hillhead ;.
law agents, Wilson, Caldwell & Tait, 79 West Regent
street ; secretary and auditor, James Wilson, C.A.,
26 Renfield street.
The objects of the Association are : —
(a) To reform existing abuses in the management,
and to promote greater economy in the working of
shipping. (6) To give general and legal advice and
assistance to its Members, (c) To take cognizance
of legislation afiecting shipping.
Managers. — The Lord Provost, the Members of
Parliament for the City, the Dean of Guild, the
Deacon- Convener, Dr. W. T. Gairdner, Professor of
Medicine ; Dr. J. Cleland, Professor of Anatomy ;
Dr. Bruce Goff, President of the Faculty of Phy-
iicians and Surgeons ; Dr. John Garey, John
Miller, Prof. John Young, Rev. T. Somerville, M.A.,
3r. J. D. Maclaren, Dr. Robert Perry, Dr. William
L Fleming, and James S. Crawford.
Elected by the General Court — David M'Cowan,
Hugh Brown, John Anderson, jun., James D. Hed-
fierwick, John Glen, J. P. Maclay, Samuel Marks,
(Robert Gourlay, Wm. L. Dunn, and Andrew Stewart.
Representatives of the Ophthalmic Institution —
Greorge Browne, James Clark, and James Miller.
j Dr. A. Robertson, Dr. John Dougall, D. C. M'Vail,
81 M.B., Dr. G. S. Middleton, and Dr. J. Lindsay
5teven, physicians ; Mr. H. E. Clark, Dr. D. N.
Knox, Dr. John Barlow, Dr. James A. Adams, Dr.
David Newman, Dr. Q. M'Lennan, and Mr. J. Hogarth
Pringle, surgeons; Dr. J. E. Kelly, diseases of
svomen ; Dr. John Macintyre, diseases of the throat ;
Dr. James Dunlop, Dr. Alex. Scott, Dr. Charles
iWorkman, Dr. T. Kirkpatrick Monro, Dr. Jas. W.
jMlan, and Dr. Jas. Paton Boyd, dispensary (or assist-
int) physicians; Dr. D. M'Kellar Dewar, Dr. H.
Jutherfurd, Dr. G. R. Thomson, Dr. J. C. G.
Duffus, Dr. A. N. M'Gregor, and Mr. Jas. Luke, dis-
pensary (or assistant) surgeons; Dr. J. B. Mackenzie
Anderson and Dr. Walter K. Hunter, extra dispensary
(or assistant) physicians ; Mr. Robert Kent and Mr, P.
Paterson, extra dispensary (or assistant) surgeons-;;
Dr. J. K. Love, aural surgeon ; Dr. A. Morton, diseases;
of the skin; Dr. G. B. Marshall, gynsecologist; Dr. R. H.
Henderson, vaccinator; Mr. W. Howard Gray, dental
surgeon; Dr. John Macintyre, electrician; Dr. E.
FuUerton, diseases of the throat ; Dr. Francis H.
Napier, ophthalmic surgeon ; Dr. Charles Workman,
pathologist and curator of museum; Mr. David
M'Crorie, assistant to pathologist; Dr. J. C.
Woodburn, honorary consulting dental surgeon ; D,
0. Black, apothecary; Dr. M. Thomas, superinten-
dent; Mrs. Strong, matron; Rev. M. Paterson, chap-
lain; W. Litson, janitor; David M'Cowan, hon.
treasurer; H. Lamond, 93 West Regent Street,
secretary; Jas. Barclay, 88 St. Vincent Street, cashier;
H. Lamond, Lang & Co., 93 West Regent Street,
law agents.
Ophthalmic Department, 126 W. Regent Street —
Dr. Francis H. Napier, surgeon; Dr. John Rowan,
assistant surgeon ; consulting surgeon, Dr. D. N.
President, Henry C. Shelley, Campsie ; vice-
presidents, James G. Borland and Walter Currie ;
joint secretaries and treasurers, Wm. James Begg
and Robert Brown.
Office— 150 Hope Street Glasgow.

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