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7 West George Street.
Board of Directors for 1897. — Pres., Paul Rotten-
fcnrg ; vice-president and hon. treas., Donald Graham ;
secy, and depute treas., W. H. Hill, LL.D.; directors,
Sir William Arrol, M.P., Walter Duncan, John
Galloway, Donald Graham, David Guthrie, John R.
Kay, Paul Rottenburc;, Charles H. Seligmann, John
Ure, LL.O., J. G. A. Baird, M.P., Robert Crawford,
W. A. Donaldson, Matthew Dunlop, James Finlayson,
Robert Kedie, Robt. King, A. S. Miehie, David
Murray, LL.D., Ales. Cross, M.P., J. A. Duncan, W.
D. Gillies, John Gumprecht, J. D. Hedderwick, John
Inglis, R. Cowan M'Kinnon, Andrew Stewart, Alex.
Wylie, M.P., Hugh Brown, T. F. Crawford, G.
Handasyde Dick, J. H. Dickson, Nathaniel Dunlop,
Robert Laidlaw, J. 0. Mitchell, LL.D., J. T. TuUis,
Thomas Watson.
The Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, incorporated
by royal charter in 1793, includes at present about
1000 members, representing the principal merchants,
manufacturers, and shippers in the city and neigh-
bourhood, and is recognized as the prmcipal medium
of communication with the Government and Legisla-
ture on all commercial matters. The executive power
is lodged in a board of thirty-six directors, chosen at
the annual general meetings. The board meets for
the discussion of mercantile questions once a month,
or more frequently if found necessary.
Object. — To secure a stable standard of value over
the largest possible area, especially between Great
Britain and all her Colonies and Dependencies.
President, Sir Wm. H. Houldsworth, Bart., M.P.,
of Coodham, Kilmarnock ; vice-presidents, Gilbert
'Beith, Glasgow, James Cormack, Edinburgh and
Leith, Sir John Cowan, Bart., of Beeslack, Midlothian,
Alex. Cross, M.P., Glasgow, Rev. John Cullen, D.D.,
Leslie, Col. J. Dowden, London, Jas. A. Duncan, Glas-
gow, William Jacks, Glasgow, Sir Donald Mathe-
son, KC.B , Glasgow, Prof. James Mavor, Toronto
University, Toronto, James E. M'Killop, Dunferm-
line, Michael B. Nairn, Kirkcaldy, Prof. J. Shields
Nicholson, M.A., D.Sc, Edinburgh University, A.
D. Provand, M.P., Glasgow, Thomas Reid, of Kil-
mardinny, Glasgow, Major C. H. Sanford, Beeslack,
Midlothian, Wm. Smart, M.A., LL.D,, Professor of
Political Economy, Glasgow University, Professor
Robt. Wallace, Edinburgh University, Andrew R.
Young. Ku'kcaldy Executive committee — chairman,
G. Handasyde Dick, Glasgow, and 18 members.
Corresponding members. A, T. Hunter, C.A., hon.
secy., East of Scotland Monetary Reform Association,
Edinburgh; Robert Livingston, Kirkcaldy, the Kirk-
caldy Monetary Reform Association; W. C. Good,
Aberdeen, Richard Lees, S.S.C, secy., South of
Scotland Chamber of Commerce, Galashiels ; D. W.
Beattie, secy.. Chamber of Commerce, Leith. Hon.
secretary aud treas., David Bruce, M.A., LL.B., 49
West George Street.
Annual subscription — ordinary members, £1 Is. ;
associate members, Ss. Cd, Further information,
literature, and papers deahng with the question can
be obtained on application to the secretary at the
above address.
(Registered pursuant to Act of Parliament)
Head Office, 103 Bath St., Glasgow; Aberdeen'
New Trades Hall, Belmont Street ; and branches in
Hamilton, Kilmarnock, Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh, Leith.
and suburbs of Glasgow, &c.
Hon. President, The Right Hon. the Earl of
Aberdeen ; hon, vice-presidents, Right Hon. Sir
Geo. 0. Trevelyan, Bart., ex-M.P., Lord Blythswood
Sir James Carmichael, Bart., ex-M.P., Sir Jas. King
Bart., J. G. A. Baird, Esq., M.P., A. Cameron Cor-
bett, Esq., M.P., Sir John Lubbock, Bart., M.P., Su
John S. Maxwell, Bart., M.P., Lord Wolmer, M.P.,
Wm. M'Ewan, Esq, M.P., and John Wilson, Esq.,
BI.P., Edinburgh. President, Sir James Bell, Bart.,;
ex-Lord Provost of Glasgow; trustees, Francis Spite.
Esq., Michael Swan, Esq., Bailie W. F. Anderson;
vice-presidents, ex-Bailie Jas. M'Lennan, Glasgow, W,
A. Campbell, Esq., Glasgow, J. S. Couper, Esq., Glas-
gow, A. P, Anderson, Esq,,Glasgow, Robert Templeton,
Esq., Glasgow, John Stevenson, Esq., T. G. Bishop,
Esq , ex-Dean of Guild Walker, Aberdeen, and others.
Directors, T, W. W. Flint (chairman), John Howieson
(vice-chairman), J. Pinto, Jas. Scott, Geo. M'Laggan,
Geo. Urquhart, R. B. Brown, K. M. Milligan, R. M,
Milholm, R, Westwater, W. J. Paterson, and D.
M'Leod ; general secretary, John Eraser, 103 Bath
St., Glasgow.
The objects of the Union are to combine em-
ployers and assistants connected with shopkeeping
for their mutual benefit, for (1) assurance against
sickness and death, (2) promoting the early closing
of all shops by legitimate agitation and legislative
enactment ; and also to promote a more general
arrangement of half holidays and holidays for shop-
keepers and warehousemen ; and (3) attention to
the public interests of shopkeepers in imperial and
local enactments. Wholesale warehousemen are
eligible as and are invited to become members,
The benefits to members incapacitated by sickness or
accident range from £1 per week, and a payment at
death of £6 6s. according to period of membership,
Females are admitted to membership on half con-
tribution scales.
Secretary, E. Lawrie, 21 North St. Mungo Street.
The objects of this association are : to protect its.
members in all matters of trade ; to promote unitj
of purpose and good feeling between master and
men ; to arrange all questions whereby strikes might
arise ; and to arrange the price of material and
145 Queen Street, Glasgow.
Secretary, Alex. C. Rutherford.
Jas, M'Kim, chairman ; C. F. Crichton, vice-chair-
man ; Samuel Runcie, treasurer; Frank Kufeke
Andrew Brock, J, A. Dunlop, J. J. Mackay, Wm.
Dishington, James Aitken, W. Arend, James S.
Craig, committee; John M'Dougall, secretary, 6C
Hope St.

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