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' The oflSce-bearers for 1897 are: — Hon. directors,
James Dunlop, Esq., M.D., J. B. Mirrlees, Esq.,
Sir William Renny Watson ; prases, John Wilson,
Esq., M.P. ; directors, Hugh Pollock, A. Cameron
Corbett, M.P., Henry C. D. Rankin, Robert Harvey,
E. Westlands, W. Buchanan, Robert Gourlay, D.
Bowman, Daniel Munro, James Robb, Archibald
Walker, John Paterson ; treasurer, R. Gourlay, Bank
3f Scotland, St. Vincent Place ; medical officer.
Dr. J. Dunlop ; secretary, Geo. Young, writer, 97
Wellington Street.
The society was instituted in the year 1806, and
:he sphere of its operations includes the parliamentary
joundary of the City of Glasgow situated on the
iouth side of the river Clyde. The object of the
society is to aiford pecuniary or other relief to the
latives and old inhabitants of the Barony of Gorbala
who are of respectable character ; have been in bet-
;er circumstances, but reduced to a decayed and
ndigent state ; and who, not being otherwise suffi-
iiently provided for, stand in need of the society's
lid ; but no one receives assistance from its funds
vho is in receipt of parochial relief. Advanced age,
irgent necessity, and respectability of character are
" ■" indispensable. Length of residence, next to nativity
;• breferred ; but applicants mast have one or other of
' .hose qualifications. Non-residence at the time of
lite naking application will not exclude from the benefits
)rdl: jif the society. No one is allowed to participate in
retii: ,'he benefits of the Society who is under fifty years of
Ipi I iige, unless labouring under permanent bodily infirmity.
jsi:: The treasurer supplies forms of application for aid.
i Craigton, Ibrox; office, 28 Bath Street.
Established in 1894.
Hon. treasurer, Brig.-General Sir Donald Mathe-
on, K.C. B.; hon. secretary, Henry F. Lowndes, Esq.,
mter; superintendent, Mr. James Watson; veter-
Qary surgeons, Messrs. Anderson and Wilson, Parlia-
aentary Road.
The objects of the Home are:— (1) To clear the
treets of stray dogs, with the co-operation of the
dice, and rescue lost dogs and cats from starvation
nd ill treatment, and, when necessary, to destroy
' em as mercifully as possible ; (2) to find homes for
seful and valuable anima's ; (3) to lodge dogs and
,ts at a reasonable charge. Dogs and cats are
ainlessly destroyed by request of their owners by
eans of a Lethal chamber at nominal charges,
'hese can either be received at the home, or sent
ir as may be arranged. Note. — No animals suifer-
g from contagious or infectious diseases are admitted,
fhe home may be visited daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
mm. 1st Nov. till 28th Feb., and from 9 a.m. till
Jip.m. from 1st March till 31st Oct. ; Sundays from
! p.m. till 5 p.m.
To maintain the Home sufficiently will involve the
xpenditnre of a considerable sum annually, and the
ommittee, while gratefully acknowledging the gener-
lus aid they have already received, earnestly hope
hat a widespread support will be given for this
lery necessary purpose. I
This Institution is designed for the necessitous and
deserving of the industrial classes who have been in
illness, in order to give them the benefit of the restora-
tive influences of a short residence at the seaside, dur-
ing the period of convalescence. Since the Homes were
opened twenty-seven years ago, 66,901 patients have
been restored to health. There is accommodation for
250 persons; and, added to a generous diet, there is
afforded the benefit of the best medical advice and
medicines, as also the use of superior hot and cold
water baths. The Board of Management earnestly
appeal for annual subscriptions and donations, these
being the only source of revenue. It may be well
to mention that each donor of £20, or annual sub-
scriber of £1, is entitled to recommend one person
annually for admission to the Homes.
Board of Management. — President, Sir James
King, Bart, LL.D., of Bothwcll Castle; vice-
president, T. Jenkins, Esq., Woodlands, Cross-
hUl; hon. treasurer, John Gray, Esq., 1 Eton
gardens, Hillhead ; hon. secy., W. MacLean, Esq.,
writer, 115 St. Vincent St.; medical officer in Glasgow,
Robert Perry, Esq., M.D., 11 Queen's Terrace, W.;
consulting surgeon to the Homes, J. Ritchie, Esq.,
M.D., Fairy Bank, Dunoon; superintendent, Mr.
And. Wilson, Homes, Dunoon; matron, Miss Malcolm,
Homes, Dunoon; secretary and treasurer, Mr. Robert
HiUhouse, 4 Hanover Street, Glasgow.
Office-bearers for 1897. — President, W. Watson
Newton; vice-president, Wm. Postdown; hon. treas.,
John Anderson, jun., 362 Parliamentary road;
hon. secretary, Daniel Hill, 138 West Regent Street.
The Society was instituted in 1888 ; its object is to
afford aid to such of its members or their widows as
may be in reduced circumstances. A single payment
of two guineas constitutes life membership.
Instituted 1880.
President, Wm. Kerr; vice-president, Wm. MacLay;
treasurer, Archd. Hamilton, 70 Wellington Street ;
secretary, George Wishart, 41 Hope Street.
Object. — To provide allowances for decayed mem-
bers and for relatives of deceased members who were
dependent on them prior to their decease. After
such cases are provided for the directors may grant
relief not exceeding one-fifth of the entire free annual
revenue to persons in necessitous circumstances who,
though not members of the Association, have been
engai;ed as principals or employees in the corn trade
in Glasgow and neighbourhood. Membership con-
sists of corn merchants and their chief clerks and
salesmen. Payment of £10 as entry money consti-
tutes life membership. Capital in 1896 amounted to
Prospect Bank, Ceosshill.
Seen on Wednesdays, at two o'clock. Mr. B. B-
Macgeorge, 24 George Square, secretary ; Mr. J.
Tasker, 28 Bath Street, treasurer.

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