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Instituted May, 1858.
The Scottish Branch is under the special patronage
of Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, who has sent
a donation of £5 to the fund in Scotland. Scotch branch
office, 302 Buchanan St., Glasgow. Committee of
management in Scotland — Chairman, John Blackburn,
Esq., Caledonian Railway; Wm. Brown, Esq., Glas-
gow & South-Western Railway, John Conacher, Esq.,
North British RaUway, D. Cooper, Esq., Glasgow &
South-Western Railway, George Cunningham, Esq.,
North British Railway, D. Deuchars, Esq., North
British Railway, W. Garrow, Esq., Highland Railway,
A. Hillhouse, Esq., Caledonian Railway, Irvine Kempt,
Esq., Caledonian Railway, D. M'Dougall, Esq., North
British Railway, William Moffatt, Esq., Great North of
Scotland Railway, Henry Evans, Esq., Glasgow &
South-Westem Railway, J. S. Stuart, Esq., Great
North of Scotland Railway, Jas. Thompson, Esq.,
Caledonian Railway, George Thomson, Esq., Highland
Railway; bankers. National Bank of Scotland (St.
Enoch Square branch).
This institution (which has no political objects)
afiFords a channel for those who sympathize with
railway servants through which ,to help them
in the time of need, and the extent of its sphere
of usefulness depends in a great measure upon
public support. It has been established to provide
for the necessitous members, orphans, children, and
widows of the railway officers and servants in the
United Kingdom. Its object is to clothe, maintain,
and educate orphan children, and to grant relief by
annuities and money allowances to members who,
from old age, disease, or accident, may be unable any
longer to obtain a livelihood, and to the widows of
those who may be left in distressed circumstances.
Railway officers subscribe 10s. 6d. per annum, rail-
way servants 8s. per annum, to constitute them mem-
bers, or they may subscribe 2s. per annum to the
orphanage only. One moiety of the funds contributed
by the public is apportioned between an officers' de-
partment and a servants' department in proportion to
the amount the members severally subscribe ; the other
moiety of the donations is applicable to a special ben-
evolent fund for relieving distress amongst officers or
servants, whether members of the institution or not,
and the widows and orphans of men killed in the per-
formance of their duty. The sum set apart for the
• orphans of officers is appropriated to their mainten-
ance and education in private establishments selected
by their friends and approved by the board of man-
agement. Should the funds be insufficient to provide
pensions or school benefits for all qualified apphcants,
there is an election by ballot, and the election of an-
nuitants and orphans is vested in the subscribers, who
have also the privilege of recommending cases for gra-
tuities out of the special benevolent fund. In dispens-
ing relief the rules of the institution provide that " the
most necessitous must at all times be first relieved."
Donations and subscriptions. — A donation of £105
in one sum, or in payments of not less than £10 10s.
each, constitutes the donor a patron or patroness for
life, with the privilege of fifteen votes. A donation of
£52 10s. in one sum, or in payments of not less than
£10 10s. each, constitutes the donor a vice-presider
for life, with the privilege of six votes. A donation c
£10 10s. constitutes the donor a life subscriber, wit^i
the privilege of one vote. A yearly payment of £1 Isl
(or in quarterly or half-yearly instalments) constitute e
a subscriber, with the privilege of two votes. An ana
nual subscription of 10s. 6d. constitutes a subscriben
with one vote. Any three donors or subscribers ma
also recommend applicants qualified for relief from th ,
special benevolent fund.
Appeal. — The Scotch committee of management re '
spectfully and earnestly appeal for aid to the share
holders of railways individually, as specially interestec
in those upon whom devolve the executive duties hi
their railway establishments, and to the benevolent oi
all classes, who are either directly or indirectly bene >
fited by the services of a numerous, well-disciplinedc
and laborious class of public servants. Donations ami
subscriptions will be gratefully received and duly ac-
knowledged by the secretary for Scotland, Roher
Gibh, Caledonian Railway, 302 Buchanan Street
President, Lady Campbell of Garscube ; secretary
Miss M'Clure, 11 Montgomerie Crescent; honorarj
secretary, Robert Gourlay, Bank of Scotland ; hon,
treasurer, John E. Watson, C.A., 149 St. Vincent St.
Object: to supply warm and sufficient under-
clothing to indigent patients who are so far restored tc
health as to be able to leave the hospital and return
to their own homes. The Society also helps to
supply artificial limbs and other surgical appliances,
the expense of which places them beyond the reach
of the very poor.
Patron, His Grace the Duke of Portland ; presi-
dent, Mr. D. Fullarton, A. Hill's Trust School, Govan;
vice-president, Mr. John Ferguson, 65 Cadder Street,
Pollokshields ; treasurer, Mr. R. Wright, 42 Paisley
Road, West; secretary, Mr. Wm. Kennedy, Kelvin-
dale, Maryhill.
Preses, W. M. Denholm, Esq., 177 Hill St., Garnet-
hill; expreses, John Pirie, Esq., M.D., 26 Ehnbank
cres.; directors, Donald M' Donald, Bailie Ales. Murray,
Captain Donald Sutherland, Donald Mackenzie, John
M'Leod, William Denholm, Duncan Macrae, Dr. John
Nairn, Donald M'Lennan, Alexander Mathieson, Wm.
Munro, and David Graham.
The principal object of the society is to afibrd
relief to necessitous persons who are natives, widows
of natives, or descendants of natives of the counties of
Caithness, Sutherland, Ross, Cromarty, Inverness, or
Nairn residing in Glasgow or its neighbourhood, or
travelling through the city.
The entry-money is £i, 4s. payable in one sum on
admission or in four annual instalments of £1, Is.
Treasurer, Thomas Gunn, 101 St. Vincent St.;
secretary, J. Martin Mackay, 89 West Regent St.

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