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Ayr Steam Shipping Co., 82
Gordon st
*Baird, Hugh, 75 Buchanan st
Baird, James, 26 Royal Ex-
change square
Baird, Neilson, 24 George sq
*Baird, Thomas (Russell & Adam),
23 Royal Exchange square
Ballantyne, R. B. & Co., 212 St
Vincent street
Ballingall & Garroway, 104 West
George st
Barton & Bell, F.S.A.A., 53 West
Regent st
Bennett, Browne & Co. 17 Royal
Exchange square
Biggart, C. M. & Co. (marine), 15
Gordon st
Biggart & Fulton (marine), 7 Royal
Bank pi (off Buchanan st)
*Birrell, George G. & Co., 58 Ren-
field st
*Birrell, Henry H. Royal Exchange
Brock, Thos. (marine), 25 Wel-
lington st
Brown, A. Scott, & Co. 3 Royal
Exchange square
*Brown, A. Scott (A. Scott
Brown & Co.)
Brown, Colin, 192 Hope st
Browne & Watson, 16 Bothwell st
Bruce, John, & Co. 67 W. Nile st
*Buchanan, J. & .J. 33 Renfield st
*Bulloch, John, Royal Exchange
Bums, Robt., jun., Ill Union st
Campbell, H, C. (yacht), 94
Campbell, J. M. & Son, 154 St.
Vincent street
Carey, Arthur E. & Co. 7 Royal
Bank pi
Carmichael, John, 147 West Regent
*Chamberlain, Geo. M. 31 St. Vin-
cent place
Chamberlain, Miller, & Co., 31 St,
Vincent place
*Chrystal, J. G. Royal Exchange
Clark & Service, 21 Bothwell st
Colvil, Anderson, & Co. (marine),
125 Buchanan street
Cousin, Robt. & Co. 63a St. Vin-
cent st
Crawford & Hamilton, 12 Renfield
Crawford & Rowat, 70 Wellington
Cuthbertson, James R. & Co., 87
St. Vincent street
Dawson Bros. 93 Hope st
Dawson, D. C, 175 St. Vincent st
Denniston, P. & Co., 103 Bath st
Dick, Walter, 70 Wellington st
*Dickie, Robert (Thomson, Dickie,
Dickson, J. R. 25 Gordon st
*Drysdale, A. Oswald (Thomson,
Dickie, & Co.)
Duff, T. L. & Co. 21 Hope st
*Dunlop, Nathaniel (James &
Alex. Allan)
*Easton, Walter, & Co., 125 Bu-
chanan st
Escombe Bros. & Co. 51 St. Vin-
cent street.
Euing, Wm. & Co. Roy. Ex. bdgs
Fairie, John, C.A. (marine and
general), 82 West Nile st
*Galbraith, John A. 15 St. Vine, pi
Gellatly, Hankey, & Co. 33 Gordon
Gow, Harrison, & Co. 45 Renfield st
Guthrie, Macdonald, Hood, &
Co. 29 Waterloo st
*Hamilton, Dundas, & Co. marine,
7 Royal Bank pi
Hatfield, Cameron, & Co. 11 Both-
well st
Henderson, Patrick, & Co. 15 St.
Vincent place
*Hepbum, Wm. (Aitken, Lilbm-n,
& Co.), 80 Buchanan st
Houlder Bros. & Co. 30 Gordon st
Houlder, Howard, Malcolm & Co.,
70 Wellington street
Hutchison, John, 14 Craigmore ter.
Alexandria st. Dowanhill
Jackson, J. S. & Co. (marine), 27
Oswald st
Kay, Alex. & Co. Royal Exch. bdgs.
♦Kennedy, D. H. C. (Kennedy &
Kennedy, David & Co. (marine),
21 St. Vincent pi
Kerr, Geo. Munro, 97 Buchanan st
Kerr, Newton, &Co., 97 Buchanan
Kirkpatrick, James, 18a Renfield
*Lamont, Chas.(Ferguson,Lamont,
& Co.), 21 St. Vincent st
Lamont, J. M. 8 Royal Exchange
Lamont, Nisbet, & Co. (marine),
8 Royal Exchange buildings
*Law, Thos. & Co. 123 Hope st
Lietke & Co. 109 Hope st
*Lietke, Charles F., 109 Hope st
Macalaster, James M. 125 Bu-
chanan street
*MacBrayne, David, 17 Royal Ex-
change square
*MacBrayne, John B., 17 Royal
Exchange square
•M'Clelland, Andrew S. 115 St.
Vincent street
*M'Cowan, David, Royai Exchange
*M'Cowan. David, jr. Royal Ex-
change buildings
M'Farlane, John R. 22 Royal Ex-
change sq
*MacGregor, John, Royal Exchan.
*M'Gregor & Thomson (marine),
75 St. George's pi
*Macintyre, John D. Royal Ex-
change buildings
M'Laren, T. & Co. 74 Broomielaw
*M'Leod, J. Grant, Royal Exch.
M'Whirter, M'Callum, & Co.
(marine), 125 Buchanan st
*Martin, Wm. & Co., 4 No. Court,
Royal Exchange
Mayberry, Hugh (fire, &e.), 173
St. Vincent st
Miller, Alex., 14 S. Apsley place
»Millar, A.B., 31 St. Vincent p}
Miller, David, 11 Bothwell st
Molloy, F. P. (of Royal Exchange
*Morton, Hugh (marine), 125 Bu-
chanan st
*Morton, Jas. S. & Co. 54 St. Vin-
cent st
Murray, W. M. 85 Buchanan st
*Nisbett, Arch. (Lamont, Nisbett,
& Co.) Royal Exchange buildings
Orr, James, 93 Hope st
*Orr, James B. Royal Exchange
*Parker, William, Royal Exchange
•Patrick, Joseph (Alex. Kay &
Co.) Royal Exchange buildings.
Peacock,J. C. & Co. 166 St. Vincent
*Rae, Archd. & Co., (marine), 28
Renfield st
*Reddie, J. C. 17 Royal Eschaago
Robertson, James, & Son, 136
Buchanan st
Robertson, John, fire and life, lift
St Vincent st
Rose, Murison, & Thomson, 27
St. Vincent place
•Roxburgh, J. & A. 3 Royal Ex. sq
Russell & Adam, 23 Royal Ex. scj
•Russell, Robert, & Co. 8 Gordon st
Sanders, R. W. (shipping and
marine), 17 Oswald st
Scbolfield's Ltd. 119 St Vincent
St.; director, J. Robertson
'Seligmann, Wm. & Co. 59
St. Vincent st
*Service, R. Gibson, Roy. Ex. bdgs
Singleton, Dunn & Co. 27 Union
Skinner, T. & Co. 31 St. Vincent
Smillie, W. T. & Co. 45 Hope st
Smith, George, 21 Hope st
*Smith, John Guthrie, 54 West
Nile street
Smith, J. & J. 68 W. Regent st
Spiers, Service, & Co. 14 Royal
Exchange buildings
Steven, Jas. & Co. 93 Hope st
Stewart. J. W. 150 Hope st
Stirling, Auld, & Co. 37 West Nile
Sterling & Co., 79 St George's pi
*Thom, A. R. & Co., 96 Buchanan

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