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Thomson, Dickie, & Co. 17 Koyal
Exchange square
Thomson, M'Gregor, & Co. Royal
Exchange buildings
Thomson, Kobt., 196 St. Vincent st
Thomson, Thomas, & Co., 8 Eoyal
Exchange buildings
Thomson, Wm. 179 W. George st
*Thom3on, W. & Co. 49 W. Geo. st
*Walker, E. A. & Co., 134 St.
Vincent street
Wallace, Wilkie, & Co. 5 York
buildings, York street
Watt, Hugh Boyd, 101 St. Vincent
*Watt, John, 27 St. Vincent pi
Waugh, James, 21 Hope street
Weir, Andrew, & Co. 102 Hope st
Wilson & Finlayson, 128 Hope st
*Wingate, Jas., & Co. 52 St. Enoch
Wingate,W.& Johnston, marine, 52
St Enoch square
Wylie, Eobt. 57 Hope st
Abstainers' Insurance; John S.
Marr, agent, 61 W. Regent st
Abstainers' and General Insurance
Co. Limited ; James M'llwain
district supt. 79 W. Regent st
Accident Assurance, London Guar-
antee and Accident Co. Ld.
(Established 1869), 141 Bu-
chanan street; J. F. Lamont,
manager for Scotland
Accident Insurance Association,
Norwich & London, Cyril H.
Dunderdale, manager for Scot-
land, 81 St. George's place
Accident Assurance, Employers'
Liability Assurance Corporation,
, Limited ; branch office, 75 St.
George's pi
Accident Insurance, The Vulcan
Boiler and General Insurance
, Co. Ltd., 159 Hope st
Accident Insurance Co. Ld.; Wm.
Macalister, supert. for Glasgow,
65 West Regent st
Accident Insurance Co. Ltd.; Reid
& Bannerman, 108 W. George st
Accident Insurance Palatine, 25 St.
Vincent place ; David Dunlop,
manager for Scotland. — See Ad.
Accident Insurance ; John Marr,
agent, 51 W. Regent st
African (The) United Insurance
Corporation, Ltd.; agents, Wm.
Blair & Co. 45 Renfield st
Alliance Assurance Co.; secretary,
Stewart Lawrie, 151 W. George
St. — 8ee Adv.
Alliance Assurance Co.; A. Craig
Muir, agent, 75 Buchanan St.;
res. Ivy bank, Paisley
Alliance Assurance Co. ; agents, A.
Wilson Smart & Son, 66 Bath
Alliance Life and Fire Assurance
Co.; M'Farlane, Button, &
Patrick, C.A. 203 West George
Alliance Marine and General As-
surance Co. Limited; agents,
Gellatly, Hankey, & Co. 33
Gordon st
Assicurazioni Generali, Trieste,
204 St. Vincent st
Atlas Assurance Co., Fire, Life,
and Mortgage, John Campbell,
branch manager, 149 W. Geo. st.
— See, Ad. in App.
Austrian Lloyds, Trieste, First
Section, 204 St. Vincent st
Boiler Insurance Co. J. Taylor,
agent, 4 West Regent st
Boiler Insurance and Engine In-
spection Co. Ltd. (Scottish), 13
Dundas street
Boiler (The Vulcan) and General
Insurance Co. Ltd. 159 Hope st
Bothwell Mirror and Plate-Glass
Insurance Co. 9 Bothwell circus.
British Empire Mutual Life As-
surance Co.; C. M'Leod Robert-
son, res. sec. 141 St. Vincent st
British and Foreign Marine In-
surance Co. Ltd.; James Baird,
agent, 26 Royal Exchange sq
British Key & Property Registry
and Accident Assur. Asso.; secy.
T. H. Cowper, and managing
director, A. R. Cowper, 192 Hope
British Law Fire Insurance Co.
Ltd., 176 West George street
British Legal Life Assurance and
Loan Co. Ltd. 1 Richmond st
British Life Office, Ltd. 101 St.
Vincent street
British (The) Marine Salvage Co.
Lim., 7 Royal Exchange
British Natural Premium Provi-
dent Associatn. Ltd., 36 Argyle
British Workman & General Assur-
ance Co. 37 and 42 Bath st
Burglary Insurance Association,
Ltd. (The Goldsmiths' and Gene-
ral) 33 Renfield st
Burglary Insurance, General Acci-
dent Assurance Corporation,Ltd.
28 Renfield street
Burglary Insurance, J. Grant
M'Leod, Royal Exchange
Burglary Insurance Co. Limited,
goldsmiths and general; John
Fairie, C.A. 82 W. Nile st
Burglary Insurance (National Bur-
glary Insurance Corporation,
Ltd.") John Parker & Son, C.A.,
agents, 89 W. Regent st
Burglary Insurance; John S. Marr,
agent, 51 W. Regent st
Burglary Insur. and Safe Deposit
Co. (The Security Co. Limited),
157 Buchanan st
Caledonian Fire Insurance Co. 152
St. Vincent st
Caledonian Fire Insurance Co,
Walter & W. B. Galbraith,
chartered accountants, 107
Buchanan st. agents
Caledonian Fire and Life Insurance
Co. 64 St. Vincent street ; P,
Macneil, secy. — See Adv. in Ap.
Caledonian Fire and Life; John
Parker & Son, C.A., agents, 89
West Regent street
Caledonian Fire and Life Insurance
Co. 536 Springburn road
Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance
Co. 107 Buchanan st
Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance
Co. Limtd. 68 Renfield street.
— See Advert, in App.
Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance
Co. ; John S. Marr, agent, 51
West Regent street
China Traders' Insurance Co. Ltd.
R. Thomson, 196 St Vincent st
City of Glasgow Friendly Society ;
James Stewart, manager, 6
Richmond street
City of Glasgow Life Assurance
Co., 30 Renfield street— /S^ee
Advt. in App.
City of Glasgow Life Assurance ;
John S. Marr, agent, 51 West
Regent street
Colonial (The) Mutual Life Assur-
ance Society, Ltd. 54 Gordon st
Commercial (The) Fire Insurance
Co. of Scotland, Ltd. 150 St.
Vincent street
Commercial (The) Fire Insurance
Co. of Scotland, Ltd. (Accident
Department), 180 Hope street
Commercial Travellers' Society of
Scotland (sickness, accident, and
infirmity) 108 W. George st
Commercial Union Assurance Co.
Ltd. 19 St. Vincent pi
Commercial Union Fire Insurance
Co.; John Parker & Son, C.A.,
agents, 89 W. Regent st
County Fire Office, R. W Muir,
75 Buchanan street; res. Ivy
Bank, Paisley
County Fire Office, A. Craig Muir,
agent, 75 Buchanan st
County Fire Office, Reid & Ban-
nerman, 108 W. George st
County Fire Office, 175 W. George
street. — See Advt. in App.
Dunderdale, Cyril H., Norwich &
London Accident, 81 St George's
Eastern Counties (Fire) Insurance
Co. Ltd.; Scottish branch, 12
St. Vincent place, Charles
Christie, local secretary
Economic Life Assurance Society,
104 W. George st
Edinburgh Life Assurance Co.
122 St. Vincent si.— See Advt.
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