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Marr, Jno. S., 51 W. Regent st.
Marshall, Robert, 13 Houldsworth
*Martin, Andrew, 154 West Regent
Martin, Hugh, 124 Stanley st., s.s.
Martin, John, 3 Shaftesbury cot-
tages, Whiteinch
Mayberry, Hugh, 173 St. Viu. st
Meadows, Thomas, & Co., 10 Han-
over street
Metcalfe, W. & Sons, 140 London st
Menzies, Sam. & Sod, 113 West
Regent st
Miller, James, 754 Gallowgate
Miller, John, &Quaile,C. A. 69 St,
George's place
Milton, James, 419 Gallowgate
Mitchell, Adam (The National
Bank of Scotland, Ltd., Partick)
Mitchell, Alexander, & Son, 173
W. Scotland st. and 2 Whitehall
Mitchell, Allan, 217 Dalmamock
Mitchell, James, 202 Hope st
Mitchell, D. S. 178 Broomielaw
Moffat, J. & G. 136 Buchanan st
Morgan, James L. 171 St. James
street, Bridgeton
Morrison, Alex., 12 Renfield st
Morrison, Angus, 5 Queen st
Morrison, Hugh, & Co. 49 Jamaica
Mudie, Wm. C.A. 12 St. Vin. pi
Muir, A. Craig, 75 Buchanan st
Muir, Robert, 5 Bothwell circus
Muir, R. W. 75 Buchanan street
Munn, Jas. (for Westminster and
General Life Assurance Associa-
tion, inspector of agents), ho. 124
Pollok st
Murray & Muir, 34 St Enoch sq
Murray, Wm. M. 85 Buchanan st
Muter, Robert (boilers), 375 Eg-
linton st
Neil, James K. & Co. 20 Union st
Neilson & Rogerson, 48 Dundas st.
Neilson, T. & Son, 213 Buchanan st
Neilson, Wm. S. A, 167 Claythorn
New Zealand Insurance Co. 4 W.
Regent st
Nicol, John, Trefoil house, Shaw-
Nicol, R. D. & Co. 16 St. Vincent
Oliver, W. P. & Co. 100 Wellington
Ormond, A. Stewart, 20 Abercorn st
Outram & Hamilton, 82 West
Nile st
Paterson, Geo. & Sons, Clydebank
aod Dalmuir
Park, J. B. & Co. 67 W. Nile st
Penny, S. M., & Macgeorge, 24
George square
Phillips, Thos., 219 Onslow Drive
Pitcairn, Jas. 69 Buchanan st
Rae, A., & Co. 28 Renfield st
Rae, Daniel, 34 Paterson st. s.s.
Reid & Bannerman, 108 W. George
Rankin, H. M. 97 Sauchiehall st
Richmond, Matthew, 189 J Dalmar-
nock road
Ritchie, David, 103 Wellington st
Ritchie & Murdoch, 2 R. Exchange
court, 85 Queen st
Robb, J. W. & Gunn, 49 West
George street
Robb, Robert, 12 Trongate
Robertsoa, John, 40 Union st
Robson, Neil, 1 Dixon st
Ronaldson, Alex., 7 Park ter
Ross, Thomas, 5 Dixon street
Russell, A. L. 543 Dumbarton rd
Russell, James, 104 W. George st
Sandeman, Edward B., 5 West
Regent street
Sandford, John, jun. 27 Hope st
Selkirk, J. L. & T, L. 64 West
Regent st
Shai-p & Fairlie, 127 Great Ham-
ilton St. and 74 Buchanan st
Sharp, H. D. (fire and plate glass),
482 Paisley road
Shaw, George, 143 W. Regent st
Sinclair, D. D. & Son, 88 Cow-
caddens st.
Sinclair, J. S., 95 Bath st
Sinclair, J. T. Royal Bank, Char-
ing cross
Smart, A. Wilson, & Son, 66 Bath
Smith, George, Union Bank of
Scotland, Partick
Smith, James, 21 Bath street
Smith, John H. 8 Peel si. Partick,
and 36 Smith st. Whiteinch
Smith, J. & J. 68 W. Regent st
Smith, T. G., 101 W. Nile street
Speirs, James, 143 West Regent
Speirs & Knox, 74 Canning st
Sproul, Andw. 477 Cathcart rd
Stevenson, Lauder & Gilchrist, 67
Hope st
Stewart, Alex., 20 Abercorn st
Stewart, Alex. & A. 164 Bath st
Stewart, Archd., 6 Hamilton st.
Stewart, Gavin, & Co. 173 St. Vin-
cent st
Stewart, James, & Sons, 124
Cambridge street
Stewart, Robert, 9 Millbrae cres.,
Stewart, Robert, 54 Union street
Stewart, W. S., 179 Eglinton st
Stewart, Wm. 101 West Nile st
Stewart, Wm. 257 Dumbarton rd.
Stirling, Auld & Co., 37 WNile st
Stobbs, Thos. & Sons, 58 South
Portland street
Stobo, Robert, & Bathgate, 26 Bell-
grove St. and 37 Old Dumbarton
Sutherland, John, 383 Duke st
Taylor, David, 15 Kennedy st
Taylor, Wm. 264 Duke st
Templeton, G. J. & W. 113 West
Regent st. and 123 Wellington st
Tennant, J., care, British Natural
P.P. Association, Ltd., 36 Argyle
Thom, Duncan, 7 Burgher street,
Thomson, Dickie & Co. 17 Royal
Exchange square
Thomson, Jas. 1 Church st. Coat-
Thomson, John, 148 Castle street
Thomson, Robert C. 33 Bath st
Thomson, Wm. 41 Montgomerie st
Toner, W. 100 Abercromby street
Turnbull, Parnie, & Adam, 27
Union street
Verel Bros., 179 West George st
Waddel, MUton, & Waddel, 419
Walker, Robt., jun., 154 W. George
Wallace, Wilkie, & Co. 5 York
buildings, York street
Watson, David, 455 Paisley road,
52 Main st. s.s.
Welsh, Hugh, 4Hamilton st. Pari'k
White, Thomas, 185 Thomson st
Whitton, Jas. (property), 102 Bell-
grove st
Whyte, William L.N. 102 Bathst
Wills, J. B. 554a Gallowgate
Wilson, Hugh B. 183 W. George st
Wilson, James, 26 Renfield st
Wilson, R. B. & Hornsby, 84 St.
Enoch square
Wingate, W. & Johnston, 52 St.
Enoch square
Wright, A. M. 271 Duke st
Wright, Hugh, 354 Townmill road
Wyllie, James, 63 Renfield st
Wylie, Robert, 57 Hope st
Wyper, Wm. 98 Prince Albert st
Young, Jas. G. jun. 52 St. Enoch
Young, Peter, 205 Hope st
Young, P. & Sons, 11 Miller street
Young, W. J. 205 Hope st
Those marked thus (*) are mem-
bers of the Association of
*Adam, John, 23 Royal Exchange
Aikman, Henry E. 5 Prince's sq
Aikman, Thomson & Co. 5 Prince's
Aitken, Lilburn & Co. 80 Buch-
anan st
Allison, Cousland & Co. 154 St.
Vincent st
Anderson, R. W. 179 W. George st

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