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Mitchell, Andrew, & Co., canvas,
hessian, &c., 12 Prince's sq
Moyes, Laurie, clietnicals, oils, &c.
21 Bothwell St
Oliver, Kirk, & Co., Indian, Cey-
lon, and China teas. 48 Robert-
son St
Poynter, John, Son, & M'Donald,
chemicals, metals, oils, &c. 72 Gt.
Clyde street
Eogers, John, Belfast, wire cloth,
wire vfork-, riddles, perforated
zinc, tarred and hair felt, grease,
tallow ; sole agents, W. L.
Dohhie & Co., 101 Waterloo st
Eosenberg, Adolf, South African,
■ glassware, electric fittings,
bottles, &c., Great Clyde st and
Eopework lane
Eowe & Co. 49 Jamaica street
Scottish Oil and Cliemieal Co.,
Ltd. (chemicals, metals, oils,
&c.), Masterton st, Keppochhill
Shields & Brown, coal and colliery
agents, 12 Gordon st
Slater, Roger & Co. Ltd. 80 James
Watt st
Smith, Smith & Co. chemicals,
metals, and oils, 104 West
George street
Somervail & Co., Dalmuir
Speirs & Co. iron and wood build-
ings and houses of every de-
scription ; designs and estimates
free, city office, 125 W. Regent st
Stansfield, John, & Co. (Straits
Settlements, Java, &c.), 207
Ingram st
Stewart, John, & Co. 28, 30
Oswald street
Storer, James, & Co., exporters of
drysalters' and oilmen's stores,
Barrowfield Works, Bridgeton
Storer, James, & Co. chemicals,
metals, oils, &c., Barrowfield,
Summers, Jas., window glass, 37,
89, 41 Moir st
Taylor, Wra. Nisbet, & Co. 53
Waterloo st
Teacher, Wm. & Sons (Scotch
whisky), 14 St. Enoch sq
Thorn & Cameron, Ltd., 93 Cheap-
side st
Thomson, A. G. & Co. Ltd. whisky,
44, 46 James Watt st
Thornton & Co., india rubber, &c.,
90 Gordon st
Turner, Geo. agent and merchant,
58 West Ri'gent st
Wallace, Forbes, & Co. coal, 71 W.
Nile street
Waterbury Clock Co. U.S.A. clocks,
and bronzes; manager, Thos. E.
Dennison, 12 I Stockwell st
Whyte, A. R. 49 Jamaica st
Whyte & M'Kay, Scotch whisky,
62 Robertson st and 26 to 30
Eobertson lane
Wilson & Co. 509 Eglinton st
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co., papers
and account books, 335 St.
Vincent st
Wiseman, Wm. & Sons, cleaning
waste manfrs.goods press-packed
for shipment, and exporters of
waste, nicks, sponge cloths, and
flocks, New Adelphi Mills, 205
Eutherglen road
Woodburn, M'Gregor, & Co., coal,
75 Buchanan st
Wright & Greig, Ltd. (Scotch
whisky), 8 Cadogan st
Doulton & Co. stoneware pipes,
mantels and stoves, tiles, cruci-
bles, chemical ware, electrical
conduits and appliances ; sani-
tary appliances, baths, lavatories,
closets, urinals, glass enamelled
pipes, &c. 38 and 40 Bothwell st
Adam, Thos. & Co. 31 Bath street
and 12 Bath lane
Cowan & Drysdale, 124 Renfield st
Scottish Oil and Chemical Co.,
Ltd., Masterton st, Keppochhill
Storer, James, & Co. Barrowfield
Works, Bridgeton
Adam, J. M. & Co. Ibrox Works,
Go van
Balderston & Co. agents for " wing
disc " ventilating fan, 201 St.
Vincent st
Barclay, Andrew, Sons & Co. Ltd.
Capell's patent fans, Caledonia
Engine Works, Kilmarnock
Baxter, Andrew, Whitllet station,
Belliss, G. E. & Co. Ltd. Birming-
ham ; agents, Morris, Warden &
Co. 25 Gordon st
Birrell, Geo. & Co. 57 West Camp-
bell st
Blackman Ventilating Co., Ltd.
101 Bothwell st
Brierley, Thos. Oldham, fans and
improved Root's blowers ; agent,
James Sturrock, 17 Oswald st
Cruickshanbs & Cook, Ld. (makers
of the "Tornado" fan forge), 74
Galbraith street
Donald, J. T. & Co. Ltd. (the Aland
patent fan blower and air pro-
pellor), 345 Argyle street
Donald, Jn. Ltd. 42 Cadogan st
Drysdale & Co. steam fans for
forced draughts and for ventil-
ating, 183 Fordneukst
Hamilton, Claud, Ld. (electric fans
for forced draught), 247 St.
Vincent st
Hannah, Wm., improved "Roots,"
9 Washington st
HUl, Thos. & Co. 66, 68 Robertson
St. ; stores, Spoutmouth
Key, Wm. (ventilatin j;), Central
Chambers, 109 Hope st. ; tele-
grams, "Ventilation," Glasgow.
MacLellan, P. & W. Ld., merchants,
129 Trongate,and Clutha Works,
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd., electrical
fans for ventilation and forced
draught, 47 King st. Mile-end
Stewart, John, & Co. 30, 32 Os-
wald st
Sturtevant Blower Co. 21 W^est
Nile st
Tangyes, Ltd. 96, 98 Hope st
Thwaites Brothers, Ltd. Bradford
(Root's patent blowers & forges);^
agent, George Blair, 38 Queen st
Wilson, W. & A. 24, 26, 28 Broad
st. near Bridgeton Cross
Craddock, John C. B. 489 Saachie-
hall street and 21 Argyle arcade
Harrington, J. P. 3a Hanover st
Hill, K. Wylie, & Co. 20 Buch-
anan st
Shearer, H. (Japanese fans and
hand screens), 49 and 51 Dun-
lop street
Adamson, C. M., 141 Dumbarton
Angus, Wm. 236 Buchanan st
Arthur, W. & Co., 19 Waterloo st
Barber, F. W., 474 Gt Western rd
Bertram, Peter, & Sons, 335 Argyle
Bow, Wm. (Bow's Emporium), 61
to 71 High st. corner of Bell st
Boyd, Haddow, & Co., 64 West
Howard st
Boyd, R. W., 81 London rd
Brownlie, Jane S. 206 Dumbarton
Burns, Crawford & Co., 84 Miller
Burns, Geo. 6 Wellington arcade
Campbell, Paul, & Sons, brackets,
glove and trinket boxes, fitted.
companions, &c , Silvergrove
Works, Silvergrove st
Conimcher, M., 6 & 59 Argyle arc
Craddock, J. C. B. 489 Sauchiehall
St. and 21 Argyle arcade
Craig, Alex. 1149 Pollokshaws rd
Creighton, A 40 Union st
Dickson, Lament & Co. 34 Great-
Clyde st

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