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Dove, James & Thomas A., 15-23
St Andrew's sq
Dove, John, 31-33 St. Andrew
St. and St. Andrevsr sq
Durie, James, 415 Gallowgate
Elliot, Jessie, 144 Dumbarton rd
Findlay, Jas. H. hardware, 148 St.
George's road
Cage, M. & Co. 73 Bell st. city-
Harrington, J. P. Limtd. Hanover
Henderson, Francis, 70 Candle-
riggs ; telegrams, " Raffia."
Hillier, F. A. G. & Co. 7 York st
Eislop, M., 31 Argyle arcade
Holliday, Jas., 295 Buchanan st
Kerr, Alex. 278 J St Vincent st
Kirkpatrick, Hugh, 14 Queen st
Lockhait & Smith, 50 Argyle ar
Lorimer & Moyes, 5G Howard st
Love, J. H. 35 Monkland st
Lyons, H. L, 24 Queen st
M'Gregor, David A. 4 Alexandra
ten Lenzie
M'llvean, A. 7G Virginia st
M'Kean & Frame, 73 Brunswick
M'Nab, Jas. 54 Miller st
Malcolm, Ales. & Co. 34 Ann st.
Marr, Downie & Co. 57 Ingram st
Marshall, Macmillaa & Co., 17
Oswald st
Miller, John, stationery, 116 Een-
field st
NicoIsoD, E. S. 292 Dumbarton rd
Orr, Francis, & Sons, 131, 133
Eenfield street
Paterson & Mather, 5G Jamaica
Eattray, Chas. & Co. 14 to 20
Eankin, R. 125 George st
Eeid & Todd (leather, ivory, and
silver), 8 Renfield st. 56 Gordon
St. 56 Glassford st. and 73
Wilson st
Beis, Chas. L. & Co. 2, 4 Jamaica
St. and 209, 211 Argyle st
Kitchie, Wm. & Sons, 1 National
Bank buildings, Queen st
Eoss, D. & Co. 63 N. Frederick
Smith & Lockhart, 27 Argyle
The British and Foreign Novelty
Stores, 50 Argjle st. and 3
Miller st
Thompson, Eobt. B. & Co. bags,
purses, pocket books, cigar cases,
&c. 54 West Howard st
Todd, Cunningham & Petrie, 2
Antigua pi. Nelson st. city
Wishart, Eobt. 283 Paisley rd
Collins, Wm. Sons, & Co. Ltd. 139
Stirling road
Craddock, John C.B., 489 Sauchie-
hall st
Creighton, A. 40 Union st
Hislop, M, 31, 32 Argyle arcade
Kirkpatrick, Hugh, 14 Queen st
Anderson, Jas. & Co. ; office, 124
St. Vincent st; worts, Surrey st.
Glasgow, Letham Mill, Arbroath,
and Kilmorich Mill, Ballinluig
Coupar Grange Farina Co. 315 St.
Vincent st
Inglis & WulfF, 33 Ann st
M'Kinnon, Thos. & Co. agents,
2 Oswald st
Mulder & van der Briele, 93 Hope
Schneider, C. & Co. 33 Eenfield st
Baird, Andrew, Bleikla Aiken-
head, Catbcart
Baird, Wm. Stobhill, Springburn
Buntain, D. Cockmuir, Broomfield
rd. Springburn
Fulton, Jas., Balshagray, Partick
Johnston, H. F. Balornoch, Spring-
Meikle, John, Barmulloch,Springb.
Prentice, Wm. Easttield Farm
Semple, John, Balgray farm, Kel-
Steven, Allan, Clincart, Mount
Stewart, Thos. Balgray Farm,
(see veteeinaey surgeons.)
British Hair Co, Ltd. 14 Queen
Copland, Thomas, 14 Bridge st
Edgar & Crerar, 18 Glassford st
Gilchrist & Cameron, 52 Argyle arc
Haldane, Jas. & Co. 39 Cavendish
M'Crae, E. & J. 13 Queen street
Niven & Craig, Westburn Factory,
Eoss & Wallace, 70 Union st
Walton & Co. ; factory, 23 St.
Andrews square ; warehouse, 22
Ann street, city
Westrop, E. (aniticial), 35 Buch-
anan st
Wylie & Lochhead, Limtd., 45
Buchanan st.; works, Kent rd
Bain,W. B. & J. (Row's feedwater
heaters and evaporators), 65
Waterloo st
Biggar & Hendry, 84 Maxwell st
Burnet & Co. (Lindsay), Moore
Park Works, Helen st. Govan
Carruthers, J. H. & Co. Hamilton
st. Polmadie
Clarkson & Beckitt (sole makers
" Excelsior " feedwater heater),
Maryhill Engine Wks. Maryhill;
telephone No. 7
Clarkson Bros., sole makers of the
" Champion" feed-water heater,
8 to 12 Little Hamilton street
and 95 High John street
Davie, Jas. 69 Albert dr. Cross-
hill. — See Adv. in App.
Murrie, James, & Co. 12 to 18
Houldswoith st
Pyle, Jas. & Go. (patentees Clutha
heater), 38 Elliot street
Richardson, T. & Sons Ld. Hartle-
pool (Morrison's Patent Evapo-
rator and Feed-water Heater) ;
repres. J. A. Eudd, 30 Hope st
Smillie & Robertson, 71 Lancefield
Smillie, Samuel, 71 Lancefield st
Smith, A. (compactum specialities)
12 York st
Sterne, L. & Co. (Ltd.), The Crown
Iron Works, 15 6 N. Woodside rd;
London office, 2 Victoria Man-
sions, Westminster, S.W.
Tangyes, Limited, 96, 98 Hope st
Weir, G. & J. Ltd. Holm Foundry,
Watson, Henry & Sons, Newcastle-
on-Tyne; agents, Morris, War-
den & Co. 25 Gordon st
Anderson, D. & Son (Limited),
Belfast,116 and 118 Broomielaw
Bells' Asbestos Co. Ltd. 6 Main st.
Blair, Geo. 38 Queen street
Borland, Wm. & Co. Croy place,
Maxwell street
Braby, Frederick, & Co. (Limtd.),
47 & 49 St. Enoch square;
Eclipse works, Petershill rd.
Briggs, Thomas, 187 East George
Chambling, John, 603 Garscube rd
Clyde Felt & Composition Co. 64
Darnley st. Pollokshields
Ccoper, Wm. 33 Virginia st
Croggon & Co. Ltd., roofing, ships*
sheathing, foundation and hair
felts, 7 John st
Dalziel & Co. (roofing, sarking, and
foundation tarred felts), 8 Both-
well st
Davidson, C. & Sons, Ltd. (patent
Thistle roofing, sarking tarred
felts, and patent cedar carpet
felt), 59, 61, 63 St. Enoch sq
Dobbie, W. L. & Co. (sole agts. for
J. Rogers, Belfast), roofing, sark-
ing, sheathing, inodorous foun-
dation, and dry hair felts, felt
varnish (large stock all kinds
kept), 101 Waterloo street

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