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Thompson, Roht. B. & Co. straw
enveloiies, 47 E. Howard st
Walton, J-.raes, & Co., 51 Coch-
rane street
Watson, John, & Co. 35 Gordon st
Wilson, Fred. F. & Arthur,
speciality, odd sizes sample
pockets and envelopes as used
by pbototjraphers, 219 George
st, opposite Aiidersoii's College
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co. 336 St.
Vincent, st
Beveridge, A.& Co. 20 Surrey st,8.s.
Cameron, Herriot, & Co. 133 Brook
St. Mile-end
Cummock, John (gold medalist),
45 RiipxTOork lane
Hannah, Saml. & Co. 189 Ruther-
glen road
Maclachlan, Peter, & Co. 134 St.
Vincenn st
Montgomery & Co. Ltd. 361 Dum-
barton rd. Part'ck
Paterson, K. & Sons, 113 to 141
Greendyke street and 75 to 81
Charloite street
Donald, Jas. 636 Si^ringbarn road
Kirkwood, Ohas. 67 W. Regent st
Kirkwood, John, & Sons, 67 West
Regent st.; telegraphic, " Kirk-
woods;" telephone No. 3-^89
Lawson, John, 175 W. G-orge st
Mayberiy, Hugh, 173 St Vincent
Morrison. Hugh, 49 Jamaica st
Paton, John, ■<?99 Shields road
Eitchie, Uavid, Drumpellier, Coat-
Templeton, G. J & W. 113 West
Eegen t st
The Siobcross Es'ate Co. Ltd.
Jno. M ' Dotigall, 8 Minerva st
Walker, Eraser & Steele, 74 Bath
Adam, Thos. & Co. 31 Bath street
, and 12 Hatti lane
African (The) Trading Co. 35
. Robertson st
Austin, Win. & Macdonald (gar-
den flower pots an I all kinds of
horticultura( ware), Wellington
Pottery, 50 Wesleyan st
Ballantyne, George, & Son (Scotch
whisky) 100 Union st
Ballardie, Holden & Co. Clyde
Work-i, Boundary st. Liverpool
Bannockbnrn Scotch Wtiisky Co.
343 St. Vincent st
Barrie, G. & P. (aerated water, non-
intoxica ing bittei beerandstout,
&c.), Ota^o st. Hillhead
Blackwood & Lamb, India-rubber,
asbestos, oils, paints, hardware,
&c., 41 Ann st. city
Bladen & Co. (iron and steel), 198
St Vincent st
Blanch, Hermanns, metals, paints,
and bardwarcvs; John Scott, jr.
63 Waterloo st
Brown, Rntit. Ltd. Scotch whisky,
107 Holm st
BryCH & RuitipfF(chemicals met'sls,
oils, &o.) 223 W. G-orse street
Buohnnaii, Jatne-^, & Cn. (Sc tch
whi-ky), 45 Hops st ; bead office
20 B'ickleisbury, Lond-.n, E.G.
Burns, Crawford & Co. 84 Miller
Cameron, John B. & Co. barees
ill pieces and machinery, 111
Union st
Campbel), Hugh, 35 Robertson st
Campbell Jolin M. & Son, 154 St.
Vincent st
Cartmell, J. Monkhouse, 87 Max-
well Si
Clyde Pottery Co. Greenock (earth-
enware and sanita'y wire); ex-
poi-t age it-:, W. L. Dobbio & Co.
101 Waterloo st
Clyde Rubber VVorks Co Ltd.
India-rubber and asbestos goods,
Clyde St. Port-Dundas ; tele-
phone Ni). 27; town ware-
house, 76 Br-iomielaw; tele-
phone No. 4928.
Copland & Co. (Canadian), 146
West Regei.t »t
Cr<iig & Rose (p«ints, oils, and
varnishes), 85 89 Cadogan st.
and at London, Edinburgh, and
Crailsheim & Herman, 2 W. Regent
De Mattos & Co. 62 St. Vincent st
Deans, Jas. G. (glass), 59 Robert-
son .^trett
Dickson, J. & J. & Co. 54, 56
Brown st. Broomielaw
Dickson, Win. (sieel trunks) 186-
1H8 Aldert st
Dobbie, W. L & Co. (sole agents
for -John Rogers, Belfast), wire
clo'h, wire work, and riddles,
tarred and hair felts, perforated
zinc, grease, tallow, and oils,
" Welcome" soap; export agents
fur (^l)de Pottery Co. Greenock,
earthenware all kinds, sanitary
ware, 101 Wat-rino st
Downie, R. M. & Co. 104 West
George st
Dyiiiock, J. S. & Co. (coal), 95
Bath st
Ferguson, Alex. & Co. whisky &
other liquors, 106, 108 West
Regent ft
Ferguson, John, & Sons (wholesale
and export brush manufacturers)
5 1 York st
Garroway, R. &. J. 58 Buchanan
Gow, Watson & Co. (general), 81
Buchanan st. and 9 Gordon st
Hainiltnn, Claud, Ltl. electrical
apparatu-i, 247 St. Vincent st
Heil broil, David, Scotch whisky, 72
Baih st
Henderson, John, & Son, Ltd.,
ariesian well tioring and ii.ineral
prisppctina plant, (Teneral ter-"
minus. Paisley road toll
Hendry Brothers, 79 and 80 Great
Clyde st
Hilk'Oit, Roht. & Sons (whisky),
39 Stockwell st "
Hird, Hastie & Co. oils, paints,
varnisbes, greases, &c.; also coal
tar, pi'ch, creosote oil, and chemi-
cals, Kinning Park Woiks
Hunter, J hn & Co. (coal, &c.),
45 West Nile st
Kidston, A. G. & Co. (chemicals,
metals, oils, &c.), 81 Great Clyde
Kirkwood & Co., coal, 68 B-ith sfc
Leiteh, Archibald A. wire cloths,
riddles, &c. 113 Siockvvell st.;
works, Goosedubi
Livingston, G. B. & Co. 5 Oswald
M'Coard, Wm. & Son (cleaning
wa^te mfrs., sponge cloths, &c.,
goods press packed forsbipment),
15 to "H Kast Nelstm st. east
end of Gal'owgate. Telegrams,
" Maccnafd, Glasgow;" tele-
phone, No. 2559 — See Advt. in
Macdermott, J. B. 11 Bothwell
MacKay, A. & B. Scotch whisky,
."iOl Sanchiehall st
M-Kie, Speirs & Co. 28 R-nfield st
M'Kinnnn, R. Cowan, agent for
colonial and foreign houses, 102
Bath st
Miclacblan, G. & J. whisky, 25,
27 Sc Enoch sq
M'Lachlan, Peter & Co. chemicals,
metal ■», oils, &c. pumicestone,
roHenstone, rale, beeswax, car-
bolic, plumbago, &c. 134 St.
Vincent st
M'Lellan, Lewis & John, oils, &c.,
65, 67 and 130 Port-Dundas rd
M'Naughton Bros, pipes, &c. 79
St. Georgn's pi
Marshall, Robt. cannel coal, 97
Wellington st
Mavor & Coulbon, Ltd. (electrical
apparatus and engineering ma-
terial), 47 Kins st, Mile- end
Melling, .\lelling & Co.. 11 Both-
well st
Millar & Lang, Christmas cards,
5 and 7 Rubertson st
Miller, John, stationery, 116 Ren-
field st

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