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Archd. Stewart, Esq., president; Robert Brownlee,
junior, Esq., vice-president; John Tayler, Esq.,
^-o^. treasurer; Gilbert Tliomson, Esq., lion, vice-
treasurer ; Thos. Menzies, John Stewart, William
Allan, William Wilson, G. C. Young, John
Glaister, M.D., P. H. Aikman, C.A., James Alex-
ander, Robert Brownlee, James Laing, and James
Masterton, directors ; C. B. Aikman & Thomson,
writers, 208 West George Street, secretaries; George
Smith, 67 West Nile Street, officer.
This society was instituted in 1785, and now
possesses a capital of £1988. Its members, who
must be those connected by birth, parentage, or
marriage with one of the Upper Wards of Lanark-
shire parishes, or have resided therein for ten years,
are entitled to 8s. per week when confined to bed ;
5s. per week when unable to attend their employ-
ment ; and 3s. per week when superannuated. After
being oa the roll of members for seven years, these
amounts are increased to 10s. 6d., 7s., and 3s. 6d.
per week, respectively; and the money so bestowed last
year amounted to £164 2s. 7d. The entry-money is
10s. 6d., and the quarterly payments range from
2s. Id. at 15, to 2s. lO^d. at 40 years of age.
Since the work began, thirty years ago, over
10,000 children have passed through these homes, of
which number about 4000 have gone to Canada, and
about the same number have been settled in this
country. In addition to these, thousands of other
needy ones have been temporarily helped and advised
in connection with the mission.
The Canadian Distributing Home in connection
with above is at Brockville, Ontario. There are
-now over 1200 children and young people from
one year old and upwards, from all parts of Scot-
land, under Mr. Quarrier's care in the Homes at
Bridge of Weir and Glasgow, which, with 80 workers,
makes a total of nearly 1300. It takes about £50
a day to meet current expenses. No destitute,
fatherless, or orphan child from any part of the
country is ever refused admission. No one is called on
for subscriptions. Donations and all correspondence
should be sent to Mr. Wm. Quarrier, City Home,
James ]\Iorrison Street, Glasgow ; or Orphan Homes of
Scotland, Bridge of Weir.
Mrs. Buchanan, Antermony House, Milton of
Campsie, president ; Mrs. Scott, Clippens House, and
Miss King, 17 Blythswood Square, vice-presidents;
Miss M'Ewen, 11 Park Terrace, treasurer; Mrs.
Candlish, 5 Ashton Terrace, Hillhead, and Miss A.
Maclehose, joint secretaries; John M. Macleod, Esq.,
auditor. This society has for its object the relief of
"widows and unmarried women above 60 years of
age. Before receiving assistance they are visited at
their houses. Any person subscribing 20s., or two
subscribers of 10s. each, are entitled to recommend
a pensioner. Twenty ladies act as visitors, who, with
the office-bearers, meet on the first Wednesday of
every month, in the Religious Institution Rooms.
(Enrolled under the Friendly Societies' Act, 1875).
Office-bearers — trustees. Sir John Neilson Cuth-
bertson, J. P., merchant, W. W. W. Reid, J.P.,
manager Alliance Assurance Co., and Robt. Gourlay,
J. P., manager Bank of Scotland; directors, Ebenezer
Paton (chairman), Henry John Stewart (vice-chair-
man), John Mather, George Reid Husband, Robert
Mickel, Julian J. Verel, Thomas F. Stewart, Jas. L.
Tosh, and Allan W. Baird ; auditors, James Mair
Davies and Thomson M'Lintock, chartered account-
ants; actuary, Ninian Glen, C.A. ; solicitors, John
Steuart and Gillies ; medical officers, Alex. Morton,
M.A., M.D., and Wm. CuUen, M.B., CM. ; secretary,
Robert Tosh, C.A.
Instituted to secure to its qualified members, ac-
cording to the amount contributed quarterly, the
following benefits, which may be enrolled for either
singly or collectively, videlicet : — (1) Aliment of 10s.
or of 20s. per week during sickness or disablement from
accident until attaining the age of 70 years; (2)
annuity of £10 or of £20 on reaching that age; and
(3) a payment of assurance mouey of £10 or of £20
at death. Accumulated funds wholly invested in
Government Securities. Entry money (including
medical officer's examination fee), £1 Is. No annual
charge for management. Registered office, 79 West
Regent Street, Glasgow.
President, Lady Campbell of Garscube ; secretary,
Miss M'Clure, 11 Montgomerie Crescent; honorary
secretary, Robert Gourlay, Bank of Scotland ; hou.
treasurer, John E. Watson, C.A., 149 St. Vincent St.
Object : to supply with warm and sufficient under-
clothing indigent patients who are so far restored to
health as to be able to leave the hospital and return
to their own homes. The Society also helps to
supply artificial limbs and other surgical appliances,
the expense of which places them beyond the reach
of the very poor.
Patron, The Earl of Glasgow; directors, Geo. Lowe,
Esq., Chas. C. Mowbray, Esq. ; treasurer, F. D. Rait,
Esq., 34 Buchanan St. ; secy., Henry Ferry, Esq.,
89 Bath Street; solicitor, James Muirhead, Esq.,
54 West Nile Street ; honorary physician, Dr. Wood
The society was instituted in the year 1844, and
has for its objects the assistance of English people in
poor circumstances, resident in Scotland, more espe-
cially the assisting the return to England of families
no longer able or likely to obtain maintenance else-
where. The membership consists of Englishmen, or
the children of English parents or parent, or the
husbands of English wives, and in order to qualify
for membership, a donation of not less than £3 3s.,
or an annual subscription of not less than 10s. 6d.
is necessary. The rules provide for an annual
meeting of the society being held on St. George's
Day, when the office-bearers for the ensuing year are
elected. Since its institution, the society has been
the means of doing much good, and the accumulated
funds now amount to between £700 and £800.

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