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250 Renfrew Street.
The objects of this Institution are to train or cause
to be trained women of high cliaracter for the work
of nursing the sick, and to employ them, either in the
Home or in private families; to provide and maintain
premises for the resident officials, the servants of the
Institution, and the nurses, and also for the purposes
of a private hospital for paying patients; and to do
all such other things as are or shall at the time be
deemed conducive to the encouragement or attainment
of the above objects or any of them. The Home in Ren-
frew Street has been so arranged as to provide suitable
accommodation for the ladies in charge and for 51
nurses, and 19 rooms for private patients, and 2 wards
with beds for 7 patients, and child's cribs, operating
room, nurses' dining room, servants' rooms, sewing
room, linen room, committee room, kitchen and laundry
accommodation, store room, nurses' box room, lava-
tories, and other necessary conveniences. Persons
desirous of being admitted into the Home can receive
board, lodging, medical attendance, and nursing,
either in private rooms, or in the general wards, on
terms which may be learned by applying to the lady
superintendent; and they may be attended either by
the physicians and surgeons attached to the Institu-
tion, or by their own medical advisers. In the latter
case, however, the fees of the medical advisers form
an additional charge. Persons suffering from infec-
tious disorders are not admitted into the Home, but
may be attended at their private residences by nurses
trained in the Institution. The charge for nurses
sent out to wait in private families varies according
to the nature of the case, and may also be ascertained
by applying to the lady superintendent.
Directors— J. C. Alston, Prof. T. M'Call Anderson,
Thos. Binnie, G. A. Burns, Dr. Hector C. Cameron,
Alexander A. Cuthbert, Robt. Gourlay, Douglas M.
Hannay, Arthur Hart, J. E. Kay, Paul Rottenburg, R.
Hope Robertson, Jas. Templeton, Wm. Wilson, John B.
Wiugate. Medical officers — Prof. G. Buchanan and
Dr. Hector C. Cameron, consulting surgeons ; Prof.
W. T. Gairdner and Prof. M'Call Anderson, consult-
ing physicians; William Maclennan, M.D., A. Yf.
Russell, M.B., CM., and D. Macartney, M.D.,
visiting physicians and surgeons. Hon. lady super-
intendent. Miss IM'Alpin, 250 Renfrew street; secre-
taries, Messrs. Moir and Forbes, 146 Buchanan st. ;
lion, treasurer, Robert Goui'lay, Esc[., Bank of Scot-
The principal object of this society, the qualifica-
tion for membership of which consists of a small sum
of entry-money, is to afford relief to persons in indi-
gent circumstances, natives, or widows of natives of
Perthshire, and their children resident in Glasgow
and the neighbourhood, or passing through the city
unexpectedly falling into distress.
James Clark Bunten, Esq., of Dunalastair, patron ;
.Tames Macgregor Malloch, president; Lieut.-CoL
John M'Farlane, late president; George Ferguson,
David Richmond, Robert Sorley, James Blair, John
Smeaton, James Menzies, Thomas M'Arly, Alexander
M'DJarmid, Thos. A. Fergusson, John Scott, James
Crichton, and W. D. Main, directors; Geo. Gray and
Geo. Gray, jun., writers, joint secretaries and trea-
surers., 72 Hutcheson Street.
(Founded by the late Mary 0. Higginbotham, 1875.)
Under the patronage of H.R.H. the Princess Louise.
The object of this association is to provide trained
and experienced women of high character as district
nurses, to attend the sick poor in their own homes,
and to provide, if it be thought advisable, the sick
poor with food, medicine, surgical appliances, clothing,
bedding, or change of residence, either gratuitously
or otherwise. A staff of medical, surgical, and fever
nurses is also kept for those who are able to pay for
their services.
Consulting-surgeon, Professor George Buchanan ;
consulting-physician, Prof. M'Call Anderson ; con-
sulting surgeon and physician for the out-door de-
partment. Dr. Lees ; dental surgeon, Dr. J. Cowan
Woodbuni ; surgeon. Dr. H. C. Cameron ; physician,
Dr. J. Lindsay Steven; auditors, M'Clelland, Mac-
kinnon & Co., C. A. ; superintendent. Miss AVood ;
district superintendent, Miss Berwick,; treasurer and
secretary, D. S. Carson, Esq., C.A., 209 West George
Street. Collector for city, Walter Stewart, 65 Bath
St. Institution, 218 Bath St.
Office — 65 West Regent Street.
George Silcox (Alex. Bryce & Co."), president;
John Spence (J. & T. Gilfillan & Co.), vice-president;
James M'Fadzean, Jas. S. JI'Gill, James C. Smith,
Robt. M'Luckie, A. W. Forbes, G. Smith Gait, Robt.
Stewart, James Tasker, John Denholm, John Ritchie,
W. A. Sloan, J. M. Macmillan, committee of manage-
ment; John Pirie, M.D., 26 Elmbank Crescent,
surgeon; William Hart, jun., chartered accountant,
65 West Regent Street, manager.
This society is established to provide, at moderate
rates of premium, for the relief of members during
sickness or other infirmity, and for a sum to be paid
at death. The benefits are, 20 s. per week during
sickness and £10 at death. Copies of rules and
forms of application may be had from the manager or
any of the oiSce-bearers.
Patrons — His Grace the Duke of Argyll, His Grace
the Duke of Athole, His Grace the Duke of Montrose,
the Marquis of Bute, the Earl of Perth, the Earl of
Dunmore, the Earl of Breadalbane, Sir M. R. S.
Stewart, Bart.; the Hon. Captain Drummond; C.
Macpherson, A. D. Mackintosh, Esq., of Iklacldntosh,
D. Cameron of Lochiel, &c. Chief, the M.-irquess
of Tullibardine ; president, Sir John Stirling Max-
well, Bart. ; vice-pres., J. R. Reid, Esq. ; hon. treas.,
Patrick Graham, C.A., 212 West George Street;
hon. secretary, C. M. WiUiamson, 194 "West George
The objects of the society are — (1) the preserva-
tion of the language, literature, music, poetry, dress,
antiquities, and athletic games of the Highlanders of
Scotland ; (2) to found bursaries, or make annual or
other grants of money in aid of diligent or distin-
guished students, natives or sons of natives of the
Highlands of Scotland ; and (3) the affording tempo-
rary aid to deserving and destitute persons from the
Highlands in Glasgow.

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