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Instituted 1761.
Councillor John Cassells, president ; Bailie Cars-
â– well, vice-president; J. Anderson M'Chlery, 179 West
George Street, treasurer; J. Graham Girvan, 186 W.
George St., secy.
This is a charitable society — I. For the relief of
persons in reduced or destitute circumstances, but
not receiving parochial relief, in the order of prece-
dence following : — (1) Members of the society ; (2)
the widows, sisters, brothers, or descendants of
members; (3) natives of Ayrshire resident in Glasgow.
II. For the education of children resident in Glasgow,
of existing or deceased members, or of children them-
selves natives or children of natives of Ayrshire ; and
III. For assisting by bursaries young men wishing
to pursue their studies in the University of Glasgow,
who are either descendants of members, or natives
of Ayrshire, or sons of natives resident in Glasgow.
All persons may become members who are natives
of Ayrshire, or have an interest in the county by
property, business, or residence, or are connected
by marriage or relationship with members, or with
persons qualified to be members. Entry money,
£3 3s., and no further payment is required.
237 George Street.
Hon. presidents, the Right Hon. the Earl of Mar
and Kellie, the Right Hon. the Earl of Rosslyn, the
Eight Hon. Lord Euthven ; presidents, Sir Isaac Pit-
man, G. A. L. Whitelaw, Esq., M.P., William White-
law, Esq., M.P. ; vice-presidents, M. W. Robertson,
Esq., Robert Sharp, Esq., James Swan, Esq. ; super-
intendent, A. J. Currie, M.D., Cinn. ; assistant
superintendent, Geo. Kobertson, M.B., CM. ; treas.,
Mr. Andrew Brock, 254 St George's Koad; secretary,
Mr. H. S. Clement, 141 West George Street; janitor,
Hugh MacmiUan.
Attendance daily from 11 to 12 and 7 to 8 p.m.
Objects. — The reclamation of inebriates, and con-
verting them as far as possible into good and useful
members of society by (a) material or physical treat-
ment, embracing any or every means, medical or
otherwise, shown to be advantageous ; (6) moral or
spiritual treatment where applicable. All subscribers
of ten shillings annually, or donors of £5 in one sum,
are entitled to one vote at the annual general meeting.
Every subscriber of £2 annuallj', or donor of £30,
has the privilege of recommending one deserving per-
son annually for free treatment.
OflSce-bearers for the year, from September, 1894,
to September, 1895: — Deacon, John S. Mair, 55
Glassford Street ; collector, M. Pearce Campbell, 137
Ingram Street ; late deacon, James Waddel : late
collector, Adam White ; master court, John Miller,
John Knos, John B. Wingate, Peter Steven, Angus
Mitchell, James Wilson, George Younger, Robert
Gourlay, Thomas Brown, James A. Duncan, Robert
F. Alesander, and John G. Couper ; Wm. MacLean
(of MacLean, Fyfe, & MacLean), writer, 115 St.
Vincent Street, clerk ; Thos. O'May, 2 St. Andrew's
Square, officer.
Patron, His Grace the Duke of Montrose ; The Hon.
the Lord Provost, president ; Sir D. C. Buchanan,
K.C.B., vice-president; Brig.-General Sir Donald
Matheson, K.C.B., vice-president and hon. treasiurer;
H. F. Lowndes, Esq., secretary; and Mr. James
Watson, superintendent. Office, 28 Bath Street.
The object of this society is to prevent by every
legitimate means cruelty to animals. It is supported
by voluntary contributions, and was established in
1856. The cordial co-operation of all classes of the
community is hopefully solicited. It is desired thai
every person who witnesses the perpetration of anj
cruelty towards animals should endeavour to ascertain
correctly the name and residence of the offender, and
communicate the same to the superintendent, when
the matter shall receive immediate and careful attention,
Sums of 2s. 6d. and upwards appear with sub-
scribers' names and addresses in the annual report
Legacies and donations are gratefully received and
This endowment is constituted under the scheme o;
the Educational Endowments (Scotland) Act, 188^
as extended by the Local Government (Scotland) Act
1889, and the free income is applied in awarding
free scholarships, industrial training bursaries, highei
education bursaries, advanced evening class scholar-
ships, and university bursaries, and in certah
circumstances for the material assistance of childrei
educated under the scheme. The children selectei
must reside in the county of the city of Glas
gow or the counties of Lanark or Stirling, an(
are required to attend a public or state - aidei
school within said counties, and must be "orphan
or fatherless, or children whose parents or relations
not being in receipt of parochial relief, are unable t(
clothe, educate, and maintain them, and ought not
in the opinion of the governors, to be required b
apply to the parochial board for such aid, providet
always that no grants shall be given where the tota
income of the parents exceeds £70 per annum.:
Factor, Archd. Foulds, 74 Bath street ; clerk, Jamel
Alexander, 194 West George street ; superintendentf
Wm. Mitchell, 134 Wellington street. ;
Members of this society must bear the name
Brown, or be connected with persons of that nam(
as husbands, or sons, or sons-in-law, or grandsoni
Each entrant shall contribute at least two guinei
on becoming a member, but a larger contributiol
may be given by any one so disposed. Donations are
received from persons of any name, and every contri-
butor of one guinea, at least, shall be considered an
honorary member. The annual General Meeting is
held on the second Thursday of March; Managers'
meetings on the first Thursday of March, June,
Sep., and Dec. The annual produce of the capital
stock is from time to time applied towards relieving
necessitous members, or their widows or children, ann
may be employed in placing the children of indigent
members at trades or schools.
Secretary, William MacLean (of MacLean, Fyfe,
& MacLean), writer, 115 St, Vincent St.

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