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Creams in Glasses. Chan-
tilly and Rock Sugar Bas-
kets. Caromelled Oranges,
Trifles in every variety.
Supper Rolls, &e., &c.
Pine- apple, Noyeau,
Vauiila,Strawberry. Rasp-
berry. Water Ices sent
out in shapes, or freezers.
Preserved, dried, & chrys-
tallized fruit for Desert.
Apricots, Green Gages,
Pears, Peaches, Gingers,
Wines, Spirits, Porter, Al
of Every
Lemons, Oranges, Apri-
cot knots. Cherries in
Brandy, and a great var-
iety of Bon Bons, Crack-
ers, and Mottoes.
A Stock of Barclay's
best Wax Candles, at 23.
4d. ; Sperm do., at 2s. ; &
Composite do., at Is. Car-
riage and Gig Wax Lights,
Wax Tapers ; Wax Bed-
room Lights to burn 6, 8
and 10 hours.
Lazenby's Celebrated
Pickles and Sauces.
es, Sec, Poultry, and Game
Dinners^ RoutSj Sails, Suppers, Banquets^ and Soirees
An Experienced Man-Cook kept for Dinners, &c.
Kilmarnock, February, 1846.
au() Juitncataphic
^/TOST respectfully intimates that he has opened that
1?1. Shop, No. 77 KING STREET, nearly opposite the
I'ost Office, in which he will carry on the above Busi-
ness in all its departments,
T. B. M. having had considerable experience in the
above line, trusts that by strict attention to Business, and
Moderate Charges, to merit public support.
KiLWAHNOCK, Veb., 1848.

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