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Appendix, 101
North America. See United States and British
North America.
Norway and Sweden. See Northern States of
Nova Scotia. See British North America.
Port Phillip. Letters are despatched on the last
day of each month by Packet to Sidney, (whence there
is an Overland Post to Port Phillip,) Is. not exceeding
^ oz., and so on. Or specially so addressed may be
sent by " Private Ship," 8d. not exceeding 3^ oz., and
so on. All Letters must be paid. See Australia.
Newspapers, free by Packet; by Private Ship Id. each,
Singapore, see India (East.)
South AusrALIA, see Australia.
Southern Italy, see Italy, (Southern.)
Spain, Mails made up on the mornings of the 7th,
17th and 27th of every month, unless those dates fall on
a Sunday, and then on the following morning, and des-
patched, by Southampton, 2s. 2d. not exceeding ^ og.,
and so on. Letters may be sent daily by Calais, lOd.
under ^ oz., ]s. 3d, under J oz., 2s. Id. under f oz ,
2s. 6d, under 1 oz , 3s. 9d. under 11 oz., and so on.
By either route the Postage must be paid.
Swan River, see Australia.
Sweden and Norway, see Northern States of
Sydney, Mails despatched from London by sailing

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