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1 00 jippendix.
— ... . . i— — — — — -.-^ — — fl iiii-mriHi M
Madeira. Letters which, must be paid, Is. 9d. not
exceeding % oz. and so on, forwarded on the mornings
of the 7th, 17th, and 27th of each month, unless those
dates should fall on a Sunday, and then on the follow^
ing morning, bj Lisbon ; first Tuesday in every month
by Brazil Mail, Is. lOd. (from Falmouth Is. 8d.) not
exceeding ■!• o« , and so on ; and on the mornings of the
2nd and i7th, (or in the event of the 2nd falling on a
Sunday, on the evening of the 1st, or if the 17th fall on
a Sunday on the- morning of the 18th) day of every
month, by Southampton by West India Mail, at the
same rates.
2iewspapers, 2d. each,
Newfoundland. See British North America.
New South Wales. See Sydney and Australia.
New Zealand. See Australia.
Northern States of Europe. (Forwarded
through the Office of Tour and Taxis,) through France,
daily, Brunswick ; Denmark ; Hanover ; Mecklenburg^
Schwerin; Mecklenburg- Strelitz ; Oldenburg ; Saxony;
Sweden and Norway. May be sent unpaid or paid to
destination. Is.' 8d. under ]{ oz., 2s. lid. under ^ oz.,
4s. 7d. under f oz., 5s. lOd. under 1 oz., 7s. lid. under
li oz. Letters are forwarded by Packet to Hamburg,
every Tuesday and Friday, postage from London, is. 8d.
not exceeding 34 oz. ; from any other place Is. lOd,
not exceeding the % oz. ; or via Belgium daily, or via
Holland on the mornings of Wednesday and Saturday,
postage 8d. not exceeding 34 cz , Is. 4d. not exceeding
1 oz., and so on. Those intended to pass by France,
Belgium, or Holland, should be so directed.
Newspapers, Denmark, free, by Hamburgh ; other
states 2d. eajeh.

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