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} 02 Appendix,
Packets on the first day of every month, unless that
should happen on a Sunday, and then the day following.
Postage, (which must be paid in advance,) Is. not ex-
ceeding i cz ; and letters, if specially so directed, may
be sent " by Private Ship," 85. not exceeding -J oz., and
so on. Or by India, if specially addressed, postage, by
Marseilles, under I oz., 2s. 2d. under \ oz., 2s, 7d. un-
der I" oz , 4s. 9d. under 1 oz„ 5s. 2d. under \i ors.,
9s. Id. ; by Southampton, under | oz., Is. 4d. under 1
oz., 2s. 8d. above 1 oz. 5s. 4d., and so on.
Newspapers, free by Packet : by Private Ship, one
penny each; by Marseilles, 5d. ; by Southampton, 2d.,
Tyrol, ^Northern and Southern,) See Austria.
United States. Mails, by which the Letters must
be paid, despatched by Steam Packets from Liverpool
on the 3rd and 18th of each month, except in Dec. Jan.
Feb. March, then on the 3rd only; Is. not e.xceeding
^ oz , and so on. Letters addressed " by Private Ship'*
may also be despatched through the Ship Letter Office,
by any outward bound Vessel. Postage 8d. not ex-
ceeding ^ oz.
Newspapers f 2d. each.
Van Diemen's Land. See Australia.
West Indies, (British.) Except for Bahamas and
Bermuda, the Mails are despatched on the mornings of
the 2nd and IT^h, (or, in the event of thp 2nd falling on
a Sunday, on the evening of the 1st, or if the 17th fall
on a Sunday, on the morning of the 18th) of every month,
by Southampton, Is. not exceeding -^ oz., and so on,
paid or unpaid. To Jamaica (the Packet Port, Kings-
ton, excepted) and Berbice, the postage is Is. 2d. not

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