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John Page, Upper Castlehill
B. D. Shennan, 26 Barnton st
George Smart, 37 Cowane st
Gabriel Smith, 63 King st
Miss Stoddart, 60 Port st
Miss Walker, 48 Arcade
William Wilson, 1 Viewfield place
Brewers and Maltsters.
Peter Burden's Trustees, Irvine place
Andrew Colquhoun, 29 Burghmuir
James Duncan, 29 Broad st
Brick and Tile Maker.
John Govan, Cornton Brick Works
Office — Wallace st
Carriers, Carters and Contractors.
Cowan & Co., KB. Railway-
James Mills, Weaver Row, St Ninians
Mrs M'Farlane, Springkerse
D. M'Kerracher, Cal. Railway station ;
House — Raploch Farm
Muir, Son & Patton, Cal. Ry. station
James Taylor, St Ninians
Robert Watt, 29 Spittal st
Wordie & Co., Caledonian Railway
Stirling & Bridge of Allan Tramways
Company (Secretary, Mr John Peat,
Bridge of Allan); Stirling agent, Mr
W. Somerville, 2 Barnton st
! John Robertson, 14 Orchard place ;
Bridge of Allan and Dunblane.
Brokers and Furniture Dealers.
John Corser, 72 Main st, St Ninians
Catherine Duffin, 32 St Mary's wynd
Mrs Duffin, 38 Spittal st, and 16 and 18
Bow st
Mark Hodgson, 23 to 27 Spittal st
Mrs Margaret Hogan, 79 to 83 Baker st
John Holland, 39 St Mary's wynd
John Johnston, 31 Main st, St Ninians
Mrs M. M'Cardle, 40 St Mary's wynd
Samuel M'Gregor, 101 Baker st
Wm. M'Innes, St Mary's wynd, Stirling
A. S. Sangster, 56 and 84 Spittal st
Brush Manufacturers.
Park Brothers, Forth st
P. & W. Aitken, Newhouse
John Gillespie, 35 Cowane st
William Gourlay, 13 Forth Crescent
Joseph Govan, Craigs
A. Headridge & Sons, Causewayhead
James Headridge, Causewayhead
James Ronald, 9 Allan park
Reynolds & M'Que, St Ninians
Wm. Springall, George st
Carriage Hirers.
James Ballingham, 27 St John st
James Burgess, 43 Port st
James Campbell, Bannockburn
J. Currie, Royal Hotel
Thomas Hathaway, 14 Shore road
James Lennox, Station Hotel
Joseph M'Naughton, 39 Craigs
Robert Taylor, Bannockburn
Carriers (Glasgow).
P. Campbell, 12 King st
D. K. Mitchell, 45 Port st ; 55 Murray-
place, and 49 King st
Chemists and Druggists,
Duncanson & Raff an, 30 Port st
John Livingstone, 58 Baker st
John M'Nicol, 12 Barnton st
William J. Moore, 24 Murray place
William Shairp, 79 Port st
Thomas Walker, 67 King st
D. Cowan, 14 Spittal st
Alex. Kerr, Barnton st
William Kinross & Sons, 39 Port st
George Thomson, Orchard place
Peter Wright, 16 Wolf Craig
Coalmasters and Agents.
The Alloa Coal Company, Wallace st;
John Dewar, agent ; order office f 7
Murray place
Joseph D. Cook, N.B. goods station
Henry Gardner, 41 Murray place
John Lockhart, N.B. station
Alex. Millar, N.B. goods station
D. Millar & Co., 13 Millar place
Muir, Son & Patton, Cal. Ry. station
Peter Murray, 7 Clifford road
James Headridge, Causewayhead
John M'Farlane, 5 Clifford road
W. Smith, 6 Bayne st

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