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Daniel M'Kerracber, Thistle st
A. M'Lachlan & Son, 4 Viewfleld place ;
stores — Park Laue
A. Robertson, 10 Bayne st
J. Robertson, C.R. Railway goods station
Commercial Travellers.
Allan Ramsay Allan, 87 Port st
John Blyth, 10 Union st
William Burns, 10 Bayne st
Frederick Chappell, 49 Murray place
Wm. Currie, 23 Wallace st
James Duncan, 4 Esplanade
Jas. Eadie, 60 Murray place
James Esslemont, 54 Cowane st
John Hetherington, James st
D. Hughes, 85 Main st, St Ninians
D. Hunter, 4 Queen st
Peter Jeffrey, 17 Randolph terrace,
St Ninians
James Mailler, 1 Randolph terrace,
St Ninians
William Maitland, 26 Nelson place
David Millie, 9 Bruce st
John Mitchell, 65 Newhouse
Chas. Muuroe, 1 Forth Crescent
Henry M'Couachie, 27 Cowane st
William M'Farlane, 3 Springfield place
William M'Farlane, 2 Queen st
David M'Kenzie, 2 Forth crescent
Robert M'Lay, 12 Bayne st
David M'Intosh, 14 Upper Bridge st
Donald M'Kerracher, 9 Upper Bridge st
James Robertson, 10 Barnton st
Robert Smith, 31 Abbey road
James Thomson, 32 Queen st
Thomas Wyllie, 81 Baker st
John Youll, 49 Wallace st
Commission Agents.
George Hunter, Queen st
William Hunter, 8 Glebe crescent
A. M'Lachlan & Son, 4 Viewfield place
C. Jamieson, 13 Maxwell pi
Keith & Ralston, 10 Port st
Jas. Oliphant & Co., Forth st (wholesale.)
James Sinclair, 13 Murray place
Miss Stewart, 26 King st
Miss Thorburn, 60 Barnton st
J. & A. Young, 3 Baker st
Mrs Henderson, Seaforth place
Thomas Gasser, 38 Barnton st
Peter Harvey, 88 Main st, St Ninians
Haldane & Co., Forth Cooperage, Abbey
T. Liddell, 24 Thistle st
Mrs Wordie, 33 King st
Cork Manufacturer.
Robert Adam, Craigs
Curriers, Leather Merchants, and
James Grieve, St Ninians
D. Yellowlees & Sons, 50 Queen st
Cycle Agents.
Hodge & Stephen, King st and 29 Dum-
barton road.
Thomas Lamb, jun., Murray place
G. Owen, 69 Port st
Dairykeepers, Cowfeeders, and
Milk Purveyors.
Graham Brymner, 93 Baker st
James Christie, 53 Cowane st
Mrs Christie, Braehead farm, St Ninians
James Christie, Coxithill Farm, St
Mrs Clark, Glencoe road
Catherine Finlayson, 26 Bow st
James Fullerton, 88 Baker st
Martin Garvin, Lower Castlehill
Mrs Gilvear, 22 Lower Castlehill
James Hay, 16 Borestone place, St
James D. Kemp, 23 Bannockburn road,
St Ninians
Janet Kinnaird or Cruickshanks, 36
Lower Castlehill
Mrs Livingston, 18 Upper Craigs
Jas. M'Aree, 1 Glencoe road
Wm. M'Callum, 19 Broad st
Jane M'Donald or Train, Raploch
John M'Dougall, Abbey road
James M'Ewen, 85 Baker st
"William M'Farlane, 28 Abbey road
James M' Gibbon, 72 Upper Craigs
James M'Kenzie, Seaforth place
James M'Laren, Old Bridge
Duncan M'Pherson, 43 Lower bridge st
John M'Queen, 21 Broad st
David Matthew, 14 Newhouse
George Mackie, 32 Baker st
Walter Millar, Shiphaugh

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