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Aerated Water Manufacturers.
A. Buchanan, 9 Baker street
A. Colquhoun, 29 Burghmuir
Robert Liddell, 40 King st
Mrs M'Callum, Drip road
Agricultural Implement Makers.
Finlayson & Son, Kerse
Kemp and Nicholson, Forth st
John Scoular, Cro©k
Architects and Surveyors.
John Allan, 11 King st
Lupton, Murray place
M'Luckie & Walker, 48 Barnton st
E. Simpson, 61 King st
J. W. Small, 20 Murray place
James Keyden, Allan Park House
Speedie Brothers, Wallace st
Andrew Simpson, 44 Murray place
H. P. Watt, 22 Baker st
W. Aitken, 5 Main st., St Mnians
R. Allan & Son, 15 St Mary's Wynd
P. Brodie, 57 Port st and 69 King st
Thomas Elder, 4 Upper Craigs
A. Hall, 71 Baker st
Matthew Jenkins, Main st, St Mnians
James Millar & Sons— S. F. Millar,
sole partner, 17 Murray place
W. Mitchell, Bannockburn road, St
J. Neil, 13 Port st
Stirling Co-operative Society, Cowane st
J. & A. Young, 54 Baker st
Basket Maker.
A. Hogg, 61 King st
Berlin Wools and Baby Linen.
Ann Danskin, 12 Arcade
Miss Doig, Arcade
Mrs Gowans, 30 Baker st
M. Gray, 17 Port st
Mrs Grieve, 9 Murray place
Mrs Jollie, Arcade
M. M'Farlane, Arcade
Miss M'Arthur, 74 Port st
Miss M'Kellar, 26 Baker st
A. M. Millar, 15 Friars st
E. &. J. Reid, Murray place
M. Simpson, 16 and 18 Friars st
Miss Thomson, 16 Port st
Cooper & Alexander, 18 Shore road
G, Hodgson, Spittal st
James Ritchie, 24 Broad st
J. Strath earn, 34 Barnton st
Booksellers and Stationers.
Cook & Wylie, 9 Barnton st
Crawford & Co., 7 King st
Mrs Crocket, 71 King st
J. Hardie, 120 Baker st
Alex. Henderson, 28 Bow st
Eneas Mackay, 43 Murray place
R. S. Shearer & Son, 6 King st
W. L. Shirra, 83 Port st
J. Strathearn, 34 Barnton st
Tract Depot, Dumbarton road
Boot and Shoemakers.
Alexander Adams, 17 Barnton st
William Boswell, 18 Baker st
Collier & Son, 32 King st
Hugh Ferguson & Son, 2 Port st
John Ferguson, 18 Cowane st
J. Forsyth, 49 Main St., St Ninians
William Gillespie, 8 Wallace st
D. Gilmour, 56 Baker st
T. A. Gray, 38 Baker st
G. K. Hardie, 4 Barnton st
John Lickrish, 5 Viewfield street
Thomas Low, 5 Port st
J. B. W. Moffat, 8 Baker st
James F. Macintosh, 45 Port st and
1 Dumbarton road

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