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Williamson, Hugh, shoemaker, 1 L. craigs Wright, John, mason, 33 Lower bridge st
Williamson, Alex., mason, 13 St John st Wright, John, grocer, 6 Bruce st
Williamson, Alex., millworker, 75 King st Wright, Walter, railway guard, 24
Williamson, James, baker, 54 Broad st Fcrth crescent
Williamson, Wm., town's officer, 50 Wright, Mrs Susan, 36 Broad st
Spittal st Wright, Alexander, mason, 47 Newhouse
Williamson, Joseph, storeman, 31 New- Wright, James, millworker, 15 Torbrex
house Wright, James, shoemader, 20 Main st
Willis, Wm. C, iron broker, 25 Victoria pi Wright, John, tailor, 17 Torbrex
Willison, Mrs Mary, 4 Cowane st Wright, Miss Florence, 3 Pitt terrace
Wilson, Louis, soldier, 2 Mar place Wright, Mrs Janet, 54 Upper bridge st
Wilson, Wm., bootmaker, 1 Viewfield pi Wright, Miss Isabella M.. 26 Victoria pi
Wilson, Adam, church officer, 48 Broad st Wright, Miss Jane Anne,26 Victoria place
Wilson, Charles, residenter, Park avenue Wyatt, Ben., cabinetmaker, 72 Port st
Wilson, Andrew, public analyist, 10 Wylie, Daniel, printer, 4 Forth crescent
Forth crescent Wyllie, Wm., carter, 14 Winchel place
Wilson, And., clergyman, 21 Snowdonpl Wyllie, Thomas, traveller, 81 Baker st
Wilson, Arch., mason, 38 Upper bridge st Wylie, Mrs Ann, 7 Bruce st
Wilson, William, joiner, 9 Irvine pi Wynd, Mrs Isabella, 9 Douglas st
Wilson, Andrew Fairley, surgeon, 1 -y
Viewfield place , "
Wilson, Robert, joiner, 13 Cowane st Yellowlees, Robt., tanner, 6 Victoria sq
Wilson, Robert, sailor, 15 Cowane st Yeaman, Mrs Catherine, Cambusbarron
Wilson, Thomas, labourer, 17 Shore rd Youll, John, traveller, 49 Wallace st
Wilson, Wm., goods agent, 23 Shore rd Young, Archibald, quarryman, 10 Ban-
Wilson, Wm., clerk, 71 Newhouse nockburn road
Wilson, John, coachman, Coxithill Young, James R., cashier, 3 Newhouse
Wilson, Miss Lilias, 26 Queen st Young, John, carter, 41 Main st
Wilson, Miss Christina, Cambusbarron Young, Alexander, baker, 52 Baker st
Wilson, Mrs Christina, 6 Forth cres Young, Alexander, carter, 6 Barn road
Wilson, Miss Helen, 14 Union st Young, Jas., confectioner, 52 Baker st
Wilson, Miss Jessie, 9 GHebe crescent Young, Robert, draper, 30 Nelson place
Wilson, Mrs Margaret, 25 St John st Young, Thos., labourer, 71 U. bridge st
Wingate, Charles, writer, Wallace st Young, Andw., residenter, 4 Clarendon pi
Wingate, Thos.,carpetweaver,98U. craigs Young, Walter, hawker, 1 St John st
Wingate, Wm., fireman, 70 Upper craigs Young, James, railway signalman, 100
Wingate, Miss Harriet, 22 Snowdon place Upper craigs
Winks, George, draper, 25 Port st Young, John, clothier, 12 Murray place
Winslow, Frank, salesman, 53 Port st Young, Robert, dairyman, 22 George st
Wishart, David, carter, 62 Spittal st Young, William, farmer, Taylorton
Wood, John, signalman, 105 Lower Young, William R., teacher, 26 Port st
bridge street Young, Wm., spirit dealer, 5 Drip rd
Wood, Hugh, spirit dealer, 2 Bannock- Young, Mrs Helen, 10 Bayne st
burn road Young, Mrs Isabella. 61 Lower bridge st
Wordie, Jas.,'labourer, 47 St Mary's wyd Young, Mrs Mary, Tillicoultry
Wordie, Mrs Agnes, 33 King st Younger, Thomas, tailor, 5 Baker st
Wotherspoon, John, platelayer, 13 Glen- Younger, Mrs Ann, 45 King st
coe road Yorke, Reginald F., electrical engineer,
Wotherspoon, Mrs Catherine, 3 James st 3 Glebe crescent
Wright, James, fireman, 13 Glencoe road Yuile, William, teacher, 2 Forth crescent
Wright, John, mason, 44 Lower castlehill Yuill, James, residenter, 59 Wallace st
Wright,Peter, coach builder, Lower craigs Yuille, Geo., clergyman, 15 Victoria pi
Wright, John, plumber, 65 Lower bridge st n
Wright, Thos., minister, 10 Gladstone pi **
Wright, Alex., plumber, 17 Cowane st Zoutmann, Albert, teacher, Dean crescent

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