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Hall, Jss. T., 42 Sinclair drive
Hallidny, Wm (manafacturers'), 85
Queen st
Hamilton, James F., Rojal Bank,
104 Trongate
Hannah, D. M., 24 Queen st
Hannah, E. S., 42 Argyle st
Bardie, John, 40 St. Enoch sq
Hay, J. & J. Ltd. (shipping), 58
Renfield st
Heilbron, David & Sons (foreign
wines and spirits), 72 Batb st
Henderson, Hogg, & Co. 15 Cado-
gan street
Henderson, John, & Co. 16 Prince's
sq. Buchanan st
Henry, Lewis (manufacturers'), 1
Monteith row
Hendry, R. N. (manufacturers'), 20
Union st
Hetherington & Anderson (yarn),
fi3 Cochrane street
Heughan, Wm. (manfrs.), 4 Green
street, Ibrox
Hill, R. Wylie, & Co., Ltd.,
20 Buchanan street
Hill, Robert, & Co., 68 Gordon st
Hobson, Alfred, & Co., 16 Prince's
sq., 48 Buchanan st.
Hodge & Co., 93 Hope street
Hodge, Robt. & Stevenson (manu-
facturers'), 76 Virginia st
Holms, Wm. (yarn), 153 Queen
Holton & MacKenzie (for manufac-
turers of jewellery and silver
goods), 52 St Enoch square
Hood, Adam, 101 St. Vincent st
Hopkins, John, & Co. 74 York
Hugh, John (manfr.), Balmuir,
Second avenue. King's park,
Mount Florida
Humphreys, A. M., 67 Miller st
Humphreys, G. H., 24 Howard
8{ reet
Hunt & Co., Edmund (char-
tered patent agents), 121 W.
George street
Hunter, Archd. (manufacturers'),
79 Roslea drive
Hunter, Wm., 87 Union st
Hutchison, Geo., 544 St. Vincent st
Hutton, John (tea), 7 York st
Jackson, Arthur A., 36 Hutche-
son St.
Jamieson, J. S., agent (for Hall
wine, &c.), 27 Broomhill dr
Johnson, Ernest (for smallwares)
49 Queen st
Johnston & Farie (yam), 119
Virginia street
Johnstone, J. N. & A. M., 33
Virginia st
Kaltner, John, 57 West Nile st
Kay, Geo. Morham (manfrs ), 77
Queen st.
Keith, Arthur P. (manfrs), 5
Dixon street
Kennedy, D., & Co., 31 St. Vincent
Kennedy, Thos. W. (distillery), 58
Renfield st
Kidd, Henry A. (varnish and
colours), 571 Saucbiehall st
Kiep,C.& Brother, 137 W. George
King, T. G., 16 St. Enoch sq
King, Wm. (manfrs.), 93 Hope
King, Wm. (manfra.), 8 Prince's
sq, Buchanan st
Kinghom, Adam, 52 St. Enoch sq
Kirk wood, John, & Sons, 67 West
Regent street
Kirkwood, Robert, C.R. Mine-
ral Depot, West st. s.s.
Kleiter & Marshall (manfrs.), 56
George square
Laird, John, 76 Howard street
Lament, John, & Co. , 49 Jamaica
Lane, Henry A., & Co., Ltd., 65
Virginia st
Langan, Charles (live stock), 514
Larke, A. J. & Co. (manufactrs'.),
74 Miller st
Lauder, R., & Co. (manfrs.), 79
West Regent street
Laurie, Alex, (boots, &c), 47
Oswald street
Lawrie, Frank, 15 Renfield st
Laurie, Thos. (manufactrs'.), 16 St.
Enoch sq
Laurie, Wm. D. 88 Gt. Clyde st
Lawrie, Thomas, & Stewart, 166
Buchanan st
Lawson, Geo. D. (jewellers) 68
Gordon ft
Lee, Wm. (manfrs.), 40 Union st
Lester, William, & Sons, 11 West
Regent st
Liddle, John (chartered patent
agent), 154 St. Vincent st.
Liddell, John (manfrs'.), 85 Queen
Liddell, W. G. (manfrs'.), 85 Queen
Lindsay, D. & A. (Scotch tweed),
11 Brown street
Lockerbie, J. S., & Co., 33 N.
Frederick st
Logan, A. (manfrs'.), 53 Cumber-
land street, E.
Logan, George, & Co.(Continental)
78 to 80 St. Vincent lane
Logan, Sons & Co., Ltd.
(merchants), 116 Hope street
Lowrie.W P. & Co. Ltd. distillers',
14, 16 Bothwell st
Lyons, H. J. (manfs.), 10 Prince's
M'Anally, A., 84 Graeme st., city
M'Aulay, P. F., & Martin, 34 St
Enoch square
M'Auslin, John T. (shawl and
hosiery), 11 Miller street
MacBride, Andrew (manufactrs.),
37 Jamaica street
Maclore, John G. (manufrs.), 52
St. Enoch sq
M'Cormick, Hugh (manufrs.), 49
Virginia street
M'Cracken, Wm. & Co. (yarn),
9 So. Frederick street
M'Crae, Alex, (manufacturers), 39
Cadogan street
M'Culloch, .<^nd. Aberfoyle Slate
Quarries Co. Ltd. and the
Quarrier Co. Ltd. 11 W. Regent
M'Donald, James, N.B.R. station,
Macdonald, James (manufrs.), 62
Buchanan st ; P.O. te)., 5720
Macdonild, John D. (ironfounders'
agent ), 69^ Oswald st
M'Dougall, R. A, 373 Saucbiehall
M'Farlane, Chas. H , 40 Union st
M'Farlme, D.,71 Waterloo st.
Macfarlane, James (matiufrs.), 153
Queen st
M'Farlane, J & A., Ltd., Albert
Works, 40 Springbank street,
New City road
MacFarlane, Parlane (manufrs),
24 Oswa'd street
Macfie, Archd. F., 40 St. Enoch sq
M'Gavin, Alex. & Co. Ltd.(Cu3toms
and Eacise), ofiice, Howard
chambers, 76 Howard st
M'Geoch, William, & Co., Ltd., 28
West Campbell st
M'Gillivray, Archd. F., 62 West
Nile street
M'Gregor, Alex., 17 Oswald st
M'Gregor, David, 63 Cochrane st
M'Gregor, Wm., 93 Hope st
M'Guire, William, 145 Argyle st
M'llveen, Andrew, 76 Virginia st
M'Intosh, John (manufrs'.), 33
Virginia st
M'Intyre, Robert, 2 Cecil st. Ibrox
Mactiay, John (manufacturers'), 76
Wilson st
M'Kean, Wm., agent for Donald
Fisher, distillrr and wine men,
Edinburgh, and M'Lennan &
Urqubart, brewers, Edinburgh,
24 St. Vincent place
M'Kee, John, 115 Cartvale road,
M'Kellar, Peter, 67 Overdale st.
M'Kenzie, Jas. H., 36 Montrose st
Mackenzie, Wm., 109 Hope street
M'Kim, Wm , 52 Virginia street
M'Kinnon, A. & W. (towing), 74
Maclachlan, Jas. (confectioner),
131 Wilton St., W.D.O.
MacLachlan, Peter, & Co., every
description machinery, straw en-
velopes, bottle?, stoppers, cap-
sules, corks, &c., 222 St. Vin-
cent st

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