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M'Laren, D. yarn, 45 Montrose st
M'Laren, John, & Co., 93 Holm st
M'Laren, Thos. & Co. (ship and in-
surance), 10 Bothwell st
M'Leao, Robert, 76 Virginia st
M'Leay, Duff, & Co., 41 Renfrew
M'Lennan, Blair, & Co. (yam), 29
Montrose street
M'Lenuan, Jolin,& Co. 166 Ingram
M'Lennan, W. B.,& Son (mannfrs),
76 Wilson street
MacLeod, J. Thomson (manfrs.
wholesale only), 76 Rabsrtaon st
Macleod & Macdooald (distillers),
18 Carlton place
M'Millan's Inquiry Agency, 83
Renfield st
M'Murtrie, John (advertising), 11
Bothwell st
M'Nab, Robt. (mfrs), 202 Hope si
Macnanghton, John B. (paper), 74
York street
M'Neil, C. B. & Sons (glass bottle),
Springfield Bottle Works, 164
Springfield road ; P 0. tele.
No. Y 2-20.
M'Neill, Geo. A. C. (manufrs.), 47
Oswald street
M'Nicol, Kilpatrick & Co. (yarn),
7 Royal Bank place
Macpherson, Alex. 5.^ Bothwell st
Macpherson & Buchanan (live
stock), Bank bdgs., Cattle market
M'Vicar, Neil, 342 Argyle st
33 Gordon st
Macwhirr, Thomas (confectionery),
19 Stobcross st
Magulskey, M. M. (tobacco manu-
facturers' agent and cigar im-
porters), 27 Cranworth street,
Mains & M'Glashan, 11 W. Nile st
Mallocb, C. & J. 304 St. Vincent
Mann, Geo. E. (manfrs' ), 49 Vir-
ginia street
Manuel, Peter, 47 So. Portland st
Manwell, David (manufis.), 81
Virginia street
Marshall, W. B., 85 Queen street
Martin, Duncan, 99 Waterloo st
Martin, John (manufrs.), 31 N.
Frederick street
Martin, Wm. (manfrs.), 40 St.
Enoch square
Matthew, Wm., 8 Waterloo lane
Maule, Clement B. 11 Bothwell st
Meadows, Thos. & Co. shipping
aid forwarding (freight and
express services), insurance,
commission, and passenger
agents, 10 Hanover st
Meikle, Wm. & Sons, 21 Well-
ington street
Melbourne, James, 19 Waterloo
Melville, Geo. 14 Prince's square
Melvin, Wm. 99 Gt. Clyde street
Melven, W. & J. (manufrs.'), 76
Howard street
Melville. Thos. MD. (manufrs.),
33 Virginia street
Mercer, Thos. B. 101 St. Vincent st
Miller, A. J. S., 49 Bath st
Millar, Hamilton & Co. (yarn), 73
Hntchesoa st
Millar, James, 263 Gallowgate
Millar, John, Ltd., 116 Renfield st
Miller, Thomas (manufacturers), 27
Hope st
Miller & MacDonald (manufrs.),
24 Oswald street
Milne, Alex., & Co. (manufrs.),
74 Buchanan street
Mitchell, William C. (manufrs.),
85 Queen st
Mitchell, W. G., 324 Scotland st
Monteith, James S., 142 Queen st
Moore, W. N., box 12, RoyA Exch.
Morrison, C, & Sons, t39A St.
Vincent street
MoiTison, W. G., & Co., 58 West
Regent st
Morton, William, 28 Cadogan at
Viouat, Thomas, 3 Florida ftreet
Muir, Alex, (manfrs'.), 146 Queen st
Muirhead, Robt., 31 Robertson st
Monro, Jas., & Co. (publishers),
49 Jamaica B'reet
Murcbie. Jas , 39 Mains street
Murray, Arthur J. (manufacturers')
17 Royal Exchange square
Murray, J. Bruce, & Sons (yarn),
21 Cochrane street
Neilson, Horatio, 7 Ann street
Neilson, J G. 33 Virginia street
Neilson, Thos. (manufrs.), 153
Queen street
NeilBon, William, 13 Dixon st
Nimmo, Jas. B. R., .52 St. Enoch sq
Nimmo, Wm., 12 Miller sireet
Noble, Alex. 33 Virginia st
Norman, John, M.I.E. and S.
(engineering) 65 W. Regent st
Oliver & Son, Ltd. (live stock) 250
Duke street
Orr, James (manu'Jacturers), 68
Gjrdon st
Orr, John, Kenilworth, Rutherglen.
Orr & M'William (manufrs.), 50
Wellington street
Osborn, W. E. (Worthington & Co.,
Ltd.), 145 Bath st
Osman, W. E., 5 Dixon st
Parker, D. & J. (grocery goods), 7
Montrose st
Paterson, Jas., agent, Kanknarrah
Co. and Kamarhatty Co,, Cal-
cutta, .*?! St. Vincent place
Paterson, Wm. & Son, for Bray's
patent lanterns, reflectors, and
burners for coal, oil, and acety-
lene gas, 65 Pitt st ; telephone
Nos., Nat. 980 Argyle; P.O.
Paton, Robert, 324 Duke st
Paul, John, 1 Royal Exch. Court
Pearson, Howard (boot manufrs.),
49 Queen street
Peddle, Jas. (tea), 6 Oswald st
Peek, ' Edward, The Thistle
Chemical Co., Easterhouse ; The
British Diatomite Co , Ltd.,
Lealt, Skye ; 53 Waterloo st
Pepper, Robert M'Kirdy & Co.,
45 Virginia street
Percival, A. F. (confectioner), 27
Oswald street
Picien, James, 166 Slatefield st
Pirie, Alex., 12 Waterloo street
Porter, Alex., 49 Virginia ttreet
Porteous, David K. , 1 1 Bothwell
Price, Frank G., 57 Hope street
Rae, Ralph (manfrs'.), 145 Queen st
Rankin, Wm. (manfrs.'), 33 Vir-
ginia st
Reichenheim, S., & Son (manfrs.),
101 Si. Vincent st
Rbioberfc, Cbas. (clock), 34 South
Portland st
Reid, A. J. C. (nianfrp.), 77 Queen
Renison, d'Esterre (manfrs.), 57
Hope street
Rennie, John, 76 Virginia street
Renwick, Arthur, 93 Hope st
Riach, C, 5 West Regent street
Riddel, John H. (machinery), 40 St.
Enoch square
Ritchie, Alex, (forwarding), 8 Croy
Robertson, Alex., & Co., agents
for the " Diamond " patent non-
slip tread, 101 St. Vincent st
Robertson, J. Leslie (boots), 24
Queen st
Robertson, P. M. (importer), 182
Robin, Wm. (manfrs'.) 11 Both-
well st
Ronald, B. A. & Co. (engineering)
15 York st
Ross, Alex. 87 Union street
Rudd. J. A., & Co,, for Richardson,
Westgarth & Co.'s marine spec-
ialties ; Bennett Lindley, high
.speed engines ; Bray, Markham
& Rei.^s, starting switches;
Sulzer, engines and high lift
pumps; Zylberlast, plant; Bowan,
piston rings ; Strut, switches ;
Tate's stop motion, electric
drills, cables, arc lamps, etc., 68
Gordon street
Schnider, C, 39 Hope street
Scobie, John, 33 Virginia street
Scott, Harold, 6 King st., city
Scott, Julius V. 109 Hope street
SeUgmann, Charles H. & Co. 30
Renfield st
Shedden, John (manufr.), 49 Vir-
ginia st
Shirras, George, 33 Virginia st

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