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Carruthers, Son, & Co. (M'Doug-
all's sheep dip), 70 to 78 King
street, s.a.
Cartwria;ht, J. T. maoufaoturers,
50 Wellington st
Caulfield & Co. glags and china,
16 Adams Court lane
Chamberlain, W. B., & Co., 19
Waierloo st
Chisholms & Hendry Bros., Ltd.,
28-34 Robertson st.
Clark, M. T. 6 Oswald street
Claussen,A. L. & Co. 118 Broomie-
Clegg, H. H. (manufacturers'), 150
Ingram st
Clement, Wm. & Sod, butter, 5 E.
Nile st
Colvil, T. Scott, 87 Union st
Connell, JohaT. & Co. (American
produce), 141 Elderslie street
Cook, Thos., & Sons (tourist), 83
Buchanan st
Cooper, Craig & Craig (in-
quiry) 166 St. Vincent st
Courtin, Henry, 90 Sauchiehall st
Courtney, Chas. (manufacturi. g
confeciioLers), 19 and 30 Parnie
Cosvan, Hugh, 142 Queen st
Craik, Peter (paper), 60 Welling-
ton st
Crawford, Archd. 11 Bothwell
Crawford, A. R., 150 Port Dur das
Crawford, J. G. (cotton cloth), 67
West Nile st
Crawford, J. P. (manfrs.), 19
Queen bt
Croall, D. S. & Co. (tanners), 8
and 12 St. Andrew's st
Cruikshank & Fairweather, Ltd.,
C.P.A., patent ageLts, 62 St.
Vincent st. & 65-66 Chancery
lane, London, W.G.
Cunninghame, R. D.,40 St Enoch
Cunijinghann, R. D., 64 Sinclair
Davidson, Andtew, 15 Renfield st
Davidson, R. A. 15 Rentield st
Deane, C. J., 53 Cochrane st
Dempsey, Bernard, 10 Charlotte st
Deveria, A.. G., & Smith, 111
Union st
Dewar, A. B., 145 Queen street
Dick, James, 19 Waterloo st
Dick, John (manfrs.), 142a West
Nile st
Dick. M. C, & Co. 154 Howard st
Dobie, W. A. (iron and steelj, II
Bothwell st
Doddrell Bros, (for stokers, con-
veyors, water iilters, and soften-
ers, steam superheaters, engines,
steam lorries, and motor cars),
11 Bothwell st
Pen, Wm., 77 Queen street
Donald, .John R. for Wm. Radam's
microbe killer; P.O. telephone,
x22 ; 622 Eglinton st
Dmald, R. M., 187 St. Vincent st
Donaldson, Wm., & Co., 32 Possil
Dougans. A. (manufacturers'),
29 Hutcheson st
Dowling, Jas. Thomson, 4 Clnny
villas, Jordanhil)
Drinnan, Jas. C. (manfrs.), 77
Queen street
Ducat, Jas. L., & Co., 19 Queen
Ducat, Thos., 60 St Enoch sq
Duncan G. W. (manfrs.), 142
Queen st
Duncan, J. H. (manfactrs.), 87
Union St.
Dunlop, M. (implements), SGraham
Dunlop & Co. (manfrs), 40 St
Enoch sq
Easiham, John E. (Cleeve Bros.,
Liverpool), 74 York st
Easton, W. W. (manufacturers'), 87
Union st
Edmondstone, A., jr. (manfrs.), 11
Miller st
Edmondstone, Chas. G. (manufs.),
1 1 Miller st
Eldred, Geo. (manfrs.), 77 Queen
Ennson & Wire, 80 Buchanan st
Fairweather, Wallace, C.E. Fel,
Inst. C.P.A. for patents, 62 St.
Vincent street, and 65-66
Chancery lane, W.C.
Farmer, Wm. S. (manufacturers'),
33 Gordon st
Farqubarson, Jas., 24 Oswald st
Ferguson, John. 150 Sinclair dr
Ferguson, Malcolm & Co. (brewers
and distillers'), 67 Great Clyde
Ferguson, Robt., 36 Montrose st
Ferguson, Thos. T, 74 York st
Ferguson & Timpeon, agents for
The New York Lubricating Oil
Coy,; genuine Garlock packing,
Vile's gauge glass protectors ;
Hamilton & M'Master's interna]
feed heater for land and
marine boilers, Dixon's pure
flake graphite, and graphite
specialities ; Luther Bros, car-
boruodum tool grinders (grinds
20 times more than an ordinary
grindstone, and does not draw
temptr), R. and H. piston
rings; Baltic Chambers, 50
Wellington street ; alsi at Lon-
don ; tele, address, " Polarity,"
Ferrie, Andrew, 33 Virginia st
Ferrie, Wm., agent for Dr. :
Tucker's Asthma Specific, !
83 Cowcaddens st ; Nat. tele-
phone No 69X4 Douglaj ,
Findlay, Alex., 76 Wilson street
Findlay, Andrew B., 34 Robertson \
Finlay, C. J., 3 Royal Exchanges
Court, 85 Queen st
Findlay, Wm. (manufacturers), 257'
Central Chambers,ll Bothwell st,
Finlay, William, jun. Cmanufac--
tnrers'), 11 Bothwell st
Finlinson, B. 57 Fotheringay rd
Fisher, Geo., & Son (manfrs.), 86:
Wilson street
Fisken, J. J., & Brodie (manufrs'.))
35 Miller street.
Fitzpatrick, H. D. (for patents, .
designs, and trade marks), 100 1
Wellington st
Forbes, J. Gilbert 12 York st
Ford, Thos., 4 Victoria pL, Mount,
Foster, Joseph, 25 Jatnaica street'
Fotheringham, Robt. (manfrs.), 62'
Buchanan street. Post OflSce,
telephone, 5720
Frame, J. R. (Provident Associa-
tion of London, Ltd.), house-,
purchase, 136 Buchanan st
Fraser, T., 83 Jamaica st
French, J. G. (cloth), 93 Water-
loo St.
Garscadden, Geo. (business), 40 1
St. Enoch sq.
Garvie, John, jr. (manufacturers'),,
85 Queen sti'eet
Gibson, Alex. M., & Orr (manfrs.),.
142 Queen street
Gibson, Geo. D. (manufacs'.), 73:
Hutcheson st
Gibson, Jas. (manufacturer's), 48-
Buchanan st
Gibson, John, 49 Jamaica st
Gillespie, J. & Co., 24 Sc Vincent
Gilmour, David, 87 Union street
Gilmour, George, jun., 128 Hope st
Goldie, W. C, 50 Wellington st
Gordon,. J ohn(manfr.), 6 Dixon st.
Gordon, Robert (manufacturers'),
28 St. Enoch square
GranJison, R. A. (manufacturers),
16 Gordon st
Graham, Alex. C, 146 Queen st
Grant, Jas. C, 11 Maxwell st
Gray, Archd. S., 57 Miller st
Gray, David, M. Inst. Con. E. 77
West Nile st
Gray, James A. 24 Howard st
Gray, Robt. W. (yarn), 30 John st
Greenlees Bros., Baltic Chambers,
40 Wellington st
Greenshields, Thos. M. (manfrs.),
969 Govan road
Grierson, R. & Co. 13 Wellington st
Griffin, H. & C. (manfrs.) 69 Bu-
chanan st
Grischotti & Co. Ltd. (continental),
141 W. Geo. st
Guild, R. W. (manufacturers'), 4
North Court, Royal Ej

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