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340 Gairbraid Street, Maryhill Road.
President, James A. Campbell, Esq., M.F., LL.D. ;
gentlemen's committee, Robert T. Middleton,
Thos. Whan-ie, E. Collins, John M'Clure, William
Mitchell, Hugh Brown, M. Fairley, J. N. Cuthbcrtson,
J. Pirrie, J. Gumprecht, W. Wilson, J. Miller ; joint
conveners, Wm. Mitchell and E. Collins ; hon. treasurer;
Wm. Mitchell, 134 Wellington St.; medical adviser/
Dr. R. W. Bruce, 806 St. George's Road; lady
superintendent. Miss Bowser, East Park Home ; hon.
secretary, W. Grant Paton, 136 Wellington Street.
President, Jas. A. Campbell, Esq., of Stracathro»
LL.D., M.P. ; vice-presidents. Sir Peter Coats of
Auchendrane, Sir Win. Collins, Sir Chas. Tennant,
Bart., of the Glen, M.P.; Sir Wm. Thomson, LL.D.,
D.C.L.; Sir Arch. Orr Ewing, Bart., of Ballikinrain,
M.P.; Extraordinary directors. Very Rev. Principal
Caird, D.D., Sir Michael Connal of Arngomery, Col.
D. C. R. C. Buchanan of Drumpellier, C.B., James
King, Esq., of Levernholm, Anderson Kirkwood, Esq.,
LL.D., Ales. B.M'Grigor, Esq., LL.D., W. G. Blackie,
Esq., Ph.D., Henry Brock, Esq., of Auchenheglish,
James Campbell, Esq., of tullicbewan, J. N. Cuth-
bertson, Esq., Leonard Gow, Esq., of Hayston, Thos.
Henderson, Esq., Robert Miller, Esq., J. B. Mirrlees,
Esq., of Redlands, A. Stephen, Esq., James Stevenson,
Esq., Hugh T. Tennant, Esq., of Dunalastair, J. C.
White, Esq., of Overtoun. Ordinary directors, James
Provan, chairman ; Noah Smith, vice-chairman ; Jas.
Kerr, treasurer; William Campbell, Gavin Chapman,
M.A., A. B. Dick Cleland, J. R. Cunningham, jun.,
Jas. Henderson, D. Lament, Robert Leggat, Coun-
cillor David Logan, Dr. J. Macintyre, Geo. M'Leod,
Wm. Robertson, Richard Sandeman. Jas. Lauder,
secretary. Solicitors — Bannatyne, Kirkwood, M'Jan-
net, & France, 145 West George Street. Bankers
The Clydesdale Bank (Limited). Auditors— J. &
W. Graham & Maccall, C.A., 212 West George St.
Eegistered ofSce— 204 Ingram Street.
Teachers— Latin and Greek, James Jeffrey, M.A.;
French, G. E. Barbier; German, H. F. F. Schroder;
Spanish and Italian, Arch. Revie ; English Literature,
Donald Ferguson, M.A.; Elocution, Walter Baynham ;'
Arithmetic and Mathematics, Wm. Ness; Writinn-
and Book-keeping, Wm. Slessor; Shorthand, Robert
Kirkpatrick, F.Sh.S. ; Drawing and Painting, James
Campbell, CM.; Music, David B. Johnstone, A.Mus •
Logic, , '
The object of the institution is to place within the
reach of the public the fullest and most recent infor-
mation on all subjects of general interest, whether
commercial, literary, or scientific; to provide an
agreeable place of resort in the intervals of business ;
to excite, especially among young men, a taste for
intellectual and elevating pursuits; and to secure
the means of its gratification by affording the utmost
facilities for systematic study, in various branches of
useful knowledge. The reading room is abundantly
supplied with the earliest telegraphic intelligence
newspapers and periodicals ; and the library contains
upwards of 11,000 volumes. Amusement rooms for
the use of members only. Writing accommodation
poat-ofEce, private letter boxes, and many other
conveniences are provided for the members. Terms
of_ subscription, life ticket, transferable, fifteen
guineas ; not transferable, ten guineas ; for gentlemen
above 21 years of age, 20s. annually; 12s. 6d. half-
yearly ; 7s. quarterly ; for gentlemen under 21 years ol
age, 15s. annually; 8s. half-yearly; 4s. 6d. quarterly;
ladies (for use of hbrary only), 7s. 6d. annually; coun-
try subscribers, 12s. 6d. annually. A discount of 20
per cent, will be allowed on annual tickets, when pur-
chased in lots of not less than six, by firms for the use
of their employes.
Instituted 1852.
President, W. L. Macindoe, M.A., LL.B.; vice-
presidents, Thoiras Cross, M.A., LL.B., and' Thos.
M. Stewart, M.A., LL.B.; secretary, Cha?. E. Beckett]
M.A., LL.B., 241 St. Vincent" Street ; treasurer'
James Maclay, M.A.
The objects of this society are, by the conducting
of debates on legal and speculative questions, to pro-
mote the legal and general knowledge of its mem-
bers, the habit of self-possession, and the cultivation
of fluency and accuracy in the expression of ideas.
The session extends from October to April inclusive^
during which period the society meets in the Faculty
Buildings every Monday evening, at eight o'clock.
138 West Regent Street,
_ This club is intended to form a centre of associa-
tion for artists, amateurs, and all others interested in
art I where by study in life classes and from the
antique, by the reading of papers, and the free ex-
change of ideas, the love of art may be fostered and
advanced. The club is composed of members and
associate members, the latter not necessarily requir-
ing to follow any branch of art, but at the same time
entitled to equal privileges with the other member.-,
excepting that of attending life classes, and exhibit-
ing at exhibitions. Further particulars may be had
from the secretary at the club rooms.
Rooms, 180 West Regent Street.
President, William Lang, jun. ; vice-president and
treasurer, Hugh Reid. Council, R. Cutting, C. C.
CoulsoD, R. Dalglish, R. H. Elder, and J. R. Reid;
secretary, W. Goodwin, 3 Lynedoch Street.
The object of this Association is the study and
advancement of photography among amateurs, which
it promotes by monthly meetings, at which lectures,
demonstrations, &c., are given, and by an annual
exhibition held in November. All information may
be obtained by intending members on application to
the secretary.

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