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The ofiBce-bearers for 1886 are: — Hon. directors,
J. Craig, Esq , Peter Clouston.Esq., Robt. Cook, Esq.;
preses, the Hon. W. M'Onie, LordProvostof Glasgow;
directors, Messrs. R. Westlands, G. W. Clark, Robert
Gourlay, David Bowman, D. Munro, J. Eobb, John
Laing, A. Walker, H, Pollock, John Shearer, Wm.
"Wilson, W. Stevenson ; treasurer, E. Gourlaj, Bank
of Scotland, St. Vincent Place ; medical officer, Dr.
J. Dunlop; officer, James Robertson; secretary.
Ales. Young, writer, 97 Wellington Street.
The society was instituted in the year 1806, and
the sphere of its operations includes the parliamentary
boundary of the City of Glasgow situated on the
south side of the river Clyde. The object of the
society is to afford pecuniary or other relief to the
natives and old inhabitants of the Barony of Gorbals
who are of respectable character ; have been in bet-
ter circumstances, but reduced to a decayed and
indigent state ; and who, not being otherwise suffi-
iri ciently provided for, stand in need of the society's
1 aid ; but no one receives assistance from its funds
■ who is in receipt of parochial relief. Advanced age,
: urgent necessity, and respectability of character are
! indispensable. Length of residence, next to nativity
i; i preferred ; but applicants must have one or other of
,t ' those qualifications. Non-residence at the time of
making application will not exclude from the benefits
of the society. No one is allowed to participate in
, ' the benefits of the Society who is under fifty years of
' j age, unless labouring under permanent bodily infirmity.
The treasurer supplies forms of application for aid.
Patron, The Earl of Glasgow ; chairman, Richard
Hobson, Esq. ; directors, Wm. Okell, Esq., George
Lowe, Esq., Chas. C. Mowbray, Esq., Rev. A. T.
PuUin, B.A.; treasurer, F. D. Rait, Esq., 34 Buchanan
: Street ; secretary, Henry Ferry, Esq., 28 St. Enoch
'I Sijuare; solicitor, James Muirhead, Esq., 54 West
Nile Street ; honorary physician. Dr. Wood Smith.
The society was instituted in the year 1844, and
' has for its objects the assistance of English people in
poor circumstances, resident in Scotland, more espe-
i cially the assisting the return to England of families
no longer able or likely to obtain maintenance else-
where. The membership consists of Englishmen, or
I ;, the children of English parents or parent, or the
husbands of English wives, and in order to qualify
for membership, a donation of not less than £3 3s.,
or an annual subscription of not less than 10s. 6d.
is necessary. The rules provide for an annual
meeting of the society being held on St. George's
Day, when the office-bearers for the ensuing year are
elected. Since its institution, the society has been
the means of doing much good, and the accumulated
funds now amount to between £700 and £800.
Secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Simpson, 2 Wood-
,side Place.
This society was instituted in 1799, and is sup-
ported entirely by voluntary contributions. It is
thereby enabled to afford a small but acceptable
monthly allowance to a limited number of aged and
destitute women (chiefly widows), who are visited
regularly at their dwellings by a committee of ladies.
Under the patronage of H.R.H. the Princess Louise.
The object of this association is to provide trained
and experienced women of high character as district
nurses, to attend the sick poor in their own homes ;
and midwifery nurses to attend the very poor gra-
tuitously, and "the working classes at a moderate fee.
A staff of medical, surgical, and fever nurses is also
kept for those who are able to pay for their services.
Patrons, His Grace the Duke of Hamilton and
Brandon, His Grace the Duke of Argyll, His Grace
the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberrv, His Grace
the Duke of Montrose, Right Hon. the Earl of Glas-
gow, Sir S. M'Donald Lockhart, Bart., Sir M. Shaw
Stewart, Bart., Lady Whitworth, Lady Campbell, Gar-
scube, Lady Campbell of Blythswood, the Lady Isa-
bella Gordon, Charles Cameron, Esq., M.D., M.P., Sk
James Colquhoun, Bart., Col. Hozier, Sir J. Fergu-
son, Bart., M.P., Sir Archibald Orr Ewing, Bart.,
M.P., J. G. C. Hamilton, Esq., M.P.; council, A.
Allan, Esq., Professor M'Call Anderson, J. C.
Bolton, Esq., M.P., Rev. James Black, D.D., Prof. G.
Buchanan, i\I.D., Very Rev. Principal John Cau-d,
D.D., Dr. H. C. Cameron, Professor Cowan, M.D.,
Rev. Dr. Elder Gumming, Rev. Principal G. C. M.
Douglas, D.D., Archbishop Eyre, Dr. Fergus, M.R.C.S.,
C. Gairdner,Esq., Prof essorGairdner,M.D., Charles T.
Higginbotham, Esq., Mrs. J. S. Higginbotham, Wm.
Ker, Esq., J. King, Esq., Rev. Marshall Lang, D.D.,
Rev. J. C. Lees, D.D., Edinburgh, Dr. J. B. Russell,
Prof. Leishman, Rev. D. Macleod, D.D., A.B. M'Grigor,
Esq., LL.D., Dr. Jas. D. M'Laren, Rev. J. W. Penney,
D.C.L., LL.D., Professor Ramsay, M.A., Rev. F. L.
Robertson, Arch. Robertson, Esq., Prof. Simpson,M.D.,
Dr. Steven, Dr. G. P. Tennant, Sir W. Thomson, LL.D.,
Dr. J. Cowan Woodbm-n ; consulting-surgeon. Prof.
George Buchanan; consulting-physician, Prof. M'Call
Anderson; obstetric surgeon, Dr. Steven; dental sur-
geon. Dr. J. Cowan Woodburn ; hon. treasurer, Chas.
Gairdner, Esq.; superintendent-general, Mrs. Jas. S.
Higginbotham ; surgeon. Dr. H. C. Cameron ; phy-
sician, Dr. Steven; auditor, Robert BIyth, Esq.;
lady superintendent. Miss Baker; treasurer and
secretary, Laurence H. Watson, Esq., C.A., 150 St.
Vincent St. Institution, 220 Sauchiehall St.
Office-bearers for 1885-86 : —Visitor, Matthew
Barr, 68 Glassford Street; last visitor, J. M'Gregor,
51 Miller Street; collector, M. M. W. Baird, 134 St.
Vincent Street; last collector, George B. Young, 45
West George Street ; master court, William Cherry,
Robert Robin, Andrew M. Bayne, Andrew Macnair,
T. W. W. Flint (school director, 457 Sauchiehall
Street), J. C. Broadfoot, William Barr, and John
Steel; clerk. Franc Gibb Dougall, writer, 167 Can-
ning Street ; officer, James Reid, 76 Armadale St.
\ The above Society meet in the school-room, 13
Balmano Street, on the first Saturdays of March,
June, September, and December at 6 o'clock p.m.,
when members may be enrolled. James Deuchar, 75
Hospital Street, s.s., officer ; applications for funeral
money to be made to Wm. R. Thomson, 137 North
Dundas Street, secretary.

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