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Office-bearers for 1886 :— Patron— The Right Hon.
the Earl of Glasgow; late Patron— The Right Hon. the
Earl of Shaftesbury, K.G. Hon. Presidents— The Right
Hon. Lord Selborne, ex- Lord Chancellor ; Right Hon.
Lord Kinnaird ; The Right Hon. Earl of Aberdeen ;
The R^ght Rev. Dr. Ryle, Bishop of Livei-pool ; Sir
Michael Shaw Stewart, Bart. , Ardgowan House ; Col.
Sir A. Campbell, Bart., of Blythswood, M.P.; Sir Wm.
Colhns, Glasgow ; Sir Peter Coats, of Auchendrane ;
John Bums, Castle Wemyss ; Sir Archd. Orr Ewing,
Bart., of Ballikinrain, M.P. ; Wm. Graham; Lt. Col.
Wm. MacDonald-MacDonald, F.R.S.E., Perthshire ;
James Campbell, Tullichewan ; Jas. Hannan ; James
A. Campbell, LL.D., of Stracathro, M.P. ; the Hon.
John Ure, ex- Lord Provost; John Geddes, Cath-
cart; the Hon. Wm. M'Onie, Lord Provost. General
Committee — Jas. Hamilton, W. J. Davidson, James
Salmon, Rev. Dr. Marshall Lang, David Ross, D.
M. Carrick, Jas. Miller, Bailie W. Wilson, J. Adams,
Bailie Laing, Rev. John Ad.am, D.D., Rev. R. Drum-
mond, D.D., Rev. J. Elder Gumming, D.D., Rev.
R. Gault, Rev. John Douglas, Rev. Alex. Brunton,
W. M'Lellan, Sir M. Connal, Wm. Mitchell, George
M'Callum, D. Macpherson; Chairman, Wm. Kidston,
Ferniegair. Executive Committee— Deputy-Chair-
man, R. H. Macdonald; General Secretary, Robert
Mackintosh, 94 Hill St., Garnethill ; Assist.-Secretary,
George M'Leod ; Hon. Treasurer, John M. Cunning-
ham, Clydesdale Bank ; Treasurer, D. Clow. J. King,
H. Brown, A. H. M'Lean, W. Galbraith, A. Allan,
Rev. George Rcith, Rev. Chas. A. Salmond, Walter
Mackenzie, Councillor Fairley, Bailie Scott, Daniel
Frazer, J. S. Napier, Wm. Shaw, J. S. Hatfield,
ex-Bailie James Brown, James M'Call, James
JI'Michael, J. N. Cuthbertson, R. H. Leadbetter,
George Simpson, Alex. G. Graham. Hugh Steven,
Principal Douglas, Rev. George Jeifrev, D.D., Rev.
Jas. M'Naught, D.D., Rev. D. R. Kilpatri'ck, Rev. Evan
Gordon, Rev. Dr. Anderson, Rev. Robert K. Mon-
teath, Rev. Robert Bremner, Rev. James Bryce, Rev.
Alexander C. Fullarton, Rev. Andrew Leiper, Rev.
David Farquliar, Thomas Thomas, John Donald,
John Geddes, Andrew Stewart, W. B. Hutchison,
David Lawson, Alex. Moffat, John Robertson, T. Rae,
Wm. Kirkland, A.M. Black. Correspondingmembers —
Rev. Robt. Elder, D.D., Rothesay ; ex-Provost Camp-
bell, Greenock ; Rev. Dr. Robert Williamson, Ascog,
Bute. Offices of the Association — Religious Institu-
tion Rooms, 177 Buchanan St., Glasgow, where all
communications are to be addressed to Mr. Robert
Mackintosh, General Secretary.
OF SCOTLAND (Glasgow Branch).
This society is quite unsectarian, and has for its
object, by means of Christian colporteurs going from
door to door, especially amongst the working classes
to circulate pure, attractive, and elevating literature
thereby endeavouring to supplant the pernicious and
sensational books and periodicals which do so much
evil to the community.
President, Jas. A. Campbell, LL.D., M.P. ; vice-
president, James S. Napier, Esq.; secretary and
treasurer, Alex. A. Fergusson, 38 M'Alpine street;
superintendent and collector, Daniel Graham, 43
Holmhead street.
Instituted 1865. ^
The Society was instituted in 1865, and has f(
its object the religious, educational, and social elevi
tion of the boys and girls of Glasgow. Memberahip-
22,000 boys and girls, and 2200 voluntary workei
Has 86 branches in the city .and suburbs.
Honorary President — The Earl of Aberdeen.
Honorary vice-Presidents — Rev. Joseph Brow
D.D., Rev. D. MacLeod, D.D., Rev. James M'Ewe
M.A., Rev. Alex. Skene, M.A , Rev. Thos. Dobbi
Rev. Jas. Brown. Rer. John Orr, Rev. D. B. Ma:
pherson, Hon. Wm. M'Onie, Lord Provost, Sir Williai
Collins, John Burns, James Campbell, Wm. Meikl
J. Campbell White, James S. Napier, and J. Neils
Directors — James Dick president; A. MacKeit
vice-president; Wm. Martin, treasurer; Wm. Hisk
secretary ; George Hunter, Alexander Scott, J. ,
Sandilands, R. Wilson, Thomas Macnair, Jas. Gnl
land, Samuel Chisholm, Geo. Connell, Jas. IM'Omii
C. A. Forsyth, John Coltart, Robert Oliphant, Janr
Mitchell, and Robert Goodwin, directors. Commiti
Rooms, The Christian Institute, 70 Bothwell stree
Total abstinence from all intoxicating liquors as
beverage, and the absolute prohibition of the mar
facture, importation, and sale of intoxicating Uqm
to be used as a beverage.
No person can be admitted to membership in 1
Order unless he believes in the existence of Almigl
God as the Ruler and Governor of all things, and
willing to take the pledge for life. Under this rule
classes are welcomed.
There are 700 adult lodges in Scotland, with
membership of 40,000, and 300 juvenile lodges, w:
20,000 members. Each lodge meets weekly for t
transaction of business and the initiation of n
members. The Order is sustained by the weel
contributions of its members. A regular staff
agents is employed, who address meetings throuc
out the country.
Wm. W. Turnbull, 72 Great Clyde St., Glasgc
grand worthy secretary.
Objects. — To combat and expose, by every le
timate means, the pretensions and claims of 'i
Papacy, as opposed to God's truth and the civil 8'
religious liberty of mankind ; to disseminate a knc;
ledge of, and give direction to the all-importi
principles and interests involved in the Protest:
Reformation ; to expose and counteract the insidi(
propagation of infidelity and other prevalent forms,,
unscriptural error; to foster among the membeni
vital Christianity.
President, Alex. Jamieson, M.B., L.R.CS.E., iS-
vice-president, William Graham; treasurer, Jac!
Heaney, 117 John Knox St.; secretary, Mr. Will':
Connal, 64 South Shamrock St.; agent, Thos. W
chell, 104 Upper King Street, Govan.

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