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Martin, Wm. Dundyvan Iron and
Steel Works; resid. Claremont
house, Blairhill
Mason, Alex, brickbuilder, Craig-
ielea cottage, 58 Cbiircli street
Mason, Wm. 68 Colt terrace
Matheson, George, tailor, 18 Church
Maxwell, Marshall, & Co. iron and
brass founders, Dnndyvan ; res.
Boston place, Lapgloau
Maxwell, Samuel, Horse Shoe Inn,
62 Sunnyside rd
Meikle, Richard, boot and shoe
maker, 131 Bank st
Merry & Cuninghame, iron mas-
ters, Carnbroe Ironworks
Middleton, Thomas, & Co., grocers
and wine merchants, 137 Bank
Millar, Alex, grocer and provision
merchant, 68 Main st.; ho. Gil-
land's land, Portland street
Miller, Alex. R. ironmaster, res.
Stanfield house, Blairhill
Miller & Co. engineers, Vulcan
Miller, George, portioner, Rose-
hill, 15 Sunnyside road
Miller, James, colliery manager,
Shawhead cottage
Miller, James, daii-yman, 10 Church
Jililler, John F. engineer, Vulcan
Morris, James, hatter, 64 Main st.;
res. Portland street
Morrison, Geo. contractor, 6,8 Bread
Morrison, James T.wine and spirit
merchant, 3, 4 Sunnyside road ;
res. St. John st.
Morrison, Wm. greengrocer, 134
Bank street
Morton, James, coal merchant.
Goods station, Cal. Ry
Morton, James, Allanton Collierj',
Newmains; resid. Manor park,
Muir, James, cashier, Summerlee
Muir, Jas. W. portioner, 59 Church
Muir, James (at Summerlee Iron
Co.), res. Summerlee cottage
jMurpby, John, wine and spirit
merchant, 39 Sunnyside road
IMurphy, Miss, spirit merchant,
Neish's land, Dundyvan road
]\Iurray & Paterson, engineers,
Coatbank Engine Works
Murray, Peter, wood merchant,
Blairmount villa, Blairhill
Murray, Peter, flesher, 113 Main
Murray, Rich, engineer, Coatbank
Murray & Taylor, plumbers, tin-
smiths, and gasfitters, 31 Bank st
Mun-ay, W. & P. wrights and
timber merchants, Victoria Saw
Mills, Bank st
Murray, Wm. wood merchant,
Ferndean ho. Blairhill
]\Iurray, William, sale-room, 109
Main street
Nicholson, Jas. boilermaker, Sun-
nyside ; res. Mount Zion cot
Neil, John, grocer and draper,
Neill, Maggie, confectioner, 101
Bank st.; res. Dundyvan rd
Neilson, Alex, cashier, 28 Moss-
bank terrace
Neilson & Clelland, iron and steel
merchants, 116 and 120 Main st
Neilson, George, ironmaster, Sum-
merlee house
Neilson, George, ironmaster ; ho.
38 Church st
Neilson, Jas. tailor and clothier,
2 Gartsherrie road
Neilson, Wm. portioner, 41 Albert
Neilson, Wm. jun. grocer and pro-
vision mercht., 76 and 78 Church
Neivell, Wm. manager, Coats Iron
Works ; ho. 19 Baird street
Nicoll, Alex. F., Live Stock Auction
Mart, Men-yston
Nisbet, John, engineer, Gartshen-ie
Ironworks ; res. Academ}' st
Nisbet, Richard, wine and spirit
merchant, 25 Main st
Nobel's Explosive Co. (Ld.); agent,
Wm. Watson
Nutt, Matt., accountant, 3 Aimer
villa, Dunbeth street
Nutt, Robert, solicitor, 10 Sunny-
side road ; res. Adam villa, Bank
Oakley, Albert Daniel, hairdresser
and perfumer, Brown's land,
34 Sunnyside road
O'Donoghue, Timothy A. Inland
Revenue ofBcer, Rosslin terrace
Ogilvy, Alex. M.A. Free Church
minister, Free Middle manse, 161
Bank street
O'Hear, Hugh, pawnbroker and
saleroom, 101 Main street and 8
John St.; res. 27 Academy st
O'Kane, John, provision merchant,
74 Bank street
O'Keefe, Michael, R.C. clcrgjinan,
Main street
Old Drug Hall, Main st
O'Mara, M., draper, 21 St. John
Old Monldand Conservative Asso-
ciation, 28 Church street; George
Shaw, sec. and treas.
O'Neill, Chas. wine mcr., 165 and
167 Main st
O'Neill, Hugh, grocer and pro-
vision merchant, 185 Main st
Page, James, pawnbroker, Dundy-
van street; res. Lusk's land,
4 Water street
Paterson, Alexr. grocer, 14, 98
Main st. ; res. Blythswood cot.
Paterson, Alex, farmer, Gamguun
Paterson, Andw. farmer, Kilgarth
Paterson, John, fanner, Rawmoan
Paterson, Jn. engineer, 31 Academy
Paton, Mrs. Western Medical Hall,
52 Bank st.; res. 6 Dundyvan rd
Paton, Mrs. Albion Saleroom, 40
Sunnyside rd. ; ho. 23 Baird st
Patrick, James, cashier, Carnbroe
Paul, Wm. potato merchant. Main
street ; res. 60 Chnrch street
Pettigrew, Alexr. printer, book-
seller, and stationer, 54 Main st. ;
res. Albert place
Pettigrew, John T., tobacconist, 41
Main st.; res. G3 Burnbank rd
Pettigrew, Robert, stationer, 22
Sunnyside road
Pettigrew, Robt. draper, 19 Sunny-
side road ; res. Academy st
Pettigrew, Robt., ironmaster, Dun-
beth house.
Pettigrew, Eobt. spirit merchant,
60 Buchanan street
Pettigrew, Wm. wine and spirit
merchant, 18 Main street ; res.
Academy street
Pevie, Wm. tailor, 2 Baird street,

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