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Laurence, John, teacher, Old Monk-
land Public School
Lavery, Llrs. G., saleroom, 25 Bank
Lawrie, Gavin, storekeeper, Gart-
sherrie Ironworks
Lawrie, James, grain merchant,
7 Academy st.; res. 11 Church st
Lees Bros, grocers and provision
merchants, 119 Bank st. and
Dundyvan rd
Leonard, Wm. ironwork manager,
N. British house
Letham, John, iron and steel
merchant, Kirk pi. 21 Baird st
Lewin, W. H. gardener, Drumpel-
lier house
Lewsly, Edward, mrcht., 42 Sunny-
side road
Lidgerwood, W. V. V. engineer.
Speedwell Iron Works
Linch, Jas. teacher, 23 Ivluiryhall st
Lindsay, Alex., baker, 3 Church st
Lindsay, David, greengrocer aud
china merchant, 112 Bank st
Lindsay, John, wine and spirit
merchant, SO Main street; res.
Eosslin house
Livingston, Mrs. Jane, wine, spirit,
and earthenware merchant, 173,
175, 177 Bank st
Lockhart, Archd., grocer, 116 Bu-
chanan st
Lockhart, John, wine and spirit
merchant, 97 Bank street
London & Newcastle Tea Co., 88
Main st
Longmure, David, dairyman, 172
Buchanan street
Loudon, Samuel, herbalist, 14 St.
John st
Louttit, John, postmaster, Wilson
Low, David, railway contractor,
Manseview, Old Monkland
Lumsden, Mrs. portioner, 64 John st
Lusk, James, & Sons, bakers,
17 Slain street
I\l'Andrew, Wm. governor. Old
Monkland Poorhouse
JI'Ara, Alex. E. grocer, 122 Sun-
nyside road; ho. Bathvalle store,
M'Ara, John, carriage hirer, Sim-
nyside; ho. 51 Academy st
M'Ara, Robert, funeral undertaker,
65 and 79 Sunnyside road
IM'Avoy, Eev. Thos., St. Patrick's
E. C. Ch.; ho. Chapel house
M'Brearty, wine and spirit mer-
chant, 24, 25 Sunnyside rd.; res.
High street, Airdrie
M'Cartney, Wm. printer, bookseller,
and stationer, G Baird st. Sunny-
M'Colgan, James, Glasgow Sale
Shop, Dundyvan rd
M'Cosh, Andrew K. (oi William
Baird & Co.), res. Woodside ho.
M'Crimon, M. , dealer, Dundyvan
M'Culloch, Alex, agent, 45 Church
M'Culloch, Thos. watchmaker and
jeweller, Sunnyside road ; resid.
Greeuhill ter
M'Culloch, Wm. blacksmith, 10
Baird street
Macdonald, Peter, cashier, Lang-
loan Ironworks ; and secretary,
San Fermin Mining Co. ; resid.
Langloan cottage
M'Dougall, Allan, wine and spirit
merchant, 10 Dundvvan road
M'Dougall, Eev. William C, West
Free Church ; ho. Victoria villa,
Weir street
M'Dougall, Miss, draper and mil-
liner, Whitflet
M'Dowall, James, boot and shoe-
maker, 11 Bank St.; resid. Ten-
nant's place
M'Farlane, Dun. merchant, Couper-
head lodge
M'Farlane, Duncan, Locomotive
inspector, N.B.E.; res. 107 Dun-
beth terrace
Macfarlane, T. A. & J. M., solici-
tors and N. P., Bank bdgs. 20
Main st.; res. Jackson villa,
M'Farlane, Eobt. bootmaker, Gart-
sherrie road
Macfarlane, Thos. grocer, 6 Sunny-
side rd.; res. 25 Baird st
M'Gaughran, Edward, bookseller,
116 Main st.
]\I'Ghie, James, tube manufacturer,
Coats' Tube Works; res. 127
Dunbeth rd
M'Gibbon, John, mason. Weir st
M'Gowan, A. general dealer, 68
English sq. Dundyvan
M'Gregor, Peter, grocer, 68 Church
M'Grorty, Patrick, fiesher, 76 Bank
M'Guire, Connor, spirit merchant,
87 Main street
M'Guire, Edward T.,prov. mercht.
19 and 21 Bank st
]\I'Kaveny, Hugh, saleroom, 67
Bank st
Mackay, Mrs. Jane, grocer and
spirit merchant, Langloan
M'Killop, Alexander, pawnbroker,
191 Theatre bdgs ; ho. Airdrie
MTvillop, D. D., spirit merchant,
66 Main st.; ho. 50 do
M'Knight, Alex, teacher, Gart-
sherrie Academy ; ho. 62 Eosslin
M'Lachlan, Henry, accountant and
messenger-at-arms. Main street;
res. Viewfield house, Blairhill
M'Lachlan, John, w-riter, 55 Bath
street, Glasgow ; res. Viewfield
House, Blairhill
MacLaren, Colin F. cashier, Globe
Ironworks, I\Iotherwell ; resid.
9 Church street
MacLaren, Eobt inspector of mines
- 105 Dunbeth terrace
MacLaren, Wm. draper, 94 Iilaii
St.; ho. 113 Dunbeth terrace
M'Lay, James, fiesher, 88 Banii
M'Lean, Peter, merchant. Whiffle
M'Lellan, Arch. Coatshill
M'Lure, Alex, traveller, 77 Dunbeth
M'Manus, Edward, grocer, 194
Buchanan st
M'Millan, James, grain miller,i
Langloan IMill
M 'Naught, David Craig, manufac-
turer and warehouseman, 33
Main st.; ho. Deanston, Blairhill
M'Owat, Wm. C. slater and plas-
terer, 21 Academy st
M'Parland, Patrick, saleroom, 77
Bank st
M'Phail, Donald, refreshment'
rooms, Gartsherrie road
M'Quarrie, Angus, grocer & spirit
merchant, 113 Bank st
M'Queen, David L. clothier, 52 Main
St. ; res. Spring Garden cottage
M'Queen, J. spirit merchant, 103
Bank st
M'Trusty, Hugh, & Co. drapers
and milliners, 28 Sunnyside rd.)
res. 6 Tennant's place
Mack & Dick, clothiers, 62 Main s(
Slain, Robert, manager, Carnbros
Malcolm, A. B. hatter, 8 Main st.;
res. Hallcraig st. Airdrie
Slalone, Arthur, wine and spiril
merchant, 37 Bank street
Marshall, James, synod evangelist
Coatdyke Mission; res. 24Churcl:
Marshall, James, dairyman, ii
Academy st
Marshall, Dr. John, Hamilton pi
126 Bank st. Langloan
Marshall, Jn., saddler, 1 1 Sunnysid(<
Marshall, Thomas G. engineer
Eosehall ; res. Green Moor place
Marshall, W. bootmaker, 133 Mair
Marshall, Mrs. Eobert, earthenwan
merchant, Gartsherrie road,
Martin, Hugh, jun. ironmaster
res. Hughenden house, BlairhiU
Martin, Hugh, & Sons, Coatbridgi
Iron Works ;
Martin, James, ironmaster, Ella
gowan cottage, St. John st
Martin, John, boot and shoemaki
35 Main st.; res. Church st
Martin, Thomas, stationmast
Langloan Station, Cal. Ey.

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