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Philip, Mark, clerk, Cosie cottage,
58 Colt terrace
Phillips & • Co. confectioners and
preserve makers, 47, 51 Church
Phillips, Thos., wine merchant, 31
Main st
Phillips, Thos., 53 Church street
Phillips, Thos. (of Phillips & Co.),
ho. Woodlands house, Church st
Plant, Valentine, grocer, 47 Aca-
demy street
Prentice, Robt. dairyman,18 Muiry-
hall st
Pultney, James, cashier, Calder
Purdie, Wm. builder, Greenhill ter
Rabone, Samuel, wine and spirit
merchant, 96 Buchanan st.
Ramsay, A. & W. drapers and
clothiers, 80 Main st
Ramsay, Rev. Alex. B.D. U.P.
Ramsay, William, underground
manager, Gartsherrie
Rankin, T. T. rector, Gartsherrie
Science School
Rankin, Jlrs. Thos. fruiterer and
confectioner, Gartsherrie rd
Rankin, Sliss, Union cottage, 46
St. John street
Redpath, Adam, spirit merchant,
Dandyvan road
Reid, George, grocer and provision
merchant, Gartsherrie road
Reid, Hamilton C, M.D. surgeon,
60 Roslyn ten, Jluiryliall street
Reid, Henry W. grocer and pro-
vision merchant, 45 Main street ;
ho. 68 Strathern villa
Reid, Jno. blacksmith, Gartsherrie
house, Hornock cottage
Reid, Matthew, blacksmith, Hor-
nock cottage
Reid, Robert, clerk, Summerlee
Ironworks ; ho. Blairgrove ter
Reid, Mrs. A. C. wine and spirit
merchant, 53 Sunnyside road
Rennie, Dr. Academy street
Renton, John, restaurant, Lang-
loan ; ho. Park place
Revie, Wm., grocer and provision
and spirit merchant, 108 Main st
Richmond, Wm., wine and spirit
merchant, Langloan
Riddell & Russell, painters, 71
Main street
Riddel, Mrs. greengi-ocer, 1 Water
Risk, Walter, cashier, Murray pi.,
Weir st
Robb, Jas. portioner, 36 Church st
Rochsolloch Iron Co. malleable iron
Rodger, J. H. Phcenix Ironworks ;
ho. 12 Church st.
Rodger, Robt. Harvie, watchmaker
and jeweller. Main street ; ho.
Coathill cottage, Gartsherrie
Rodger, Thos. tailor and clothier,
Perman's land, 12 Church st
Ross, John, grocer, 65 Albert ph,
Dunbeth street
Russell, Alex, iron and machinery
merchant, Whitflet; ho. Dun-
beth terrace
Russell, Alex, clerk, Summerlee
Ironworks; ho. Summerlee.
Russell, Jas., teacher, 48 St. John st
Russell, Wm. portioner, 38 Colt ter
Sands, John, cricket emporium,
San FerminMining Co. P.M'Donald
sec. Langloan ironworks
Sanderson & M'Geachie, boot and
shoe warehouse, 112 Main st
Saunders, Geo. tailor and clothier,
4 Dundyvan rd
Saunders, John, wine and spirit
merchant, Dundyvan rd
Scott, David, provision merchant
70 Sunnyside road
Scott, Thos. flesher, 16 Main sti-eet ;
ho. Colt ter
Scott, Mrs. John, spirit merchant,
18 Sunnyside road; ho. Rosehill
Service, Wm. S. solicitor and
notary public, 1 Academy st
Shand, Peter, spirit merchant, 81
Main street
Shanks, Alex, farmer and contrac-
tor, East Shawhead
Shanks, Gavin, draper, 26 and 28
Main st
Shanks, James, farmer, Gartliston
Sharp, Robt. iron merchant and
colliery furnisher, Sunnyside rd.;
ho. Church st
Shaw, George, timber merchant
and commission agt. 13 Water st
Shaw, Jas. shoemaker, 46 Bank st
and 32 Sunnyside road; house,
Bellevue cottage, Coatshill.
Shaw, Thos. joiner, Baird st. ; res.
Brownlie's land. Railway st.
Shearer, John, bookkeeper, Sum-
merlee Ironworks
Shedden, A. B., district superin-
tendent, Scottish Legal Life As-
surance Society, Sunnyside ter
Simpson, William, boot and shoe
maker, 100 Main st.; ho. Chm-ch-
hill Cottage
Sloss, John, cashier, Shawhead
Smellie, John, spirit merchant and
flesher, 191 Bank street
Smellie, Robt. grocer, Langloan.
Smellie. Thos. clerk, Slurray place,
10 Weir st
Smith, Alex, grocer and spirit
merchant, 122 & 124 Buchanan
Smith, James, Coatbridge Tinplate
Works ; ho. Coats cot. Dundyvan
Smith, .John, & Co. oakum manu-
facturers ; res. Burnside house
Smith, John, wine and spirit mer-
chant, Greenhill ter
Smith, J. portioner, Coltswood rd
Smith, Peter, saleroom, Dundyvan
Smith, Thomas, Shawhead
Somer, Rev. Robt. B.D. Gartsherrie
Parish Church ; ho. Gartsherrie
Manse j
Soutter, Mrs. , milliner and dress- ]
maker, 76 Sunnyside road
Spence, Charles, saddler, Lang-
loan ; ho. Rosebank Cottage
Spence, John, & Sons, plumbers
and gasfitters, 53 Main st
Spence, Wm. portioner, Crichton st
Spencer, John, ironmaster, Kirk-
wood House
Stark, Wm., china merchant, 75
Main street ; ho. 36 Church st
Steel, James, farmer, Blacklands
Steel, Robt. spirit merchant, Coats
Store, Main street
Steel, Wm. spirit merchant, 2 and
4 Main street; and Woodend,
Stewart, A. & J. (Lim.), tube
manufacturers, Clyde Tube Wks
Stewart, Donald, superintendent of
police ; ho. Murray pi
Stewart, Simon, mason, Stewart's
land; Langloan
Stewart, Walter, schoolmaster,
Gartsherrie School
Stewart Wm. teacher, Gartsherrie
Academy, 35 Academy st
Stewart, Wm. A. slater and plas-
terer, Albany pi. 27 Dunbeth rd
Stirling, Charles, confectioner. 111
Bank street
Stirling, James, boilermaker ; res.
6 Weir st.
Storer, Dr. David, Commercial
house, St. John street
Storer, Dr. Geo., 58 Main street;
res. Commercial house, St. John
Summerlee Iron Co. iron and coal
Sutherland, John, bookkeeper,
Langloan Ironworks ; house, 64
Church street
Swanson, Wm. grocer, Langloan
Symington, Hugh, & Sons, con-
tractors and quarrymasters,
Taggert, Henry, confectioner, Dun-
dyvan rd .;
Taylor, James, 22 Academy st
Taylor, John R. 22 Academy street
Taylor, Peter, plumber, gasfitter,
&c., 31 Bank st
Taylor, Wm. 22 Academy street
Taylor, Wm. farm overseer, Drum-
Tennant, Robert B. spirit mercht.
1, 3 Bank street ; ho. Coatbank
Tennant, Robert, provision mercht.
45 Bank street
Tennant, R. B. Whifflet Foundry;
ho. Coatbank

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