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Braby, F. & Co. makers of patent
corrugated trunks, 335 Argyle
St.; works, Petershill rd — See Ad.
Campbell, John, & Co. 68 Glass-
ford street
Carrick, Jas. G. & Co. Calderwood
st. Parliamentary rd. — See Ad.
Clark & Co. 95 St. Vincent st
Dick, J., 27 Gt. Western rd
•Glasgow Sheet Metal Works, steel,
Blargaret St. High John street
Handley, J. & Sons, 101 Argyle st
Irving Bros. 86 Renfield st
Leckie, Graham, & Co. wholesale
and retail, 116 Union st
M'Farlane, D. & Co. 235 Ingram st
M'Haffie & Co. (steel), Margaret st.
city — See Ad. in App.
Mnnro & Ewing, 18 L. Hamilton st
Paterson, Jas. & Co. 43 Wood-
lands rd
Paterson, Wm. & Son, 200 Rotten-
Eogerson, Thos. & Co. 24, 30
Bluevale st
Taylor, Jas. jun. 63 Mitchell st
Wilkie, Robert, 69 Candleriggs
Alexander, Fergusson, & Co. 36,
48 M'Alpine st. and Ruchill
â– wharf, Mary hill
Allan, Jas. Victoria Tube Works,
Allan, Jas. Victoria Tube "Works,
Coatbridge, iron and steel; agts.
Jas. Cowie& Co.59 St. Vincent
Baker, Thomas, Coatbridge
Barclay & Mathieson, 169 Centre
street, s.s.
Bartrum, Pretyman & Muraford,
London, brass and copper; agt.
Peter Smith, 58 Renfield st.
Birmingham Battery and Metal
Co.; sole agent, Jas Ritchie, 131
Hope street
Blackley, Young, & Co. 103
Holm street
Blair, Alex, agent for J. Wilkes,
Mapplebeck, & Co. 163 West
George street
Bolton, Thos. & Sons, copper and
brass, Oakamoor; agents, G. S.
Eobb & Co., 115 Waterloo st
Boyd, Hart, & Co. paper, 22 Ann
st. Bridgeton
Braby, F. & Co. (Ltd.), 335 Ar-
gyle St.; Works, Petershill road
— See Ad. in App.
Broughton Copper Co. (Ltd.), Man-
chester, seamless and brazed,
brass and copper ; F. Broadley,
agent, 28 St. Enoch square
Broughton, W. H. & Co. Smeth-
wick ; J. J. H. Cruikshank, 62
St. Vincent street, agent
Brown, Wm. S. 41 Oswald st
Caledonian Tube Co. Coatbridge
Cameron &Roberton, South Bank
Iron Works and Star Foundry,
Carrick, Jas. G. & Co. speaking,
Calderwood st. Parliamentary rd
— See Advertisement in Appen.
Chisholm & Law, 46 Washington
City Tube Works, 35 Rose st. s.s.
Clyde Tube Works, 41 Oswald
Clydesdale Tube Works, Euthergl
Cowan, Jno. agt. for Thos. Bolton
& Sons, Oakamoor, 7 Commerce
street, s.s.
Cowie, Jas. & Co. brass and boiler
tubes, 59 St. Vincent st
Donald, Jn. & Son, patent conical,
42 Cadogan st
Dunderdale, C, 119 St. Vincent st
Eadie, James, & Sons, Clydesdale
Tube Works, Rutherglen
Evered & Co. Lim. (brass and
copper), Surrey works, Smeth-
wick; office, 253 Argyle st
Everitt, Allan, & Sons ; agents,
Morris, Warden & Co., 21 W.
Nile st
Gas & Water Appliances Co., 9
Bothwell St. — See Ad. in Ap.
Glasgow Iron & Brass Wire Co.
9 York buildings, York street
Glasgow Sheet Metal Works, Mar-
garet St. High John st
Gorbals Works, 3 Oxford st
Govan Tube Co. Broomloan road,
Graham, D. & G. speaMng, 140
Douglas st
Henderson, Chas. & Co. 9 York st
Laidlaw, R. & Son, cast iron pipes
for water and gas. Alliance
Foundry, 147 E. Milton st. and
Broomhill Foundry, 358 Debbie's
loan, and Lambhill Foundry,
Laidlaw, Sons, & Cains, Limited,
cast and wrought iron for gao,
water, and steam, Barrowfield
Iron Works, Fordneuk st
Lane, Howard, & Co. 75 St.
George's pi
Lawson & TurnbuU, 18 to 28 James
Watt street
Leslie & Hall, 50 Cadogan st. ;
agents for John Wilkes & Son,
Lester, Wm. Coal Exchange, 11
W. Regent st
Llewellins Machine Co. Bristol
M'Corkindale, Arch. & Sons, 182
M'Farlane, Strang, & Co. (Limited)
office, 204 St. Vincent st
M'Ghie, Jas. & Co. Coats Tube
Works, Coatbridge
M'Haffie & Co, speaking, Mar-
garet St., city — See Adv.
M'Laren, R. & Co. Canal st. s.s.
M'Lellan, Geo & Co. india-rubber,
Maryhill rd. ; warehouse, 55
Robertson st
M'Leod, Wm. & Co. 56 Robertson
Marshall, John, & Sons, Glasgow
Tube Works, Swanston st
Menzies & Blagburn's patent, 20
Carlton pi — See Ad.
Menzies, Jas. & Co. iron, 36 Lon-
don St.; wks., Dalmarnock bridge
Muirhead, A. & Co. leather, 14
Brunswick lane
Nelson, D. M. 164 St. Vincent st
North British Tube Works, Govan
Richmond, David, City Tube
Works, 35 Rose st. s.s.
Richmond, David, & Co. lap-
welded iron and steel boiler
tubes, North British Works,
Broomloan rd. Govan
Robb, G. S. & Co. copper and
brass, agents for Thos. Bolton &
Sons, 115 Waterloo st
Steel Nut & Tube Co. Manchester ;
agent, W. R. Arthur, 60 West
Howard st
Stewart, Andrew & James, Ltd. 41
Oswald St. and at Coatbridge
Sun Tube Co. Coatbridge
Tradeston Tube Co. 48 Wallace
St. s.s.
Turnbull, Stewart, & Co. Vermont
Works, 15 VermoLt st.
Turner, Geo. agent, 81 St. Geo. pi
Vivian H. H. & Co., Ltd., Birming-
ham; C. Dunderdale, sole agent,
119 St. Vincent st
Watson, Gow & Co. Etna Foundry,
Lilybank road
Watt, Charles, 45 Bothwell street
Weldless Steel Tube Co. Birming-
ham ; sole agents, Blackley,
Young, & Co. 103 Holm st
Wilkes, John, Mapplebeck, & Co.
Birmingham; Hendry Bros.,
80 Gt. Clyde st. agent
Wilkes, John, & Sons, Birming-
ham; agents, Hendry Brothers,
79 Gt. Clyde st
Wilkes, John, & Sons, Birming-
ham; Leslie & Hall, agents, 50^
Cadogan street
Wilson, John, Buchan st, and
Helen st. Govan
Blackley & Young, 103 Holm st
Darling & Taylor, 217 Argyle st
Murray, James, Murray's patent,]
8 Brown st
Riddell, W. & Co. 142 Trongate
Rowat, A. & Co. 25 Candleriggs. — |
See Advt. in Appendix

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