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Oonnell, Wto. 188 Ingram street
Cook, L. 38 Oswald street
Cossar, James, 30 Willowbank st
Crawford, James, 121 Finlay dr
Cunningham, Jas. 51 Dundas st
Cunningham, John, 98 Clarence st
Cuzen, F. 56 Wilson street
Dalgli^h, H. 27 St. Enoch sq
Dalziel, D. T. (atLorimer&Moyes')
Davidson, D. jr. 249 Eglinfon st
Davidson, H. W. 101 Glassford st
Dickie, T. 14 Albert road
Dickson, Geo. T. (at Stewart &
Dingwall, R. 87 Sydney st
Donaldson, J. (at J. Ritchie & Co.'s)
Dowall, James, 87 Thistle street,
Downie, J.(at Grieve & Cocbrane's)
Drummond, D. 14 Kelburn ter
Drummond, G. (at W. L. Aim
& Co.'s)
Dmilop, A. (at E. & C. J. Cruick-
Dunsmore, H. 108 PoUok st
Eadie, John (at H. MacBean &
Fairbairn, Wm. (at T, B. Camp-
bell & Sons')
Farrell, P. (at Finlay Bell's)
Ferguson, P. 8 Florence place
Ferguson, T. T. (at Gumming &
Finnic, G. 108 Pollok st
Fisher, J. B. (at Semple, M'Lean,
& Reid's)
Forbes, A. W. (at Adam Heugh's)
Forsyth, E. 106 N. Frederick st
Foster, Josh, 24 Buchanan street
Fraser, Alex. (S. Mitchell & Son)
Galloway, E. 36 Grafton street
Gemmell, Adam, 84 Buccleuch st
Gillespie, James, Crown Brewery-
Graham, P. R. 48 St. Vin. cres.
Grant, G. 184 Comelypark st
Grant, P. (at Pringle & Crichton's)
Grant, W. at Cruickshank, Fraser,
& Co.'s
Griffiths, T. 32 Minerva street
Gurin, W. 167 St. Vincent st
Guthrie, R. W. (at Arthur & Hin-
Hall, Jas. 59 Charlotte street
Halley, W. J. B. 96 Renfield st
Hamilton, A. P. 19 Apsley place
Hamilton, Arch. H. (at H. Mac-
Bean & Co.'s)
Hamilton, John, 51 Oswald street
Hamilton, R. (at Campbell &
Hamilton, Wm. Ibrox Flour Mills
Hannah, S. 481 St. Vincent st
Hart, Jno. 65 Bath street
Hangb, David (for Firth & Miller,
Huddersfield), Clydeview, Ud-
' dingston
Henderson, Wm. 46 West Howard
Henshaw, W. L. 24 Buchanan st
Hutcheson, T. 24 Centre street,
Hyde, F. 275 Parliamentary road
Johnstone, J. (at S. Allsopp & Son's)
Johnstone, W. B. 16 Dixon st
Kay, Jas. (at D. & J. Parker's)
Kirkpafrick, A. (at J. M Glashan's,
109 Hope street)
Knox, P. 84 Gordon st
Lake, A. 12 Renfield street
Lawrie, Geo. (at Brown, Downes,
& Co.'s)
Lees, Geo. 137 Slatefield street
Lofthouse, A. W. 10 Albert rd
Logan, Jas. 55 W. Campbell st
Lyle, C. 178 Bellfield street
Lyon, Jas. A. 128 Raeberry st
M'Callum, Jno. (at R. Wother-
spoon & Co.'s)
M'Donald, F. H. 16 Dixon street
M'Donald, H. 167 St. Vincent st
M'Dougall, D. 50 Prince's street,
M'Ewan, "W. 8 Craignesfock pi
M'Gregor, R. (at Campbell &
M'Intosh, A. 81 Abington st
M'Kean, Wm. Wellshot Brewery,
M'Lachlan, Jas. 57 Old Dum-
barton road
M'Lauchlan, J. 257 St. George's rd
M'Laren, Alex, (at Dobbie, Forbes,
& Co.'s)
M'Lean, R. S. 109 Hope street
M'Lennan, R. 16 Dixon st
M'Letchie, R. M. 80 Finlay drive
M'Naugbt, J. B. II Stonefield ter
M'Naughton, Wm. 21 Hope street
M'Queen, R. (at F. & J. Smith's)
M'Sorley,P.(atTaylor& Ferguson's)
M'Vey, D. 394 Crown street
Manderson, Wm. 5 Kirk st. s.s.
Marks, W. 154 Thomson street
Martin, John, City Saw Mills
Menzies G. (at Smith & Sharp's)
Miller, Jno. (at Smith & Sharp's)
Mitchell, Jno. 29 Gt. Western rd
Mitchell, R. 101 Glaasford street
Mowat, Wm. 55 W. Campbell st
Muir, Robt. (at Jos. Doran's)
Murray, W, (at Marshall & Steven's)
Nairn, W. 1 loiia pi
Naismith, T. 61 Oswald st
Newman, J. 5 Morrison's court
Nicol, Thomas D.284 Dumbarton
road, Partick
Nicol, W. 37 Moir street
Ormiston, J. (at Cmnming &
Page, A. 15 Renfield st
PatersoD, James, 19 Spoutmouth
Paterson James, 51 Eldon place
Paton, John, 47 York street
Phillips, A. M., 13 Drury st
Philp, D. 12 Langside rd
Potter, A. 15 So. Portland st
Pratt, John H. 296 Bath street
Pringle, A. 4 W. Nile street
Ralston, R. W. 22 Willowbank cf
Rankin, Jno., 51 Oswald st
Rathie, R. W., 81 Robertson st
Reid, Alex. 62 Miller st
Reid, A. at Gray, Dunn, & Co.'s
Reid, C. J. B. 22 Carnarvon st
Reid, Robt. 84 Oswald st
Reid, R. W. 281 St. George's rd
Reid, T. H. 20 Stirling road
Reid, Wnr). juD. Ardenlee, Lenzle
Revans, H. P. 45 Washington st
Richardson, Jas. 28 Dixon avenue
Richmond, D. (at Marshall &
Richmond, D. 73 W. Regent st
Robb, W. 300 Cathcart road
Robert on, J. L. 5 Hill st. Garneth
Robertson, John, 2 Alexandra pi
Robertson, T. (at Hunter, Barr &
Ross, C. M. 6 Lochinvar ter
Simpson, G. 10 W. CampbeU st
Simpson, Jno., 98 Dumbarton rd
Sinclair, Jno. Ill Sword st
Smart, R. (at James Herriot's)
Smith, Geo. jun. at Sun Foundry
Smith, John A. 101 Glassford st
Smith, Wm., 27 Montrose st
Spence, A. B., 90 Mitchell st
Stevenson, Archd. 16 S. Apsley pi
Stevenson, Jno., Saracen Foundry
Stevenson, Jno. 266 St. George's rd
Stewart, Robt.(at Semple, M'Lean,
& Reid's)
Stewart, Wm. 167 St. Vincent st
Sturrock, R. 27 St. Enoch square
Summers, W. B., 368 Dumbar. rd
Thomson, C. C. 18 Westbank ter
Thomson, Jas. (at M'Donald &
Thomson, James, 188 Ingram st
Thomson, Jas. (at R. S. Dickson's)
Turnbull, D. 13 Virginia st
Turner, H. 234 Berkeley st
Urquhart, J. 19 Prince's street,
Viney, G. W. 2 Renton ter
Waddell, Jas. (at A. & B. Coch-
Waldie, R. 3 Billhead st
Watson, And. 49, 51 Oswald st
Watson, John D. 13 Waterloo st
Watt, Arch. 5 Derby st
"Weston, B. City Saw Mills
White, Thos. 47 York street
White, Thos., 7 GartWand st
Wilson, C. W. 238 Berkeley st
Wilson, D. 33 N. Albion st
Wilson, John, 166 Gt. George st
Wilson, P. 114 Trongate
Wilson, T. 51 Dundas street
Wyllie, F. 176 Thomson st
Yule, Wm. 292 Cathcart rd
American and Continental Stores,
345 Argyle st
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