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Nobel's Explosives Co. (Ld. ) ; John
L. Taylor, sec. 149 W. George st
North British Chemical Co. (Lim.);
Jno. E. Watson, sec. 149 Hopest
Paterson Bros., 250 Buchanan st
Patercon's Chemical Manufacturing
Co. (Limited), Phoenix Chemical
Works, Mary hill ; office, 58 W.
Eegent street ; registered office,
75 do.
Pattinson, H. L. & Co. Newcastle-
• on-Tyne ; agents, Rankin &
Tod, 27 Oswald street
Perry & Hope, Forth and Clyde
Chemical Works, Kirkintilloch
Phillip, P. & Co. 57 Norfolk st
Poynter, John, & Son, 72 Gt. Clyde
Pnmpherston Oil Co., Ltd., 115 St.
Vincent st
Eobertson, Chas. H. broker, 17
Oswald st
Eobertson, Eobert, 87 Union st
Eoss, Jas. & Co. Falkirk. — See Adv.
St. Denis Dye Stuff ami Chemical
Co. Limited, 131a St. Vincent st;
Andrew Findla)', agent
St. Mungo Chemical Co. Euchill,
St. Eo'llox Chemical Works, 229
Castle street
Seville Sulphur & Copper Co.
(Limited), 104 West George st
Simpson, Wm. Jrote', 145 Queen st
Smitb, Ernest, 182 West street,
Smith, Eichard, 182 West st. s.s.
and Craigielea Chemical Works,
Springbank Chemical Co. Kirkin-
tilloch ; pi. of call, G. M'Farlane's,
25 Wellington street
Stanford, Edward C. C. F.C.S. (of
the North British Chemical Co.)
149 Hope street
Steel, John C. 108 Cathcart road,
Steel, John C. & Co., 12 Victoria
St. Port-Eglinton
Steven, William, Clyde Chemical
Works, Old Keppochhill road
Stevenson, Carlile, & Co. 23 West
Nile st. ; works, 51 Millburn st
Stuart, John, 120 Buchanan st;
Taylor, Jas. Falkirli ; agent, AVm.
Simpson, 145 Queen st.
Tennant, Charles, & Co. St. Eollos
and 217 West George street
Tharsis Sulphur & Copper Co.
(Limited), 136 West George st.
and 53 Eenfield st
The Eglinton Chem. Co. (Lmtd.)
27 St. Vincent place
The Glasgow Alum and Ammonia
Co. Limited; works, Hurlet;
office, 401 West st
The Waste Eecovery Co. 21 Green-
hea street j
Thomson, G. & J. 48 French st I
Townsend, J. 13 Crawford st. Port
Townsend, E. & A. W. 128 Bishop
st. Port-Dundas
Truby, Chas. & Co. Manchester ;
agents, W. Grant Paton & Co.
136 Wellington st
Turnbull & Co. 37 W. George st
Wade, J. L. & Co. 26 Avenue st
Walker, G. & Son, 48 French st
Watson, J. D., 162 Eenfield st
Watson, Geo.jun., 112 Waterloo st
Waugh, James, 92 Albert st
West of Scotland Chemical Co. ;
works, Dawsholm, Maryhill ;
office, 16 Dixon st
White, J. & J. Shawfield j office, 7
West George street
Willex, D. 48 Burgher st. Parkbead
Wilson, John, & Sons, Nitsbill
Chemical Works, Hurlet, and
105 Virginia place
Workman, John, & Son, 55 Duke st
Wylie, Jas. & Co. 52 Commercial
Young & Strang, 30 Gordon st. ;
stores, 59 Virginia street
Young's Paraffin Light & Mineral
Oil Company (Limited), SO
George square and 7 West
George st
Burns, Joseph, 8 Eochester st
Gardner, John,& Co. 32 Caledonia
Stewart, W. W. & Co., enter into
contracts for repair without
stoppage to works, by competent
men, who are sent to all parts
of the country; stalks plumbed;
inquiries answered by return ;
office, 365 Scotland st
Thomson, Wm. 36 Grove street
Tosh, David, &. Son, 3 to 11
Brougham st., Greenock
Black, Charles, 105 Stockwell st
Black, Thomson, 267 Buchanan st
Brown, John, 335 Mathieson st
Campbell, Wm. 285 Argyle st
Cook, Adam, 450 Caledonia road
Cranston, Robert, 85 Taylor st
Daly, Peter, 25 Dempster st
Erskine, James, 72 Shamrock st
Fairley, N. & Son, 25 Dean street
Foulds, Allan, 347 New City rd
Grant, Alex. 130 Henderson st. N.
Hunter, John, 136 Eenfield st
Lamb, Wm. 9 Warwick st
Lindsay, Hy. 144 North st
M'Gunnigle, M. 19 Ferguson st
M'Kay, Lachlan, 5 Havelock st
M'Kinlay, E. 44 Cumberland st.
M'Master, Dan. 48 S. Woodsiderd
M'Master, Peter, 24 Nicholson st
Murdoch, David 25 Parson st
Ramsay, D. 33 Inglefield terrace
Eoberts, John, 149 Houston st
Eobertson, Wm. 142 Garngad road
Smith, Peter, 53 Abercromby st
Watson, Henry, 157 North street
Young, Wm. 31 Argyle street
Majer, Craig & Co. London ; 101
St. Vincent st
Semple, G. 34 S. Kinning pi
White, Wm. & Son, pipe-clay, 15
Gibson street
Arbuckle, Jno. 32 and 36 St.
George's rd
Arnott, Mrs. 309 Byars road
Balfour, Alexander, & Co. 295
Dobbie's loan
Barnes. Ann, 40 Dundas street
Bell, 3. & M. P. & Co. Glasgow
Pottery, Stafford st
Bodley, E. F. & Son, Longport ;
Christie Brothers, agents, 188
St. Vincent st
British (The) Anchor Pottery Co ,
Limited, all classes of shipping
goods ; specialty agent, L. C.
Marshall & Co , 53 Waterloo st
Brown, James, Mountblue Pottery,
Brown, Mary, 47 Bridgegate
Burgess, Jas. 1 Eosevale terrace,
Campbell, Eobt. 171 Main street,
Campbellfield Pottery, Eochester st.
and Flemington st. Springburn
Caulfield & Co. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
Christie, Bros. 188 St. Vincent st
Cochran, Robert, & Co. Verreville
Pottery, 149 Finnieston street
Cochran, Eobert, & Co. Britannia
Pottery, 136 Glebe st. St. Eollos
Cnllen, John, 88 Paisley road, W
Dalrymple, James, 26 Stirling rd.
Donaghy, P„ 12, 14, King st. Cal
Dewar, Miss, 363 Sauchiehall st
Downie, John, 114 Eglinton street
Downs & M'Callum, 20 Crown st
Drummond, Andw. 26 Saltmarket
Drummond, .John, 22 Main street,
Drummond, Jlrs. E. 72 Saltmarket
Duncan, John, 544 Butherglen rd
Edmond, Jas. 118 Houston st
Elborn, Jno. 47, 49 St. Enoch sq
Farbridge, HoUiday, & Co. 21 W.
Nile st
Garvey, John, llA W. Milton st
Glasgow Pottery, Stafford street
Gordon, Mrs. Grace, 211 Duke st
Grant, John, 24, 26 Union street
Grosvenor, F. 60 Boden st
Hart, Jane, 74 Gt. Hamilton st

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