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Hunter, Jas. R. 175 Stirling road,
and 208 Gallowgate
Hunter & M'Cormick, 12, 14, and
16 South Albion st
Irvine, James, 109 Crown st
Jack, James, 3i0 London road
Johnston, Ales. 386 Springburn rd
Johnstone, Mrs. 7 Findlay street
Kirkland, Wm. 128 Canning st
'Laing, Jas. 1106 Dumbarton road,
Lockhart, D. & Co. Pollokshaws
M'Callum, A. 18 Raeberry st
M'Combie, Wm. 21 Royal arcade,
and 196 Main st. Anderston
M'Dougall& Sons, 77, 79 Buchan-
an St. and 8 to 22 Jail square
M'Kay, Wm. 115 George st
M'Kean, John (repairer of), 105
W. Graham st
Marshall, L. C, &Co. 53 Waterloo
Miller, E. & C. 44 Main st. s.s.
Miller, Jas. 234 Main st. Anderston
Mitchell, J. Dunlop & Co. and
majolica ware, 136 Ingram st.
and at Old Trinity House, Water
lane, London, E.G.
Murray, Colin, 376 New City road
Naismith, Thos. & Go. 70 Trongate
Newall, Mrs. C. 87 Struan terrace,
North British Pottery Co. 295
Dobbie's loan
Parlane, Tho3. 156, 395 Dum-
barton road, Partick
Paterson, James, 360 Garscube
road, and 150 Castle st
Penman, Howard, 161 Sauchie-
hall street, and 11 Rokeby ter
Port-Dundas Pottery Co. 66 Bishop
Pringle, Peter, 148 Argyle street
Provan, Mrs. 108 J Gt. Hamilton st
Rankin, J. & J. 16, 17 Gt Clyde st.
and 14, 1 6 Castle st. Hamilton
Rattray, J. 253 New City rd. and
31 Main street, Gorbals
Rigg, I. & Son, 55 Buchanan st
Robertson, Jaa. 181 Main st. s.s.
Robertson, Jas. W. 14 Great Wes-
tern road, Hillliead
Scotland, Ales. 158 Duxibarton
Sharkie, Ann, 2 Douglns st.
Shearer, Jas. 402 Paisley rd
Shillinglaw, James K. 58 Paisley
road, west
Shine, John, 13 Radnor street
Sneddon & Sons (wholesale), 125,
127 Stockwell st
Sneddon, Miss, 8 Victoria place,
Mount Florida
Stark, Jas. 571 Gallowgate
Strachan, A. 6 Gourlay street,
- Springburn
Sweeney, T. 43, 45 King st. city
Tait, Duncan, 106 Abercromby st
Tait, Mrs. D. 608a Gallowgate
Thomson, H. E. 277 Duke street
Thomson, J. & Sons, 571 Gallowg.
Thomson, John, SSjSSCowcaddens
Thomson, Robt. 181 St. George's rd
Todd, G. jun. 71-75 Candleriggs
Towers, Wm. 157 Parliamon'ry rd
Trubshaw, Hand, & Co. Longton ;
agents, Caulgeld & Co. 68
Jamaica street
Walrond, G. W. 371 Eglinton st
Wardlaw, Johnston, jr.Star Pottery
Wardlaw street
Watson, William J. 178 North st
Waugh, Allan, 242 Paisley road
Wiikins, Sarah, 464 Gallowgate
Wilson, Robert, 207 Stobcross st
Yates, Matthew, 346 Duke st
Abbott, Wm. 109 Union street
Galbraith, W. R. 448 Argyle st
Norrie, John R. Old Waverley
Hotel, 185 Buchanaa st. — See
Adv. in App.
Seaborne, J. H. 3 Cowan st. Hillh
Tracey, Dr. Thos. F. (chiropodist to
the Earl of Shaftesbury, the
late Earl of Breadalbane, and
Sir James Colquhoun of Luss,
patronised by the nobility and
gentry of the west of Scotland),
consulting rooms, 341 Bath St.,
and 3 West Campbell street
Tracey, Messrs. 341 Bath street,
and 3 West Campbell street
Aird & Thomson, 139 Buchanan st
Dobbio, Alexander, 24 Clyde place
Edward, G. & Sons (to the
Admiralty), 92 Buchanan street
and 12 South Exchange place
Hay, Jas. 16 Bridge st
M'Gregor, D. & Co. to the Royal
Navy, 37, 38 Clyde pi. Glasgow;
also at Greenock, Liverpool, and
M'Innes, Brothers, 8 Buchanan st
M'Queen, H. & Co. 63 Clyde st
Mitchell, J. & W. 140 Buchanan st
Muirhead, James, & Sons, 90 Bu-
chanan st. and 19 Eschange pi.
Muirhead, R. K. 7a Royal Bank pi.
Buchanan st
Sewill, F. {to the Admiralty) 126
Broomielaw and at Liverpool and
Shaw, W. C. 30 Gordon st
Smith, Wm. 13 Sauehiehall st
Walker, M. & Son (to the Royal
Navy), 45 Clyde pi. Glasc;ow,
and 32 Cathcart st. Greenock
Whyte & Co. 144 Broomielaw
Wilkie, Hugh, 181 Duke st
With Name of Churcli to whicli
Abbotsford, William Stevenson, 5
Devon street
Anderston, Richard Jackson, 72
Dumbarton road
Barony, John Chirk, 34 Alesandra
Barrowfield, Henry Rankin, 107
Bernard street
Blackfriars', R. Ross, 223 Duke st
Bluevale, Thomas Whitelaw, 572
Duke street
Blythswood, John Begg, 291
Sauchiehall lane
Bridgegate, R. Alexander, 24 W.
Campbell street
Bridgeton, Wm. Ritchie, 237 New
Dalmarnock rd
BroAvnfield, Thomas Love, 93 Ca-
dogan street
Chalmers, James Lowe, 27 Chal-
mers street
Cobden St. Robert M'Dowall, 171
Garngad road
Dalmarnock, Thomas Emery, 76
Springfield road
Gorbals, J. R. Donald, 33 Norfolk st
Govanhill, John Millar, 123 Alli-
son st
Greenhead, James Dalglish, 127
Greenhead street
Hillhead, Walt. Wallace, 6 Ailsa ter
Hutchesontown, James Cook, 115
Thistle street, s.s.
Kelvinhaugh, Charles Flint, 7
Park St. Kelvinhaugh
Kingston, R. Martin, 14 Buohan st
Kinningpark, Thomas Crawford,
175 W. Scotland st
Laurieston, Wm. Scott, 57 South
Portland street
Macleod Memorial, Walter Gardner,
229 Parliamentary road
Martyrs,' T. F. Menzies, 2 Black
Maxwell, A. C. M'Donald, 111
Pollok street
Milton, Thos. Livingstone, 42 West
Mdton street
Newhall, Duncan Macpherson, 9
Hozier street
Newlands, James Weir, 353 Lon-
don road
Park, Gilb. Nelson, 10 Cumber-
land st. west
Partick (St. Mary's), A. M'Intyre,
166 Gt. George's st
Plantation, D. M'Farlane, 144
Plantation st
Pollokshields, John Armstrong, 56
Shields rd
Possilpark, D. Kerr, 84 Bardowie st
Robertson Memorial, Ales.Jardine,
151 Rottenrow
St. Andrew's, Stephen Hillier, 9
James Morrison street
St. Bernard's, John Graham, 12
Camden street
St. Clement's, D. Brown, 63 Brook
St. Columba's, Hugh Livingston,
3 Killermont st

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