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Miller, James, Son, & Co. 79
West Nile street
Miller, John, 16 St. Vincent pi.
Niven & Co. 27 St. Vincent pi
Rannie, C. J. & Co. 105 Virginia pi
Redfern, Joseph, & Co., 49 Harvie
Reid, Robert, 33 Hope street
Robertson, C. H. 17 Oswald st
Robertson, Jas. & Co. 17 OsvTald st
Schen, Chas. 65 W. Regent st
Sieberg, Henry E. & Co. 147 W.
Regent st
Simpson, William, 145 Queen st
Stuart, Alex. 11 West Nile st
Thomson, H. J. 181 W. George st
Turnbull & Co., 37 W. George st
Watson, Geo., jun., 16 E. Nelson st
White, WaDier, & Co. 138 West
George street
Baird, Robt. 117 Stockwell st—
See Adv.
Baird & Tatlock, 100 Sauchiehall st
Ballantitie, M. 16 Glassford st
Brown, Hugh, & Co. 213 Argylest
BroTfn, Jas. 76 St. Vincent street
— See Adv. in Appen.
Carlaw, David, 52, 64, 56 Rope-
work lane
Davidson, Alex. 47 London st
Dobbie, Alex. 24, 25 Clyde place
Galletti, John, 24 Argyle arcade
Gardner & Lyle, 53 St. Vincent st
HiUiard, W. B. & Sons, 65 Renfield
Kelso & Co. 8 Commerce st. — See Ad
Lawson, Jas. 70 Argyle st
Littlewood, Thomas, 25 Howard st
Lizars, John, 16 Glassford st.
M'Ghie & Bolton, 47 W. Nile st
M'Gregor, Duncan, & Co. 37, 38
Clyde place, 36 Brymiier street,
Greenock, and 72 South Castle
street, Liverpool
Mason, G. & Co. 180 to 186 Sau-
chiehall street
Mitchell, J. Dunlop & Co. (labora-
tory glasses of all kinds), 136
Ingram st., and at Old Trinity
House, Water lane, London, E.C.
Morrison & Sheriff, 120 Broomielaw
Motherwell, John, 77 Renfield st
Sewill, F. 126 Broomielaw
Whyte & Co. 144 Broomielaw
Allan, Wm. & Co., Victoria Chemi-
cal Works, Hurlet
Baird, Wm.& Co. 168 W. George st
Barbour, 0. R. & Co., 6 Soho st
Barr, Wm. & Co. 11 Miller street
Bervie, James M. & Co., 21 Greon-
head street
Blythe, Wm. & Co. 21 W. Nile st
Brash, Robert, jun. 81 and 87
Hamilton street, Govan
Bowie, Jas. M. & Co., 21 Greenhead
Brown, J. & J. 17 Hope street
Brown, Matthew B., Carntyne
Chemical Work-!, Parkhead
Broxburn Oil Co. (Limited), 28
Royal Exchange square
Burntisland Oil Co. (The) Limited,
15 Hanover street, Edinburgh;
W. N. Grainger, general manag.
and secy
Byk, Dr. Heinrich, Berlin, medical
and photogi-aphic, commercial;
agent, H. J. Thomson, 181 W.
George st
Cameron & Campbell, Parkhead
Chemical Works
Campbell & Co. 25a St. Vincent pi
Campbell & Ferguson, 21 Moore st
Carruthers, Son & Co., 70 to 78
King street, Tradeston
Chadwick, H. & Co. 18 Bridge st
Chapman, Gavin, & Co. 155 Baird
Chemiscbe Fabrik Rheinau, Mann-
heim ; agent, H. J. Thomson,
181 West George st
Clyde Chemical Co. 81 Hamil-
ton street, Govan
Cochrane, R. B., 16, 18 M'Aslin st
Cowan & Laird, 41 Candleriggs
Cummock, John, 32 Main street,
De Eoubaix, Oedenkoven, & Co.;
sole agents for Scotland, Thos.
M'Kinnon & Co., 40 Hope st
Eglinton, The, Chemical Co. (Lim.)
27 St. Vincent place
Ertell & Co., 51 Woodlands road
Fairfield Chemical Co. Govan
Fairlie, Henry C, 21 Derby street
Fawsilt & Graham, Nelson st. E.
Forsyth, M'Kechnie & Co., 21
Hopehill rd
Gatroway, R. & J. 58 Buchanan
street; works, Netherfield, 694
Duke street
Gartly, John B. & Co. 13 Dixon st
Gas (The) Residual Products Co.
Limited, 156 St. Vincent st
Geiselbrecht, J. C. & Co. London;
white and brown sugar of lead,
acetate of lime and soda, acetic
acid, &c.; agent, Thomas Laurie,
183 West George st
Glasgow Alum and Ammonia Co.
(Ltd.), works, Hurlet, and 401
West street
Globe Co. 193 & 215 Commercialrd
Gourlie & Hinshelwood, Glasgow
Oil and Chemical Works, Glen-
park street
Gray, Andrew, & Co., Adelphi W'k?.
546 Govan st
Greenbank Alkali Works Co., Ltd.,
St. Helens; agent, W. Grant
Paton & Co., 13 G Wellington st
Hatch, J. & R., GO Bothwell cir
Hendry, E. 630 Keppochhill road
Hill, James, 288 Argyle street
Hitchcock, Thomas John, 145
Houston street
Holliday, Read, & Sons, Wm.
Walker, manager, 188 W. George
st. ; works, Huddersfield, Wake-
field, Brooklyn,U.S.A, and Rouen,
Holmes' Ozone Co. 139 Waterloo st
Hope, Alex. jun. & Co. Coatbridge
street, Port-Dundas
Hurlet & Campsie Alum Co. 115
Wellington street
Hutton, W. Ross, 58 W. Regent st
Hyland, Thomas, & Co. 65 Rose
street, s.s. and 50 Fountain st.
Invicta (The) Company, 109 Hope
Irvine, The, Chemical Co. (Lim.),
201 St. Vincent street
Jack, Joseph, North British Oil &
Ctiemical Works, Camlachie
Kelvin, The, Chemical Co. Craig-
hall .Works. Maryhill
Kennedy & Reid, Parkhead
Kurtz, A. G. & Co. St. Helens ;
agents, W. Grant Patou & Co.
136 Wellington st
Lincolae& Co. 65, 67 No. Wallace
Macalister, Andw. & Co., Eastfield
Chemical Works, Rutlierglen
M'Farlane, Geo. 25 Wellington st
M'Geachy & M'Farlane, 80, 82
Port-Dundas road
M'Glashan, John, & Co. essences,
&c. for the aerated water trade,
Albany Works, Catherine lane,
Stirling road
M'Kay, John, & Co., 186 West
Regent street
M'Kechnie, Wm. 2 Wallace court,
Bell street
Maclachlan, Peter, & Co., agents,
134 St. Vincent st
M'Lellan, D. G. Craig street, east
end of Duke street
M'Neill, Jas. & Co., St. Enoch
Works, Barrowfield
Manchester Aniline Co. 55 High
street, Blanchester ; agents, W.
Grant Paton & Co. 136 Well-
ington st.
Manderson, Wm. 32 Main street,
Miller, G. & Co. 40 W. Nile street
Miller, James, Son, & Co. 79 West
Nile st
Milton Chemical Co. 49 Bath st
Montgomery, J. & Co. 18 Bishop
street, Port-Dundas
Napier, James, & Co. Vinegar hill,

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