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Berkeley Street West, and at 76 Charlotte Street.
President, R. Dalglish, Esq. ; directors, M. Pollok,
J. G. Fleming, M.D., Prof. Ramsav, A. Kay, W.
Kerr, H. Taylor, W. Paterson, W. Stirling, Prof.
Cowan, M.D., J. King, A. Crum, W. Millar; trea-
surer, George Munsie, 109 Virginia Place; secretary,
G. Black, 88 West Regent Street ; physician, H. Rainy,
M.D. ; consulting surgeon, G. Buchanan, M.D. ; sur-
geons, T. Reid, M.D., H. C. Cameron, M.D., T. S.
Meighan, M.D. ; assistant surgeons, Henry E. Clark,
M.R.C.S., J. C. Renton ; resident medical clerk, T.
Young. Visitors. — Gentlemen, J. Paterson, M.D., A.
H. Maclean, A. Drew, G. Thomson, W. Macfar-
lane, J. Marshall. T. Train, W. Macadam, R. Brown, A.
Mein, A. Hannay, D. Lean. Ladies, Mrs. Mackenzie,
1 Oakfield Terrace, Mrs. Hetherington, 13 Oakfield
Terrace, Mrs. Ronaldson, 7 Park Terrace, Mrs.
Jaap, 23 Oakfield Terrace, Mrs. Wallace, 8 Granby
Terrace, Mrs. Ramsay, College, Mrs. Paterson, 8
Claremont Ti-rrace, Mrs. Brown, 9 Hillbead Gardens,
Mrs. Taylor, 21 Newton Place, Miss Penney, 20 New-
ton Place, Miss Kerr, 5 Newton Place, Mrs. Hannay,
10 Clairmont Gardens, Mrs. King, 12 Claremont Ter.,
Jlrs. Strang, 2 Park Circus. House steward and col-
lector of subscriptions at Berkeley Street, Mr. D.
Anderson. House-keeper, Miss Baxter. House-
keepers at Charlotte St., Mr. and Mrs. J. Hunter.
24.1 Buchanan Street.
Open Tuesdays and Fridays at 4 p.m.
This charitable institution is supported by volun-
tary subscription, its objects being the advancement
of this special department of medical science by lec-
tures and clinical teaching to students, and the
gratuitous treatment of poor persons suffering from
all forms of ear disease and deafness.
Number of cases treated annually about 1000.
No letter of recommendation required. Aural sur-
geon, Dr. Cassells, 2 Newton Terrace ; matron, Mrs.
Managers elected hy Public Bodies: — A. II. Mac-
Lellan, J. Hamilton, Allen Thomson, M.D., Professor
of Anatomy, P. A. Simpson, M.D., Rev. R. Jamie-
son, D.D , Anderson Kirkwood, LL.D., A. Hannay,
J. While, J. Broadfoot, W. Morrison, A. Fergus, M D.,
President of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons,
J. B. Cowao, M.D. Professor of Materia Medica, A.
Paterson, LL.D., J. Ruberton, LL.D., Professor of
Conveyancing, Provost Ferguson of Partick, Provfist
Wilson of Govan, John A. Mathieson, and Provost
Shaw of Marvhill.
Managers elected by the Court of Contributors : —
H. E. Crum Ewing, jun., Robert M'Cowan, Robert
Dalglish, Daniel Fiazer, John Matheson, Jr., George
Munsie, John Roxburgh, A. D. Rutherfurd, and
Thomas Watson.
Thomas Watson, chairman ; A. D. Rutherfurd,
vice-chairman; A. Paterson, LL.D., hon. treasurer;
W. T. Gairdner, M.D., T. MCall Anders.m, M.D.,
arid Jas. Finlayson, M.D., physicians; Geo. H. B.
MacLeod, M.D. F.R.S.E., George Btichanan, M.D.,
and Alex. Patterson, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., surgeons;
Gavin P. Tcnnant, M.D., Joseph Coats, M.D , and
David C. M'Vail, dispensary physicians ; Jas. G.
Lyon, M.D., Wm. Jas. Fleming, M.B., and David
Neilson Knox, M.A , MB., dispensary surgeons; J.
Coats, M.D., pathologist; J. H. Lilly, superintendent;
Miss. E. Clyde, matron and lady superintendent;
Henry Hicks, apothecary ; Wm. H. Hill, solicitor
and honorary secretary ; Henry Johnston, 30 Gordon
St., acting secretary and cashier.
Hours for admission of Patients. — In-dcor patients,
with lines, from 12 till 5 o'clock daily (Sunday
excepted). Country Patients from 12 till 6 o'clock.
Co.ses of accident admitted at any hour. The
Dispensary is open to out-door patients daily (Sun-
day excepted) at 2 o'clock.
Privileges of Subscribers. — All contributors of
£10 or more, and a'l annual subscribers of £1 Is. or
more, shall be entitled to recommend one patient
annually for every £10 of contribution and for every
guinea of annual subscription. lucorpora'.ions and
Societies from which regular and perpetual recom-
mendations may be expected, and who have con-
tributed £50 to the institution, or subscribe £3 3s.
annually, shall be entitled to send two patients
annuallj' to the House; and one patient more for
every £25 of additional contribution, or £1 lis.
6d. of annual subscription.
Church Congrega'ions contributing annually to
the Funds shall be entitled to send two patients for
every £3 3s. £>f annual contribution, the Lines
of Admission to be signed by the minister, or other
person appointed for the purpose whose came and.
address shall have been intimated to the superiutendent.
Established in 1874, for the promotion of annual
courses of lectures on scientific subjects by the most
eminent men in thoir respective departments, and thus
to place within the reach of the public the best ex-
position of the labours of scientific men, and as far as
possible the latest results of scientific research and
generalisation. The Lectures are delivered in the
City Hall during the winter season, and there is at
least one general meeting of the members annually.
Hon. president. Professor Allen Thomson, M.D.,
LL.D., F.R.S.; hon. vice-presidents, the Hon James
Bain, F.R.G.S., F.R.S.E., Lord Provost of Glasgow,
George Anderson, E-q., M.P., Mark Bannatyne, Esq.,
J. T. Bottomley, Esq., M.A., F.R.S.E., Jas. Brown-
lee, Esq., Prof Edward Caird, M.A., Jas. A. Camp-
bell, Esq , LL.D., Alex. Crum, Esq., R. S. Cunhff,
Esq., Jas. Ddas, Esq., C.E., Sheriff Dickson, LL.D.,
Dr. .\ndrew Fergus, M.R.C.S , Eng., Wm. Holms,
Esq., MP., Wm. Jack, M.A., LL.D., A. Kirkwood,
Esq., LL.D., Dr. Jas. Morton, Jas. R. Napier, Esq.,
F.H.S., John Napier, Esq., Prof. John Nichol, I\I A.,
LL.D, Charles Randolph, Esq, David S,indeman,
Esq., H. L. Seligmann, Esq., Councillor W. II. W.
Smith, Charles Tennant, Esq., John Tennant, Esq.
SirWm. Thomson, LL.D., F.R.S., Sir Jas. Watson,
Alexander Whitelaw, Esq. ; cb.airman of committee,
Duncan Cameron, Esq. ; treasurer, George Davidson,
90 Sauchiehall Street; secretary, John Brown, 96,
Buchanan Stree^.

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