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Directors — The Lord Provost, the Members of
Parliament for the City, the Dean of Guild, the
Deacon Convener, Dr. W. T. Gairciner, Professor of
Medicine ; Dr. A. Thomson, Professor of Anatomy ;
Dr. Andrew Fergus, President of the Faculty of
Physicians and Surgeons; A. H. M'Lellan, Patrick
Playfair, George Gibson, Professor Leishman, Rev.
David Millar, Dr. Peter Stewart, Dr James Morton,
and Dr. John Coats.
Elected by the General Court — W. Galbraith, H.
Brown, Dr. J. G. Fleming, W. Stirling, J. Brown, jun.,
P. Clouston, J. M'Clure, W. M'Ewen, J. Campbell,
and R. Gourlav.
Dr. A. Wood Smitli, Dr. Perry, Dr. Charteris, Dr.
M'Laren, and Dr. Scott Orr, physicians ; Dr. E. Wat-
son, Dr. D. Dewar, Dr. J. Dunlop, Dr. H. C. Cameron,
and Dr. J. Morton, surgeons ; Dr. G. E. Mather and
Dr. J. Lawrie, dispensary physicians ; Dr. J. Weir
and J. W. Anderson, extra dispensary phj'sicians ; Dr.
W. Macewen and Dr. H. C. Clark, dispensary sur-
geons ; Dr. R. Watson, Dr. J. A. Lothian, and Dr. J.
Whitson, extra dispensary surgeons ; Dr. Tannahill,
vaccinator ; H. Mackenzie, apothecary ; Dr. JI.
Thomas, superintendent ; Miss Tait, matron ; Dr. D.
Foulis, curator of museum ; J. H. Topping, chaplain;
W. B. HiUiard, cupper; J. Brown, janitor; P.
Clouston, hon. treasurer ; H. Lamond, 93 W. Regent
Street, secretary; J. Wallace Robertson, 20 St. Vin-
cent Place, cashier.
Was originated for the purpose of establishing a
Medical Library, a Free Vaccine Institution, and for
other medical purposes. Meetings are held in the
Eye Infirmary, 76 Charlotte St., on the first Friday
of every month.
Office-bearers — Dr. A. M'Farlane, president ; Dr.
Turner, treasurer ; Dr. James IVlillar, London Road,
secretary ; Dr. Meighan, librarian.
63 John Street.
His Grace the Duke of Argyll, patron ; A. 0. Ewing
of Bailikinrain, JI.P., president; Prof. A. Buchanan,
vice-president; Sir J. Lumsden, C. , R. Dunlop,
Esq., Rev. Principal Caird, J. M'Clelland, London,
H. M'Call of Daldowie, W. Jamieson, Alexander
Ronaldson, Wm. Rae Arthur, extraordinary directors;
A. Arthur, J. E. Higginbothum, Charles M. King,
Hickson Fergusson, J. Pirrie, D. Smith, and the
physician, secretary, and treasurer for the time being,
acting committee; Dr. M'Call Anderson, pliysician ;
J. Grahame, 12 St. Vincent Place, hon. secretary;
A. S. M'Clelland, 115 St. Vincent Street, treasurer.
Gratuitous advice, medicine,&c.,to the poor afflicted
â– with skin diseases. In connection with the Dispen-
sary two wards for skin diseases are provided in the
University Hospital, to which the directors have power
to send the more serious cases. A practical course
for students is held during the montiis of May, June,
and -July, each year. The Dispensary is entirely sup-
ported by voluntary contributions.
Proprietor — Alexander Buchanan, 85 South Port-
and Street.
List of Directors, &c., for 1876.
The Lord Provost, president, ex-officio ; J. Brown,
W. Walls, J. Roxburgh, G. Munsie, J. Rennie, Dr.
W. A. Liddell, Dr. R. S. Orr, Dr. G. Buchanan, Rev.
Dr. M'Taggart, R. Begg, W. W. Watson, J. Brown,
jun., G. Thomson, J. A. Wenley, W. Scott, A. M'Ar-
thm-. Dr. A. Fergus, Dr. A. Mackintosh, the Chief
Magistrate of Paisley , Dr, A. Thomson, professor of
anatomy ; Dr. W. T. Gairdner, professor of medicine ;
Dr. D. Yellowlees, physician to the asylum.
J. Brown, jun., G. Thomson, W. Scott, A.
M' Arthur, J. Roxburgh, J. Brown, weekly commit-
tee ; A. H. M'Lellan, James Paul, R. Balloch, Robt.
Gourlay, Rev. Dr. M'Taggart, R. Begg, T. Watson, G.
Munsie, J. A. Wenley, J. Reid Stewart, T. W. Brown,
Dr. A. Fergus, R. Gow, jun., visitors.
Resident — D. Yellowlees, M.D., Drs. Hay and Blair,
Miss C. W. Rutherford, Miss M. Aitken, J. Caldwell,
D. Watson, J. Barr.
Non-resident — A. Mackintosh, M.D., honorary con-
sulting physician ; J. G. Fleming, M.D., surgeon ; J.
R. Strong, C.A., treasurer and secretary ; Rev. J.
Robertson, chaplain ; J. E. Watson, C.A., auditor.
1. The board is, in all cases, payable quarterly,
and in advance.
2. The quarterly terms are — 1st January, 1st
April, 1st July, and 1st October. In regard to
patients at and above the rate of 15s. per week, no
part of the first quarter's board shall be returned,
except in the event of the patient dying before the
expiry of that period, in which case it shall be in the
power of the weekly committee to allow the return of
such proportion of the board as, under all the cir-
cumstances, they consider reasonable.
3. Every patient must be provided with proper
apparel. An accurate list of every article brought
with the patient must, on admission, be delivered to
the steward, or principal attendants, to the superin-
tendent of the ladies, or the matron, according to the
house in which the patient is placed, and the name
must be fully marked on each article. If any neces-
sary part of dress should not be fully supplied, after
eight days' intimation has been given that it is wanted,
it will be furnished by the house, and the cost of it
charged against the patient.
4. Patients in the west house maybe visited every
lawful day between 10 and 12 o'clock; those in the
east house, who are not paupers, on Mondays, be-
tween the same hours; and patients who are paupers,
on Saturdays, also from 10 till 12 o'clock. Only
those who are duly authorised can be permitted to
visit patients.
A private institution for the insane of the middle
Resident physician, Wm. D. Fairless, M.D. ; head
attendant, Alexander Stephen ; matron, Miss M. A.
M'Donald ; treasurer, Vacant.
99 North Montrose St.
Open on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 3 o'clock.
Surgeon — D. Dewar, M.D, 27 Elmbank Crescent.

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