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Bkechin, National Bank, John Shiel
" Eoyal Bank, D. Guthrie & Sons
" Union Bank, Gordon & Lamb
" Bank of Scotland, C. & J. Will
Bhidge of Allan,. .Union Bank, R. Jenkins
" National, J. Murie
Broughty Ferkt,.. Eoyal Bank, J. C. Lindsay
" City of Glasgow, T. Methven
BuCKHAVEN, Eoyal Bank, Andrew Wilkie
Buckie, City of Glasgow, J. Macdonald
" North of Scotland, J. Davidson
" Union Bank, John Merson
BuEGHEAD, Caledonian Bank, A. Marshall
BuBNTiSLAND, Commercial, T. A. Wallace
" National Bank, A. Kidd
Callander, Bank of Scot., A. Macdonald;
[D. Stewart
" Commercial, W. Buchanan
Cambuslang, City of Glasg. Bk., E.S.Murray
Campbeltown, Clydesdale, D. M'Dougall
" Commercial, C. M'Taggart
" Eoyal Bank, L. M'Intyre
Campsie, Eoyal Bank of Scot., W. White
Carlisle, Clydesdale, G. A. Main
Caeluke&Wishaw British Linen Co., J. Gilchrist
" City of Glasgow, T. Matthews
Carnoustie, City of Glasgow, E. Summers
" Bank of Scotland, D. A. Mac-
" N. of Scot. Bank. Co., T. Grey
Caenwath, Commercial Bank, J. Fergusson
Castle-Douglas,. ..British Linen Co., J. MofFatt
" Bank of Scotland, H. M'Lellan
" National, J. & W. H. Lidderdale
" Union Bank, E. Hewat
Castletown, Isle | t. i nv r o t t i
„ -Ir \ Bank of Mona, S. L. Jackson
" Com. Bank, A. Macdonald
Catrine, Eoyal Bank, J. & A. M'Master
Cellardtke, National Bank, H. B. M'Intosh
Chirnside, Commercial Bank, J.Greenfield
Coatbridge, Clydesdale Bank, J. Lamb
" Eoyal Bank, James Bishop
" National, E. Watt & J. Eussell
" Union Bank, J. H. Bowie
" City of Glasgow, W. Andrew
Coldstream, Bank of Scot., J. Porteous and
[J. Melrose
" British Linen Co., W. Douglas
CoLiNSBURGii, Commercial Bank, J. Flockhart
Comrie, Commercial Bank, E. Eraser
" Commercial Bank, J. M'Kenzie
Crail, Commercial Bk., D. Mathewson
CoDPAE- Angus, Bank of Scotland, J. M'Laren
National, D. Clark & C. Boyd
" Union Bank, J. P. Paton
Crieff, Bank of Scotland, J. M'Nab
" Clydesdale Bank, T. Soutar
" City of Glasgow, J. Macrosty
" Commercial Bank, W. France
" Union Bank, J. & A. Gibson
" North of Scotland, E. Clement
Crofthead, City of Glasgow Bk., E. Gardner
Cromarty, Caled. Bank. Co., J.Williams
" Commercial Bank, E. Boss
CuLLEN, Nor. of Scot. Bank. Co., A. Sim
" Union Bank, W. L. Taylor
Cumbernauld, City of Glasgow, J. Whyte
Cumnock, Bk. of Scotland, H. B. M'Lellan
Cumnock, Clydesdale Bank, T. Forgie
" Eoyal Bank, Andrew White
CuPAK (Fife) British Linen Co., G. H. Pagan
" City of Glasgow, W. Duncan;
" Clydesdale Bank, A. Taylor
" Commercial Bank, G. Hogarth
" National Bk., W. M. Johnston
" Royal Bk. of Scot., A. Eussell
Dalbeattie, Union Bank, J. Grieve
Dalkeith, Commercial Bank, J. Gray
" Clydesdale Bank, John Craig
" National Bank, P. C. Russell
" Ro. Bk., R. Paterson ; W. Main
Daljiellington, .. .Clydesdale, G. Dixon
" Eoyal Bank, E. Guthrie
DALRY(Ayrshire),...City of Glasgow, Gow & Stirras
" Clydesdale Bank, J. M'Coht
" British Linen Co., D. & W. S. N.
Dalry (Kirkcudb.)..Union Bank, D. Morrine
Daevel Union Bank, T. Fleming
Denny, Clydesdale Bank, J. Cousland
" Bank of Scotland, W. Auld
Dingavall, Caledonian Bank. Co., D. Ross
" City of Glasgow Bank, John
[Binning & John Binning, jr. !
" National, J. Mitchell ; J. H.
Dollar, Clydesdale Bank, J. Gibson;
Dornoch, Caled. Bank. Co., W. S. Fraser
Douglas, Commercial Bank, A. D. Scott
" City of Glasgow, J. Paterson
DouGLAS(I. of Man), Bank of Mona, J. K. Greig
Doune, Royal Bank of Scot, R. Main
" Union Bank, John A. M'Lean
Drymen, Royal Bank, B. Graham
Dufftown Aberdeen & ounty, W .Cantile
" North of Scotland, J. Fetrie
Dumbarton, Clydesdale Bank, W. Paterson
" Commercial Bank, J. Robson
" Union Bk, W. Babtie, W. Craig
Dumfries, Bank of Scotland, J. Johnston,
[J. Corrie
" British Linen Co., S. Adamson
" Commercial, Primrose & Gordon
" City of Glasgow, L. Maitland
" Clydesdale Bk., R. K. Walker
[and John Johnston
" National Bank, D. M'Kettrick
[and J. M'Gill
" Royal Bk., Gordon & Whitelaw
" Union Bank, William Craig
Dunbar, British Linen Co.,J.&J. J.Kelly
" City of Glasgow, Peter Murray
" Commercial Bk., W. H. Ritchie
Dunblane, Bank of Scotland, J.W. Barty
[and W. Thomson
" Union Bank, W. Christie
Dundee, Bank of Scotland, W. Moirand
[W. Freeland
" British Linen, T. Sanderson
' Westport, B. Linen, Js. Ireland
" City of Glasgow, W. Steven
" Clydesdale, D. Sidey & A. Scott
" Comm., Henderson & Cochrane
" National Bank, J. Henderson
" Nat. Bk., Hilltown, E. C. Eeid
" Nat. Bk.,PerthEd., J.W.Dnncan
" Royal, Murraygate,

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