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Abeechiedek N. of S. Bk. Co., J. Alexander, jr.
Aberdeen, Bank of Scotland, J. A, Sinclair
[and J. R. Grant
" Town and County Bank
*' Norlh of Scot. Banking Co.
" British Linen Co., J. Manson
" City of Glas., Milue & Walker
" Commercial, G. Milne
" National Bank, Tliomas Adam
" Koyal Bank, Cochran & Ander-
[son. Alex.M'Lagan
" Union Bank,
" Do. Geo.St., A. Gordon
" Do. West end, G. P.
Abeefeldv, Union Bank, G. Rankin
" Bank of Scot., J. M'Keracher
" Com. Bank, Forbes & M'Intosh
Aberloue, Union Bank, W. & R. Green
" North of Scot., J. Fleming, jr.
Abington, Com. Bank, A. W. Paterson
Aboyne, North of Scotland, J. Ogg
Airdeie, Bank of Scotland, G. Thomson
" City of Glasgow, D. Mitchell
" Clydesdale Bank, J. Watson
" Nat. Bk., R. Watt & J. Russell
" Royal Bank, R. M. Rodger
Alexandria, Clydesdale Bank, L. Guthrie
Alford, Aberdeen and County, H. D.
" City of Glasgow, Geo. Wilken
" North of Scotland, F. Stephen
Alloa Clydesdale, J. Fotheringham
" Commercial Bank, A. & J. Moir
" National Bank, D. M'Watt
" Union Bank, T. Bryde & Son
" Royal Bank, J. G. Wallace
Alness, Com. Bank, R. M'K. Ross
Alva, Union Bank of Scot.,W. Cowan
" Royal Bank, J. Crawford
Alyth, Bank of Scot, D. H. Halkett
" Royal Bank, W. Yeaman
" Do. Airlie Street, W.Jaap
Annan, Bk.ofScot..,J.Moffat,sen.&jun.
" British Linen Co., R. Irving
" Commercial, Simpson &Skelton
Anstetjthee, Clydesdale Bank, D. Cook
" Commercial Bank, P. Oliphant
" National Bank, H. B. M'Intosh
Arbroath, Bank of Scotland, J. Muir
" British Linen, J. A. Dickson
" City of Glasgow, J. M. M'Bain
" Clydesdale, Chapel & Inverwick
" Commercial, W. Rollo
" Royal Bank, A. Button
Audeossan, Bank of Scotland, D. I. Mack
" City of Glasgow, J. Emslie
" Royal Bank, J. L. Bailey
AucHiNBLAE, City of Glasgow, J. Farquharson
" North of Scot. Bank, R. Crabb
AucHNAGATT, Aberdeen & County, G. Knox
AucHTEEARbEE, Bank of Scotland, J. Smitton
" Union Bank, W. L. Young
Auchtermuchty,... Union Bank, R. Wyllie
" Bank of Soot., H.W.Walker
Aye, Bank of Scot., Andw. Paterson
[& J. M'Mutrie
" City of Glasgow, W. Pollock, jun.
" Clydesdale Bank, R. M'Kay
Aye, Commercial Bank, H. C. Gray
" National Bank, T. Gemmell
" Royal Bank, D. Campbell
" Union Bank,:C. Cowan & W. H.
" Briti'-h Linen Co., W.Kilpatrick
Ayton, Commercial Bank, J. Bowhill
" Royal Bank of Scot., W. Carter
Badenscoth, Aberdeen & County, R. Hunter
Balfron, British Linen, M. Robertson
Ballachulish, Bank of Scotland, James and
[John Gardner
Ballater, Union Bank, J. Simpson & G.
" North of Scot., J.L.Douglas
" Aberdeen & County, F. Coutts
Ballanteae, Commercial Bank, H.Campbell
Banff, Aberdeen & County, A. Duncan
" City of Glasgow, R. Duncan
" Commercial Bank, W. Auld
" National Bank, James Watt
" North of Scotland, R. Morrison
" Union Bank, J. Rust
Balmacara,...,., ...Commercial Bank, S.W.C.Gauld
Banchory, Aberdeen & County, J. Gordon
" North of Scotland, W. Sim
" Union Bank, J. Malcolm
BaeeheAd,.. , Bank of Scot, A. Brownlie; J.
" City of Glasgow, W. Pollock
" Union Bank, M. Anderson
Baeehill, City ofGlas.IJk., R.Cunningham
Bathgate, Clydesdale Bank, R. Brock
" National Bank, J. Johnston
" Royal Bank, A. & D. Simpson
" Union Bank, J. Wright
Beauly, Bk. of Scot, A. M'Kenzie, jun.
" Commercial Bank, H. R. Annat
Beith, Clydesdale Bank, J. S. Dale
'' Com. Bank, Faulds & Stewart
*' Union Bank, W. F. Love
Bellshill, Bank of Scotland, W. Neilson
Bervie, Aberdeen & County, R. & J.
" North of Scot, A. & D. Legg
BERWiCK-on-T weed, British Linen Coy., W. & R.
" National, S. Sanderson
Biggak, Commercial Bank, J. Paul
" National Bank, A. Pairman
« Royal Bank, D. Thomson
Blackford, Bank of Scotland, D. Lawson
Blaie-Athole Union Bank, A, Stewart
Blairgowrie, Bk. of Scot., A. & R. Robertson
" Royal Bank, J. Panton
" Com. Bnk., Anderson, Chapman,
[& Scott
" Union Bank, W. S. Soutar
Blantyee, City of Glasgow, H. M'Callura
BoNAR Bridge, Caledonian Bank, A. S. Black
BoNHiLL, Commercial Bank, P. Moir
Bo'ness, Clydesdale Bank, P. L. Forgan
" Royal Bank, Thos. Hope
Bonnyrigg, Bank of Scotland, Thos. Steven
Bothwell, City of Glasg. Bank, W. M'Nab
Braemae, Union Bank, James Aitken
Bekchin, BritishLinenCo., W. M.Valentine
" City of Glasgow Bank, C. Don
" Clydesdale Bank, G. Scott

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